Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Changing the World one Person at a Time.

O.K. This very tech unsavy girl, has managed to take apart 2 computers and piece together one working one, for what may be a moment.

My trip to Washington D.C. this past week was to serve many purposes. The first reason, was a possible future move to the area, and since I am really not a city girl, nor wealthy, the idea of a possible move to the area had me frightened.

There was also selfish reasons for the visit. To meet up with friends who I correspond regularly with, and have met from my blog.

I really wanted to see the Capitol, and all it has to offer.

I was also anxious, about a visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital, wanting to thank those who are recovering. Although I am a LPN, and have spent most of my life in hospitals since I was 15, I was nervous. A simple thank you, to those that have given so much did not seem adequate.

So I return from Washington D.C. unimpressed with the city, and its buildings, and its museums. Honestly.

I left the city impressed, and in love with the humanity and willingness of young men and women who are willing to sacrifice life and limb for me and my family. I was impressed by the bravery and smiles. The willingness to go back and fight with Sisters and Brothers. I am so proud, and amazed. There are no words. Those brave souls that have sacrificed so much, for people who will never know or understand what they have done. For the brave wives that sit at the bedside of husbands, holding hands while wounds are being dressed. For the Moms and Dads who spend nights by sons and daughters watching them heal and praying endlessly. The trip to Walter Reed, should be a mandatory one for every American, and I promise you the World would operate much differently if that were the case. It would.

I also left Walter Reed impressed by Andi from Andi's World, Sandra from Sew Much Comfort, and Mr. Blackfive. Those 3 individuals have done MORE than any of us will ever know. The three of them, will also be very embarrassed that I have mentioned them and their efforts. I do feel it is imperative to let people know that there is A LOT of work to be done, A LOT. Can one person make a difference? The idealist in me would always answer yes. But guess what? I have seen the difference individuals can make. I was given the greatest gift I have ever been given. Faith in humanity, that there are great people willing to give all, and great people that will give all in gratitude.

To see those 2 groups of people come together, and to see them thank each other...When a thank you does not seem to have the power it should. I really saw the power of people.

The tears that follow those words.......Say it all.

Thank you, each of you.

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