Thursday, January 26, 2006

"It has huge, sharp...It can leap about...Look at the bones!"

Compare and Contrast....

So this afternoon, I am multi-tasking. I am "plumping raisins" (for a sour cream and raisin pie), baking a pie crust, washing a load of clothes, marinating chicken in sesame ginger, unloading groceries, and talking on the phone with this guy.

Pink Ninja, had helped unload a portion of the produce, and was great about making sure things went into the "crisper". However amidst all of "our work" she disappeared.

I actually was ok with her departure. Sometimes "the collective", well lets just say they can be a little over enthusiastic. I will add here, that sometimes this Momma just needs a break from the enthusiasm.

So after about 5 minutes, I note the eerie peace that has fallen over the house. I can only hear the humming of the wash machine, and my conversation. It is too quiet.

I hear giggling, and crunching, and follow the sound to Dash's closed bedroom door.

I open the door, to find Pink Ninja and Dash hunkered down in the far corner of the room, gnawing on an entire bunch of celery like it is an ear of corn. Pink Ninja holding one end of the bunch, and Dash holding the other end. I can hear crunching, and giggling. The greenness of celery being disturbed by large inconsistent bite marks. The celery looks like starved rats have happened upon it. The only surviving part of the celery being the heart, and a few leaves.

Me: "you guys are like rats"

T1G: laughing

The Collective: giggling

I seriously closed the door, and let them finish what was left. I wasn't about to use the remaining 1/3 cup. Ick.

In 5 minutes my children consumed an entire bunch of celery, and it was a big bunch too. My original intention for the celery foiled.

So I continued my conversation, even though we were laughing our asses off that "anyone", would steal celery, hide in a corner in a room and eat it like rats.


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