Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Haloween

Nickelodeon is trying to brainwash your children in the morning, or a leftist primer

My Husband sent me this link this morning. Please watch this, in its entirety. It is imperative that you SEE what Nickelodeon is showing at 5:00am.


Linda Ellerbee is the host, that should be enough said.

Pay particular attention to the second and fourth stories.

This Nickelodeon "news program", is not a news program. It is a leftist primer on how to be a "left-wing radical REBEL".

I am not a blind follower of our Government, and I also think that Government should be watched by it's citizens. It is our civic duty.

However this program led by Ellerby, is anti-war, anti- GWOT, anti-military.

This "news program" is not about people changing the World around them.

Ms. Ellerby uses leftist propaganda buzz words like "taking on the establishment".

She shows a group of "tweenagers" walking around in orange jumpsuits, hooded and yelling from a bullhorn. "We are not ok, with people being tortured by American soldiers!" "Are cooperation's priority over human lives?"

There is also a call for the impeachment of the President in the second segment of the video, "democracy is at stake because of the President violating the Constitution".

The fourth segment of video shows another tweenager, who has put together a video of wounded Iraqi children, with the song Jesus Loves Me playing over it. This teenager blames America, the military, for what is happening in Iraq. This young girl says "she finds, videos and facts on the Internet" to show what is REALLY happening in Iraq. I am guessing she is getting these images from Al Jazeera.

Nickelodeon is the new training ground for leftist propaganda.

Amazing. You really must watch this video.

My guess is, you will no longer want your children watching Nickelodeon. I am also guessing Nickelodeon paying sponsers eg: of 2 I saw while watching this clip Nerf gun. Hey Nerf, Nickelodeon thinks guns are evil. Oh and The Little Pet Shop, which we all know Nickelodeon thinks is a sort of animal factory, (not caring of animal's needs, only out to make a buck out of mass breeding of cats and dogs, only to be euthanized later) might want to hear from you the consumer of children's toys.

You can drop a line to the folks at Nickelodeon here

I would love for you to write a note to Viacom HERE

And PLEASE contact Hasbro here, make sure they know what Nickelodeon really thinks of cooperation's and Nerf guns.

UPDATE: spoke with Hasbro, and they are shocked that this was children's programming. We will see what they do with the advertisements...

UPDATE: 11/01/07 Because of comments left, I did google the WCW, the organization featured on Nickelodeons "news program" Rebels with a cause, and I found this very disturbing WEBSITE! Go look.

UPDATE: 11/01/07 Waiting for a return call from Alison Dexter to Executive Vice President (EVP) of Production, responsible for all television production for Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Noggin, Nicktoons Network. I did leave a message and my phone #. I would encourage you to do the same. Her contact information is here 818-736-3000. No luck at this number.

Update: 11/02/07 yet another phone number for Nickelodeon:212 258 7500

My DH tried to post this in Tammi's comment section, and left it in the comments...a must read..

1) I will echo my wife - do not show images of dead and wounded children on a kids show at 05:20 central time. As a cultural norm shared by most nations - respect the dead and protect children when at all possible. Should Americans be isolated from these images - never. I will be the first to admit that our military is far from perfect, but I will bet my Harley that a majority of the images of dead/wounded children shown on the last segment were actually targets of terrorist VBIED's. Show these images constantly to an emotionally secure audience that is mature enough to ask the proper question. Show photos of some of the children in the mass graves found scattered around Iraq or some of the hauntingly still Kurdish babies that were targets of chemical weapons. War is very evil and should be stopped at all cost - but until our State Department can muster up enough employees with nuts to go to Iraq and provide the diplomatic attention that it deserves, we are going to rely on our servicemen/women. Second - The Nick News episode directly focused children toward a known communist organization "World can't wait". I don't care what your modern focus is on the war and national politics, I thought that we all figured out and agreed that communism was not an option about 50 years ago. While we are on the topic of images dead children, shall we go down the list of communist government historical actions around the world? Call me old fashioned, but communism is not a political option for our nation. Do I feel that Linda Ellerby should quit producing news programs for children - no. It is her right as an American to do so. She is an excellent producer and my heart goes out to her for being a single mother and a cancer survivor. Do I feel that Nick News should change their format - yes, if they want my family's viewing. Constructive and open political conversation is the mark of Freedom. I hope that Ms. Ellerby produces many more programs of this nature, and I hope that Americans continue to respond with their opinions. During this period, I challenge anyone to show me the benefits of promoting Communism to our children. God Bless America

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pictures of The Collective, dressed in shapeless squarelike frocks

I had to beg for photos of the children. Particularly Pink Ninja, who really did not want her photo taken. Being ill, and then having your over-zealous Mother want to take pictures of the crappy costumes she "made"...

I do not think they wanted photographic evidence.

The good news was, I was not the only "non-sewing" parent, as a lot of the childrens costumes were pinned together etc.

The Collective had a great time, and it was the first time we managed to get Sir rowland into a costume after 2 years.

Musical Countdown to Halloween

Welcome to the land of tissue, and croup...

Ick. Ick. It is that time of the year. Cold and Flu season, which seems to strike with extra verve this year. Since I did not have "institutionalized children", my children have not been exposed to " typical bugs". So now it seems as though we are getting our share of icky germs. It does not help that The Collective and I suffer from seasonal allergies. This makes it easier for us to get bugs, as we are sneezing, mucusy, and have our hands to our faces 50% of the day. Gross.

Pink Ninja's "cold/flu virus" has turned into what I am guessing is some sort of viral croup. Ouch. She is better this morning, but she spent yesterday with that sharp sounding seal cough, and sounding like Brendad Viccaro. Sir Rowland, has a loose cough, and is dark under his eyes, and is grouchy, I have cheeckbones, and sinus that ache so badly I cannot move my eyes.

Needless to say, it is the most awesome house to be in right now. Loads of fun, seriously. Just ask DH who has shlepping tissues, Loads of fun.

Last night, I managed to go to bed by 8:30pm. This NEVER happens, as I am an insomniac by nature. I just do not "go to sleep well". I couldn't read,my eyes/and cheeks, hurt so badddly, and I could not watch television. Even though I had just recieved How The WEst Was Won from my Netflix que. I really wanted to watch it. No dice.

So I went to bed, and slept until 11:30, and then was up every hour or so until 6am. Ridiculous, really.

Tonight I have my "CPR recert" , from 5:30pm-9:30pm. That seems a little late, hoping since there are only a few of us in class we can knock it out and go home.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sew What

It was brought to my attention last week, that AWANA was having a "costume night"...ouch. First off, I have no creative bone in my body. seriously. I do not craft, I do not sew.

I will once again add here, I do not sew. Oh sure I can sew a military patch on, thank God we have velcro on the new ACUs and no longer do I have to sit with bloddied paws.

I just do not sew, was never instructed on the hows and whys of it.

My Mother grew up, in a household, where I am pretty sure most clothing was hand made. Which is something most farm kids grew up hating. My Mom grew up in a household where she envied store bought clothes, bread, and potato chips. Only to miss all of those things terribly later.

I never say my Mother sew, with exception of a button.

I will also add here, that I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks...I was a witch, my entire childhood Halloweens. It was a mask bought at the 5 and dime, and it still exists, and is intact in a rubbermaid tote in my Father's basement. I think it was a glow in the dark mask, the costume was fashioned out of plastic as well, and smelled of petroleum.

And as much as I loved Halloween as a child, it was never about the costume. It was about hanging out with my sister who was 7 years my senior and my Brother who was 4 years my junior. It was seriously the only activity of the year, that we were equals. No one fought, the candy went into a collective pile, and we all shared. We would go out until our orange hollow plastic pumpkins were full and then we would go home and empty them on the kitchen table. We would head back out 3 or 4 times. Greed was good. We would return with full pumpkins to find my Father stuffed to the gills with snickers bars. I can still recall which houses gave what, even after all of these years. I can recall neighbors names, colors of homes, and wonder who is alive, and who is passed, if anyone that used to live in that neighborhood remains.

For the past 2-3 days I have been fashioning costumes out of $1 a yard fabric, and some sort of bonding material that melts when you touch it with a hot iron. (be careful with the bonding material.)

The costumes turned out OK, but then again I had to make "biblical costumes" which requires me to fashion some sort of shapeless square with holes for the arms and heads. The hems are crooked, and it is obvious I will not be working for the likes of Chanel, Ford, or any other design house in the near future.

I am just hoping that they continue to go as Biblical characters for the next 10 years, because in that time, I should have mastered the shapeless square.

Pictures to follow.....

Fall Back....not.

This morning, we woke, and decided to go to early church, because children's church was canceled. Might as well go early.

When we returned from church, I made the customary large breakfast, and DH called his Mother. She told us, it was daylight savings time. I thought for a moment, looked at the calender and yes it says daylight savings time.

"No wonder, no one was at church this morning."

I then went on about the house, and switched all of the clocks.

Well I just got off the phone with Tammi, and guess what I found out. It is not daylight savings time at all. It is actually the time it is supposed to be. But then I read this post of hers... and I wonder if she knows what in the hell she is talking about.

Santa Claus, Tammi needs a GPS for Christmas. I need a calender, and a watch...and if you can, I think some of my "memory" needs to be retrieved from the labor and delivery table.

Shhhesh..... It is 2007 isn't it?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life Aquatic

We have had the movie sitting here for over a week now. And it is movie night here at the Casa.

The funny part is, I was over at Sarah's place and read that she and her hubby were going to go as Team Zissou for Halloween. They opted out, due to what I am sure they thought would be confusion at the party. They are probably right, as picking obscure costumes, can certainly ruin a good time. Other people always have to spoil the fun.

I do wish they would go as Team Zissou. After all Sarah is a great knitter, and red stocking caps are in order, and all they need are a couple of "old guy, blue jumpers" to finish things off.

Sarah and I are Wes Anderson freaks....unsure why.

I did like the Life Aquatic, because I grew up watching Cousteau on public television. And when I first saw Life Aquatic, my first thought was...if I could have directed and written this movie when I was eight. This is exactly what it would have looked like. And that is why I love Wes Anderson, who else could capture that?

Sarah, I think you should go as Team Zissou anyway....


from the Artist Pink Ninja....

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Daring Book For Girls


You can be one of the first to own a copy here!

I must say when The Dangerous Book Book For Boys was released, I was thrilled. I was thrilled, that someone had taken it upon themselves to encourage parents to "DO" with kids. I was so excited to see the newest release!

If you visit the wesite, they even have badges, that can be earned.


The Dangerous Book for Boys coaxed boys away from their televisions and video games and brought them outside, teaching them how to skip stones, fly paper airplanes, and build their very own go-carts. But girls, too, are inspired by games, heroes, and escapades. Whether you’re a girly-girl, an athlete, a brainiac, or a little bit of everything, The Daring Book for Girls gets you ready for anything—from pitching a tent and building a campfire to running a lemonade stand and learning about female heroines in history. The Daring Book for Girls is the can-do, how-to manual for enthusiastic, unfettered adventure. It cheers girls on to be curious and brave, and above all, to have fun.

Included in the book are instructions on how to short sheet a bed, and how to create a team of spies! Also a section on female pirates!

Waiting for the bottem to fall out

That is what they say down here when we are about to get a downpour.

I am sore, sore, sore, congested, and loopy. Yeah yeah, I know, I spend about 75% of my life loopy, but I am serious here. I do not feel myself at all. The bad news is, this "virus" I have seems to be lingering for the long haul. Which is enough to make it irritating.

Yesterday I went to the commissary sick, and on Federal payday, which means I was there with a population of retirees. The best part of that meant, I followed behind a 60-something year old retiree, as he pondered his list. I am guessing his wife sent him out that morning to get him out of her hair. Well hell, he had to call her with every other item on the list. It was entertaining as anything I have seen.

peanut section....

Old Guy on the cell phone: "Hun, there are a lot of different kinds of peanuts, there are roasted in the shell with salt, there are roasted in the shell no salt, there are roasted in the shell low sodium. I have no idea which ones we eat."

bean section.....

Old Guy on the cell phone: "Hun, there are a lot of different kinds of white beans, and I am guessing you could put any of them in soup. There are lima beans, large lima beans, baby lima beans, great nothern beans, navy beans. I have no idea which beans we eat."

orange juice section...

Old Guy on the cell phone: "Hun, there are a lot of different orange juices, there is orange juice with calcium, and pulp, and orange juice that says country style. I do not know what country style means. There is orange juice for chidren, with extra vitamins in it."

His confusion increased with every aisle, as did his agitation. It took him as long to fill up a quarter of his cart, as it did for me to fill up my cart 2 feet above my head. Now I know why I see ambulances at grocery stores, as I am sure these "retirees, just end up having an infarction in the middle of it all.

I was tempted to get on the phone with his Wife, and tell her, she just should have done it herself, because she was wasting "her free time on the phone with him anyway."

It reminded me of these 2 videos


What happenned to that recipe?

It was another blogger recipe!

I posted a link to it last year.

It was Debs

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SpouseBuzz Live?

Tonight on SB Radio, Andi, and AFW, are going to be speaking to past attendees about their experiences at past SpouseBuzz events. I do not think you want to miss this!!

Go HERE for more information!!

Terrafugia anyone?

I am considering a paypal button, so I can start financing for one of these babies.

You can watch the video here.

Now, if they can make a flying car they can certainly make one of those Mrs. Jetson masks, that she used to instachat with George, or those handy dandy dinner pellets.

darn it anyway

I feel as if someone replaced my bones, and muscle with noodles, noodles that hurt.

Head still full, dizzy, grouchy, and sleepy.

I think I have "the flu".

Of all things.

I am pissed about it. I have stuff to do.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how very Brady

I went and picked up my book, and my supplies at the red cross today.

"something suddenly came up", and tonights class is canceled.

Part of me is thrilled, because my sinus's have other odeas for me today. My cheekbones hurt, my head aches, my head is filled with 12 pounds of mucus...

1 sudafed, and 1 imitrix later. The headaches is gone, but I still feel like the berries.

So class will be next Tusday evening.

Tonight, I will get to work on these "costumes".

Cuz I'm a woman....

Most of us, will recognize the Peggy Lee song.

This commercial was popular when I was probably 7'ish, maybe 9'ish. Many of you will not recall, because you were too young.

I loved this commercial when I was younger, because it made it look like all things were possible as a Mother and Wife. Wow, I can have a career, children, make a wad of of cash,fit into a size 4 sequin gown, saunter about, and be thrilled at my 15 hour day.. all while smelling great. And all of that while still being able to give your Husband the shiver fits....

I am sure, that Enjoli, did not smell that great, I am now guessing it probably ran about $6.00 a bottle. I am also doubting if you had to reapply it every eight hours. Interesting that that marketed it as a "career womans perfume" calling it an 8 hour perfume.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007 it goes from 90 down to 48 degrees I will never know.

Tonight, before heading to the comfort of our bed, we had to turn the thermostat to 68. And we moved the little switch to "heat". And then we opened the linen closet, grabbed each of the children an extra blanket for the night.

I am used to unpredictable weather I am. But 48 degrees is just plain ole chilly.

I went on my walk tonight, and couldn't find my ear band, so I grabbed a stocking cap. Frankly I should have grabbed a pair of mittens too. Perfect walking weather, a little drizzly, dark out, quiet, and cool. And instead of garbage Tuesday, tonight I could smell wood burning in various homes. Fireplace time.

I made vegetable and barley soup today, after reading about Tammi's soup. I also made a rhubarb pie. The pie was still warm at dinner, it was very yummy with the ice cream.

Tomorrow is a busy day indeed. Post Office, library day, I also have to run to Red Cross and pay for my class. I get my recert tomorrow evening. It is supposed to take 4 hours....

Also I, the very uncreative and uncrafty Mom, has to make Biblical costumes for The Collective to wear to AWANA Sunday night. Pink Ninja wants to be Mary, and she wants to bring a doll as the baby Jesus. I think I can manage that. Blue draped fabric, and a swaddled infant. Sir Rowland wants to be Joseph with his coat of many colors. I am guessing I can do this, with some fabric glue, and a prayer....

DH and I thought it would be funny to send The Collective in long johns with "leaves " pinned on the appropriate places. I am not sure if anyone would think it was funny, other than me. DH suggest I fashion a large whales head, and leave a place for one of the kids to peak out of for Jonah. But then again this is the same guy someone go as Judas, with 30 coins and a rope. I am not that creative...

It is also that time of the year, when I spend most of my day sniffing, and looking for tissues. Allergy season is in full swing. Which means I feel sick about 50% of the time.


Ok, so my CEUs are complete.

CPR recertification class is tomorrow at the Red Cross.

Paperwork, almost done.

Now, I need a job.....

Wow I can get things done quickly.

I suppose the motivating factor here is helping.

We "might be" moving, has changed to we "ARE"moving.

I will only be able to work PRN, for now. I can not seem to find a Mon-Frid job that pays decent amount. I will have to work weekends. This is sort of a problem, because DH works about 2 weekends a month. So....

I will be working PRN 7-3 shift and 3-11 shift.

On the rest of the to do list.....

schedule a mammogram
pictures to grandparents
go through the childrens clothing

Monday, October 22, 2007

I almost forgot to tell you about the rhubarb

61 degrees today.

Rainy, windy, and a chill to the air. Certainly not cold by any means, but time to find the jackets.

But before I forget, I need to tell you about rhubarb.

When I first arrived here, 7 years ago, it was one of the first things I asked about. Someone in the produce department asked me if it was a type of meat. No one managed to locate any for me, for 2 years, then I bought some icky frozen kind. Yuck. Then I went without it again.

On one of my many trips home, I picked all of my Fathers rhubarb, he had a patch about 10 feet by 3 feet. Maybe bigger out back. I had went through it all. I had made rhubarb sauce. Which is essentially cooked down rhubarb, with strawberry jello, and water added. This makes a fine sauce for ice creams in the summer. I had also made rhubarb sauce, cakes, crisps, and froze some. And then I recalled my Father's rental property also had a patch, so we went up there, and I picked all of that as well.

I came back to Arkansas, no rhubarb. None.

I have blogged often about "my little man down the road." His business has grown. When I first arrived, he was selling veggies under an awning in his front lawn, and then there were signs, and then baskets. Now he has an entire building near the roadside that says "Pops Produce". He is like 80 and decided to start his own business, and is successful. Anyway, Pops is the place I get most of my produce, his wife has been undergoing cancer treatments, for the past 8 months, wears a bandanna and her color is bad, yet every time I pull up, she is out working, or sitting outside in the wretched heat with a big smile.

This summer I asked Pop, if he had rhubarb. He did not, and had no idea what I was talking about. Sort of like his purple hull peas, that I have no idea what to do with. He spends hour after hour shelling these purple hull peas, and I have never even bought any to taste.

So when I asked Pop about rhubarb, he got a pencil and wrote it down. He then asked me, "how it comes?" and "when to grow it".... I started laughing at myself, because I had no idea. I told him every since I was a little girl, every house we owned had a patch behind the garage, or the garden, and of course the neighbors always had it to, and you were certain in spring, that someone would leave at least 2 brown paper bags full of the stuff on a table at church that have a sign attached that say "take all you want". Everyone I knew had rhubarb when I was growing up, and I NEVER saw anyone plant it. I suppose "you can buy seeds" I told Pop.

Every time I made a trip to the commissary this spring and summer I checked for rhubarb. I only hit the jackpot once, and I will admit to taking every last stalk of the stuff. I did, I was greedy with it, and I am ashamed of myself. But frankly, there was just enough for a couple of pies. I now think about the 90 year old retirees that made the trip to the commissary that day because one of their retiree friends told them "they have rhubarb at the commissary." Only to see miserly me, with big green leaves, and those pretty pink stalks flowing out of my cart....

It is still in my freezer, and I intend to make a pie tomorrow.

And when I move back to the GREAT PLAINS, I am planting some rhubarb...

The earliest recorded use of rhubarb is 2700BC, although its use is thought to date back much further. At this time rhubarbs use was as a very important drug of the time, being used for a variety of ailments particularly gut, lung and liver problems.
Marco Polo is attributed in bringing the drug to Europe in the thirteenth century when it was referred to as the Rhacoma root.
The drug was so highly regarded and much sought after that in 1657 in England it could command three times the price of Opium.
The first time the plant was seen growing in Britain was in the sixteenth century when the seeds were introduced in an attempt to grow and process the drug here, but the wrong strain was imported and eventually its use in this country went into decline as the British version simply did not work. The rise of modern medicine eventually took over from the wondrous drug.

Rhubarb was first used in English cooking in the late eighteenth century probably in an attempt to get the benefits of the drug into the body (although it had been used extensively in Syria and Persia since the thirteenth century) only gaining in favour with the British when the forcing process was discovered in Chelsea Physic Gardens in 1817, when some roots were accidentally covered with soil in the depth of winter. On removing the soil some weeks later tender shoots were noticed. These were found to have a superior flavour and quality than anything ever seen before. From this initial discovery of blanching rhubarb, commercial growers in the London area
began growing or blanching rhubarb, covering with soil or manure, some taking it a stage further, actually lifting the roots and placing in buildings to grow on. Rhubarb at last found favour with the British.

SpouseBuzz Live 3 Fort Bragg/ Pope Air Force Base

Many of you know the next live event for SpouseBuzz will be here soon!!

The event is slated for December 1, 2007


We at SpouseBuzz would love to see you there, and I assure you the event, is well worth attending.

The good folks at, are providing another free event. So I would encourage you to attend. I would also ask that those of you who know a military spouse, pass the information through in an e-mail. Also Fort Bragg, is approx. one hour from Camp Legune, NC. So we would love to see the Marine wives represent there as well.

I am always pleased to be a part of these live events, and the fellowship is always tremendous.

Register ASAP, and remember seating is limited.

*It is doubtful I will be able to attend SB LIVE 3. DH has drill, which is very spousebuzzy if you ask me.


The Parent Teacher Conferences went swimmingly.

Sir Rowland is learning the rules, and acting appropriately.

Academically he is far ahead of his peers.

However this does not benefit much , because he is 5. Most materials for learning are age and academically appropriate.

So we run in to the old snafu.

We have decided to add a subject to Sir Rowlands repitoire.

A language or a geography, due to his boredom, and need for a change.

I am so proud of him, I really am.....

He has had a lot of adjusting to do.

Attention spammers

Please enough already with the very icky e-mails.

I have no male member

I do not need medication for it either....


CEU's complete!

I have exactly 20.5 CEU's completed.

It wasn't nearly as hard or horrible as I would have thought.

Hardest, pyschiatric pharmacology.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A first of many

Tomorrow DH and I attend our VERY first Parent Teacher Conference....


I have promised to keep my trap SHUT unless there is something I NEED to say, and if I NEED to say something I will think about it. I do not need to chew off my own leg.

As with most parents, I am protective. Do I think my children are perfect and without in fact, I would guess, if there was a problem at school would be mine...

However, in with all things Sir Rowland and Pink Ninja , I sort of feel as it is my job to advocate for the best for them, the best for our family.

Are my decisions, always perfect? Sadly no.

I will say this, he is far exceeding our expectations. He really is. I guess we will see what the teacher has to say.

I hope she understands how well he is adjusting, but I promise to keep my mouth shut, and be nice, that is why DH is in charge this round. He is much more diplomatic than I am.

Also DH's PT conferences always were the same. "He is a great kids, smart, does his work, but he talks too much.

My Parent Teacher conferences as a child were the "She does not apply herself, and she talks too much" variety.

Ick. I sort of suppose we have whatever is coming to us.

Tonight, Sir Rowland exited his AWANA class with a HUGE smile, he was so proud, he recieved his crown and his first jewel. He loves his AWANA classes, as does Pink Ninja.

Pink Ninja, would read the AWANAS handbook daily.

I never have to ask them to get the books out, they BEG me to review the work with them.

Once again, I will tell those of you that are parents to get your children involved in this program. Your children will love it.

Kate Bush is nice to study to....

DH, is making dinner, and watching The Collective.

We have church again this evening.

I am trying to get some studying done...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A rolling stone gathers no moss

I am bad luck it seems. When I take the kids fishing, we catch nothing.

When DH takes them, they catch fish.

I will be staying home from now, as suggested by The Collective.

Yesterday, I managed to complete 8 hours of CEUs. I only have 12 hours left.

Today, my paperwork came to reactivate my license!! (Once again thanks to the mystery person that contacted The State Board of Nursing) Because after a month of phone calls, I now have the ball rolling, and it is rolling fast too.

I haven't Sat- urday

A busy day here at Casa De Dust.

A Rendevous at the mountain to attend. Hoping we get to see The Native American dancing.

Then a picnic.

And the grande finale-----fishing!

I actually managed to get 8 hours of CEUs done last night.

One of those being chemotherapy, and radiation treatment for head and neck cancers. I took the test without reading, just to see how I would do. I managed to get all of them right, due to my experience primarily with my Mother. That was not fun to think about at all.

About a month ago, I sat here thinking about what I am "good at". I came to the conclusion that most things I am "good at". There are really few natural talents I possess. My talents have been learned as survival mechinisms.

I am great at saving money. Fantastic, and not fun for the most part. Ask people that know me. I am great at basic accounting. I am great with money. Not by choice. When I was in college, after bills, etc. I had exactly $45.00 for groceries/gas etc. Now I promise I am not that old, things were less expensive sure....but it was miraculous monthly. Glory to God here probably, but I am great with a budget.

I make a good nurse. Mostly because I have had little choice. I think it was chosen for me. My Grandparents are gone.....all of them, my Mother siblings. Well, both of my siblings were born ill. Both of them were not given good prognosis Heck even my Father fell ill at the age of 47, coded in the living room, and was life flighted to Omaha. 47, and a heart attack killed him, saved by paramedics, and went through a couple of failed angioplasties, stints, and finally had a triple bypass.

So I make a good nurse, because frankly I know, how much you need a good one when you are watching your family lie in a bed sick, and powerless.

But I am wondering, what are you good at and why?

Friday, October 19, 2007

you learn something new everyday....

I am learning all kinds of new and useful information while studying.

"Bayer" like in Bayer aspirin used to manufacture Heroin. Seriously. they manufactured it until 1919.

Where did the term "junkie" come from?

~the habit of early herion addicts to scrounge scrap metal and other trash/junk to sell to support their habit.

back to school

I found a place to get my CEU's!!

Hoooray, because also you will note the price as el-cheapo. Sigh.
I also sent the link to the woman in charge of licensure, asking if they would accept credits. She returned my message with a YES. Ahhhh.....

So now instead of paying $32.00 for a course.

I will pay $28.00 for the entire 20 hours I need!


This was very good news for me. And now I get to decide which CEU's I want to take.

Understanding Breast Changes: A Health Guide for Women 2

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) 2

Diabetic Neuropathy: The Nerve Damage of Diabetes 2

Colon Cancer: Stages and Treatment 2

Medications for Treating Depression 2

Leishmaniasis (explanation below) 1.5

United States military activity in the Middle East carries with it not only war wounds, but infections and other diseases which are brought back to the U.S. when troops return. One of the diseases many soldiers may contract while deployed in the Middle East is leishmaniasis. Of 20,000 soldiers that returned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky in late 2003 and early 2004, five percent had skin complaints; of those five percent, twenty-five percent were diagnosed with cutaneous leishmaniasis. It may not be unexpected to see patients with leishmaniasis in the civilian clinical or nursing setting once these soldiers are released from active military service and return to the civilian sector. Civilian travelers to other countries where leishmaniasis is endemic may also return to the U.S. with the disease. The differential diagnosis of any non-healing ulcer on a patient who has traveled to such an area should include leishmaniasis.

HIPAA Privacy Rule and Public Health Guidance 2

How Portable is Your Nursing License, Anyway? 2

Hormone Therapy for the Prevention of Chronic Conditions in Postmenopausal Women 1.5

Prevention of Hepatitis A Through Active or Passive Immunization 3

Looks like I will be busy huh?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tonight on SB Radio

SpouseBuzz Radio

I will be joined by Matthew Burden of '", and author of The Blog of War, and Tim author of one of the very first milspouse blogs  "Captain Patti, the sweetest woman on the planet, goes to Baghdad".

Join as we discuss the changing nature of blogging, the importance of blogs as a historical record, blogs as a support mechinism, and the new media. 

We request you call in and join the discussion tonight! 

Guest call-in number: (646) 478-5665

Also please join us in the chat room, for great discussion during the program. 

One of the saddest things I have had to type...

I read this story at Sgt Hooks place this morning, and I left horrified....

it was one of the saddest things I have read.

And then I found out, the funeral will be about 15 minutes, from my home....

DH and I are members of the PGR...

We will be there, please pray for this family....

From Patriot Guard:

In what could arguable be the saddest possible situation one has ever heard, the fact is…we have been called upon to serve one who has served his country. Spc. John Johnson was wounded in Iraq. He had been transferred to BAMC in San Antonio, TX for further treatment as he was stationed (and his family lives) at Ft. Bliss.

On a trip to the hospital to see Spc. Johnson the vehicle driven by his wife, Monalisa, and containing their 3 children; Tyler-9, Ashley-5, and Logan-2 was involved in an accident. Logan and Ashley were killed in the accident, Tyler is in Children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX in a coma. Monalisa survived with some compressed discs and a minor head wound.

These children loved their father and loved the fact that their Daddy is an “ARMY MAN”. We’ve been asked to provide them with a ‘military” funeral. The Patriot Guard’s assistance has been requested. We have been asked to provide a flag line for the visitation and funeral, an escort from the funeral to the cemetery, provide pallbearers for both children, and potentially more.

State Captain Gerald Gaines has asked me to do whatever possible to serve this soldier and his family. We have received a warm welcome from the Sgt. serving as a CAO, and the funeral home. LEO support will be requested.

STAGING: is still being worked out.

Funeral Service: What we know is that the funeral will be at 1300 hours (1:00 pm) Tuesday, 23 Oct. 2007, at the Roller Ballard Funeral Home, 306 S. Main St., Benton, AR.

Interment: will be at the Pinecrest Cemetery, Veteran’s Portion off of Hwy. 5 in Alexander, AR. More details on visitation, etc. as they become available.

The Soldier’s Angels organization has seen the funeral costs discounted 40%, the rest of the funeral costs covered, the gravesites donated, etc. If you know someone who serves within this organization, they are worthy of our gratitude and respect.

Please watch for updates and plan to flood this family with love and support.

You can make a difference for this soldier and his family. All you need is a flag. You will be honoring Spc. Johnson by standing up to honor his children.

Pentagon promising to resolve, Minnesota National Guard educational benifits issue!

When the Minnesota Guardsman returned from a 22 month deployment, some of them noted that the orders were written for one day shorter than they needed, to qualify for some educational benefits.

There was a lot of debate at that time, politicizing the orders. Many people pointing fingers, at whether or not this "padding of orders" was done intentionally to save money. Some thought it was a "typo". The media, however, turned it into some sort of us against them scenario AGAIN. Surprise.

Which, to some of those in The National Guard, was silly. Orders, have been written as such for a long time. Certain days on active duty mean, certain benefits. This is not news. This is how it works. Most National Guardsman can tell you why the orders are written as such. Certain numbers mean certain benefits are earned.

However, after 22 months, I think most of us simply wanted these brave men and women to get whatever they could. 22 months is a long time. Can you imagine, meeting your baby, at the age of 2? Or leaving a 3 year old to find them in kindergarten? Leaving a family owned business, for 22 months. We really owe these folks what they deserve. The have earned it in my book.

I hope if anything, this "order issue", may have brought into light, that the benefits for NG families need to be streamlined. As these eduction benefits, were confusing to read about, i can hardly imagine having to use them, and explain them to some liberal administration at a University. GI bill, is a mess. Perhaps it can be simplified....

Also, I am sort of bewildered that no one noticed the orders before the return of the soldiers. This should have been noted "BY SOMEONE", almost immediately. (Like when the orders were WRITTEN, OR SIGNED, OR REVIEWED) by The Pentagon, The National Guard Bureau, The Governor, The Adjutant General for the state. A good reminder to look at the orders, and folks, call your officials, and remind them to do so for you as well!

Also I will note there was some criticism about the young Lt. who stood up and pointed this issue out. Some calling him a loudmouth for going to the media when he did. Frankly folks, I doubt if he went to the news right away. I am sure this young Lt. went through his proper chain of command, until he felt frustrated enough to call it out. A Lt. should go to the carpets for his men, a good Lt. should. If the media used his words to vilify the administration, well that is the stinking media, and I expect nothing less from them. But, to call someone a "whiner" after a 22 month deployment..... well that is just wrong.

Some things are just common sense....

Pentagon to Resolve Minn. Benefits Case


WASHINGTON (AP) — The defense secretary has committed to resolving a dispute over educational benefits so Minnesota National Guard soldiers soon can register for classes, a Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday.

Geoff Morrell made the comment in a telephone interview following a conversation that Pentagon chief Robert Gates had with Rep. Tim Walz, a Minnesota Democrat and National Guard veteran.

Upon returning from Iraq this year, nearly half the soldiers of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division — one of the longest serving units — discovered they were ineligible for full education benefits under the GI Bill.

For some members, just one day of service prevented them from being eligible; all did qualify for some money.

The Army sent the case to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records. The board has declined to take up the soldiers as a group. Minnesota lawmakers have expressed concern that could make it harder to resolve the issue in time for next spring semester.

Following his conversation with Gates, Walz sent The Associated Press a statement saying the Defense Department has committed to resolving all cases within 10 days of receiving each soldier's paperwork.

Morrell said he did not know if Gates had committed to that timeline.

"As I understand it, the secretary's commitment is to have all this paperwork done in ample time so that these guardsmen can register for classes in time for the next semester beginning in January," he said. "The Army's prepared to deploy additional resources if necessary to make sure they get this done."

Pentagon makes announcement...

I read about the National Guard deployments in the news yesterday. They announced the states, without announcing them.

You can read the piece here.

For those of you that know me, and know how I found out about my DH' deployments, etc well this gets me every time. There really has to be a better way of finding out.

I read this and cringed...

Officials declined to specify which National Guard combat brigades would be called up. But they will include units from North Carolina, Oklahoma, Illinois and Hawaii, officials told The Associated Press. Some of those being alerted this week have done tours in the war zone already, and others would be going for the first time.

This article says New Jersey guard will be called.

It was also implied, Hawaii, North Carolina (my BIL), Oklahoma, and Illinois National Guards would be deploying.

I am unsure why or how specific states were implicated, the media seems to find out. However, the media has not been wrong yet when it comes down to naming "who" is getting sent.

Frankly I do no think the media is brilliant enough to figure this out.

But I promise you we as a National Guard families, are very tired of finding out about deployments from the media instead of our loved ones...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I found this little GEM, the other day, while perusing The Weblog awards catagories!!

I think you will all love her.

I started school in January before my sixth birthday in 1929. This was the year of the stock market crash and the Great Depression. I suppose we had "poverty" but not in the sense of povety today. Most people were in the same boat and helped one another. We were fortunate not to have 24 hour news so we did not learn until later that people were jumping out of skycraper windows to kill themselves.

The first five grades in our shool were divided into 10 grades. We had low first grade and high first, low second, high second. etc. If one finshed low fifth at the end of May, as I did, they had to go back into fifth grade or skip to the sixth for the next year.


Couldn't find my keys this morning...

After searching frantically for about 20 minutes, I found them in the truck in the "console". I have no idea how they got there.

I hate that feeling, it is rather discombobulating.

I also woke to find this comment...

"at 5:36 AM, Faith said…

Please email me at f_____org and I will check on your application for licensure."

I checked the information, and noted this woman has her MSN, and is THE WOMAN in charge of nursing licenses......ahhhhhh....

Relieved is not the word! I have been working on this for weeks, to no avail.

Not kidding. So I sent this lady all of my information this morning!

****A huge thank you to the reader, that sent this information to the right person, because I do not think this woman found me at random!!*****

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All together again....

My friend Homefront Six, has done such a wonderful job.
A wonderful job, of explaining the highs and lows of a very long deployment.

Even over this past week, she has been writing about the anxiety re: homecoming.

The qwest for perfection, that many of us seek...

Only because we are wound so tight...that we will start losing our springs if we do not manage that energy with SOMETHING...

Go over and read about her last week...

and then the last couple of days...


If you can make it through without a tear.

Well you are just plain crazy....


The neighbors wife left him

The other day, I was stopped by the neighbor....

His wife just up and left.

17 years of marriage.

Holding Pattern

There are few things I hate more than maintaining a holding pattern, especially when I want to be doing, making changes and moving forward.

The holding pattern can be hard to maintain. It makes me grouchy.

In good news. DH has made the promotion list. This is good. As he has worked very hard to get from point A to point B. He entered the Army right after high school, and has worked diligently. Clap, clap, clap....

So now, we have been told to hold our horses. Wait for the promotion to go through before trying to transfer. I guess, his promotion could get lost in the shuffle. So we will sit and wait...

I am STILL waiting to hear from the Arkansas Board of Nursing Licensure. Uhhhhhggghhhh. This is taking WAY to LONG indeed. Ridiculous.

I might add here that DH, has injured his left knee running.

I keep trying to tell him, it needs to be wrapped, elevated, and iced.

I remind him that I am a nurse.

And then he says this...

"an unlicensed one"

what a smartypants.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bet your Sister is still on the phone, and Mommas in the kitchen, cookin' fried chicken....

Nominations closing!!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

The 2007, Weblog awards are here again. Yes, already!

Currently The nomination process is underway, and I believe ends today.

Some of your favorite blogs have been nominated!

Nominations are being accepted until October 15, 2007 in the following 49 categories:

Best Blog
Best New Blog
Best Individual Blogger
Funniest Blog
Best Comic Strip
Best Online Community
Best Liberal Blog
Best Conservative Blog
Best Political Coverage ***
Best Celebrity Blog ***

Topic Area Categories
Best Technology Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Military Blog
Best Law Blog
Best Business Blog
Best LGBT Blog
Best Parenting Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Science Blog
Best Medical/Health Issues Blog
Best Religious Blog ***
Best Pet Blog ***
Best Food Blog ***

Arts & Letters Categories
Best Photo Blog
Best Culture Blog
Best Literature Blog ***
Best Diarist
Best Gossip Blog
Best Music Blog
Best Podcast
Best Video Blog
Video Of The Year

International Categories
Best Canadian Blog
Best UK Blog
Best European Blog (Non UK)
Best Asian Blog
Best Middle East or Africa Blog
Best Australia or New Zealand Blog
Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog

TTLB Ecosystem Based Categories
Best of the Top 250 Blogs
Best of the Top 251 - 500 Blogs
Best of the Top 501 - 1000 Blogs
Best of the Top 1001 - 1750 Blogs
Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs
Best of the Top 2501 - 3500 Blogs
Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs
Best of the Top 5001 - 6750 Blogs
Best of the Top 6751 - 8750 Blogs
Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+)

*** New categories for 2007.

Important Note: We reserve the option to not select a finalist slate for voting in the new categories if the nomination process does not yeild a suitable field of finalists. We've added several new categories that we might not have considered without that provision.

Nominations close October 15, 2007 so get to work!

I have nominated several of my favorites!!

SpouseBuzz, was even entered this year, as the best in community blogs!

I was also nominated for best diarist, graciously, by Life of a Butterfly Wife (thank you). Who btw, I nominated as best new blog....Last year, I was nominated, but did not make it, to the final process. I must say it is always a surprise to be nominated.

So run over to the Weblog Awards, discover a new blog, nominate an old favorite, and have fun!!

I also nominated:

Mudville Gazette, as Best Blog

Sgt. Hook as Best Individual Blog

Parkway Reststop as Funniest Blog

Mr. Blackfive as Best Military Blog

PhysicsGeek as Best Technology Blog

Llamabutchers as Best Culture Blog

Aquarium Drunkard as Best music blog

Blackfive TV as best video blogging

Murdoc as best of 1001 - 1750 Blogs

The Perdify as best of 8751+ Blogs...

Go enjoy!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

You can only console so many babies at one time......

Tonight, I think my DH thought I was insane for volunteering us for the church nursery....

Heck, I think I might have been temporarily insane after tonight.

Not a good night for the babies...

Oh no sirrrreeee.

Tired, teething, hungry, poopy, and one baby that never gets left with strangers...


Odd night in the nursery. Normally, most of the babies are cheerful, laughing, smiling, playful. Not tonight.

And as I changed diaper after diaper, and listened to the wails, and screaming.....knowing full well sometimes babies just cry.

I recalled the 18 months of deployment, I spent with a newborne and a fussy toddler.....and all of the crying. There is little on the planet thay pains me more than a baby inconsolable infant. That is tough.

Breast Cancer

If you want to know what breast cancer can do...

go here.

Mr. Stanley, lost his wife Ellicia to breast cancer, that had metastasized to other parts of her body. He lost her December 31, 2006.

And he had kept his blog active during that time. Taking us on the journey with the family. He shared until the very end...

Mr. Stanley reminded all of us, to go get a mammogram this month. He reminded us, to check ourselves.

I still think about Reid, and Ellicia, and the children.......

Sunday Must Read


Saturday, October 13, 2007


With today being Dh's birthday, and a drill weekend, well ....

I am going to take The Collective to the mountain for some fresh air, a hike, and a walk on the nature trail.

Pictures to follow!

Birthday dinner

Las Cruces Chicken Enchiladas

1 cup onion chopped
1/2 cup green pepper chopped
2 TBS butter
2 cups cooked chicken
4oz green chilies (may used canned if fresh not available)
3 TBS butter
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp fresh coriander
3/4 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups chicken broth
1 cup sour cream
1 1/2 cups shredded mont. jack cheese
12 6 inch tortillas

You can bake, roast, or grill chicken....However you prefer. I typically use 4 split breasts for this.

Saute onion, green pepper in 2 tbsp of butter. Stir in flour, coriander and salt. Stir in chicken broth all at once. Cook and stir until the sauce thickens and is bubbling. Remove from heat, and stir in sour cream, and 1/2 cup of the mont. jack cheese.

Stir 1/2 cup sauce into your cooked chicken and mix in 1/2 cup mont jack cheese. Dip tortillas into remaining sauce to soften. Fill tortillas with 1/4 cup chicken mixture. Roll up, put in sprayed 9-11 baking dish. Pour remaining sauce on top and sprinkle with remaining cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Happy birthday Luv....

Today DH, turns a year older. It is also drill weekend.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I am glad I do not have to depend on this person for food...

I may not look fashionable...

Last year I COULD NOT find a hounds tooth anything to save my soul. I looked high and low. I specifically was looking for a pencil skirt in hounds tooth. As many of you recall it took all season.

Please note, that this year EVERYONE is wearing hounds tooth.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plate tectonics, or gin and tonics?

OK, weeks worth of anticipation....gone.

I did cry the other day, when I heard the news. It was brief, but I did cry. I afforded myself the luxury of tears. If even for a second....There are wars going on, children starving, people who are very sick. I know I am blessed, but I took a brief amount of time, and just cried.

For the first time in years, it felt good to cry. I have always felt sort of guilty about crying. I come from a Mother, who rarely cried. Tears, were very self indulgent, and it just was not done. So I have always had this sort of guilt for crying. I guess it is gone. As I cried, and had no shame about it.

And after I was done, it was refocus time.

Time to unscroll plan B, as the new plan A.

Pink Ninja is begging to go to school. She is enjoying dance, and AWANA so much. She is a very social creature. She can read people well, at the age of 3. Which is a pretty darn good skill to have. Pre school, might not be a bad option for her.

So, if I can get the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Licensure to call me, and mail me my information in the next few short days, I can get organized. (Although I have been playing phone tag, with a young female with the name of Shauniqua for over a month) once again the cursed slow cursed state of Arkansas wants me to play the patience is a virtue game). I am ready to enter the work force again after a 5 year absence. There are continuing education credits to complete. I have been considering this for months now.

There are phone calls to make. I spoke with a woman a couple of weeks ago, and found out they need help. I found a possible place of employment, 8 hour shifts, and a brand new facility. (no 12 hour shifts!!)

I must call my real estate agent, and fill her in. We have a home to get ready to sell.

I am ready for the shift.....

We are hoping to be out of here by April.

You would think during a time of War, there would be open slots all over for my DH. Tis not the case AGR positions are hard to find!

Happy Birthday to the blogger that perpetually looks 15

This is Sarah.

I am lucky enough to call her friend.

Today is her birthday.

She is 30 despite looking 15 in most photos.

Go wish her well today.

When I asked Sarah why she looked so young while on a flight from Kileen, Texas...

she told me "puppy blood".

Oh for God sake, I am kidding.

She actually said "lots of bourbon, and cigarettes"...

mixed bag of blessings.

The story surrounding what the "news" is, well it is a long story. There is really no quick way to go about telling it. I also, for weeks have been unsure how much I am willing to put out there, just in case someone would stumble upon my blog. Ya never know, it has happenned before.

First off, the biggest surprise that I have recieved in the past couple of weeks is this...

I make a crappy military wife. I really do.

As I am ready to go "home".

There are several reasons for this.

Being a National Guard family, is much different than being regular army. I know, I have been both at this point in my life.

However, after 7 years here. We feel as though our collected efforts here in 7 years, well the investment is no where equalling the return at this point.

We came to this realization about 2 years ago, and have been looking for a "home" since that time.

We had been looking in DC, and Tampa.

Until just a couple of weks ago, when an offer came.

Would we mind going back to Nebraska?

Nebraska, with its cold winters, and wind shields that need to be scraped?

The most beautiful sunsets on the planet.

The smell of cow crap wafting everywhere.


We hadn't thought about "home" for so long.

And guess what, the thought of home, made us excited, it did.

Nebraska is pretty quiet, the schools are very good, the crime rate is nothing compared to the 23rd in the nation we are dealing with currently, the housing market has to be one of the best in the country.

Oh and most

We have family there.

An opportunity for my children to be around "family". Cousin, Grandpa, Aunties and Uncles?

Wouldn't it be nice to offer my children some of the same of what I grew up knowing?

For 2 weeks I had daydreams about looking around a dining room table on sundays and smiling, and watching Nebraska play football, while eating chilli and listening to the men folk yell at the tv. I miss Sunsets on the great plains, I miss everyone in town knowing I am a good nurse, I miss the Midwest.

For 2 weeks my mind has been mush, as I realize not only, do I make a bad military wife after almost 17 years, I am homesick.....

I am homesick....

We did not get this last opportunity that came up.

But guess what, it did help us realize that yes we wouldn't mind going home for a bit.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moms brownies=repaired gate

Brother in Law was here for dinner tonight.

the back gate is repaired!

sad, a little. blessed, sure.

I am ok.

Trying to collect my thoughts for a post, after I pick up a few pieces of the new plan A.

Ya know, AWTM, doesn't make sense for a name any longer anyway.


"the new plan A"

just might work...

Some day, I am going to grow wings....

Transport, motorways and tramlines
Starting and then stopping
Taking off and landing
The emptiest of feelings
Disappointed people clinging on to bottles
And when it comes it's so so disappointing

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

Shell smashed, juices flowing
Wings twitch, legs are going
Don't get sentimental
It always ends up drivel

One day I'm going to grow wings
A chemical reaction
Hysterical and useless
Hysterical and ...

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

Let down again
Let down again
Let down again

You know, you know where you are with
You know where you are with
Floor collapsing
Floating, bouncing back
And one day....
I am going to grow wings
A chemical reaction
Hysterical and useless
Hysterical and...

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

~radio head

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Butterfly Pork Chop=Repairs

Brother in law is in town for a shooting competition.

I prepared a loverly dinner, and in return I had my automatic garage door repaired, as well as our back door, which was not closing correctly.

I must invite him here for a week....

Tomorrow morning I may have some news for you folks...

and for the 3rd time I am not expecting a baby.

And so I am going to be selfish, and ask that what we are wishing for happens.

OK, I have officially become my Mother

In particularly the time she purchased her first cell phone, and had no idea how to use it. I think she called me, and then couldn't figure out how to hang it up, and left the phone on. She never did figure out how to store #'s, or change the volume on the thing. It was really hilarious.

Sort of like giving a wheel to a caveman.

I feel antiquated.

Some of us at SpouseBuzz decided to start MySpace pages, because the blogosphere although GROWING, is still NOT THE ONLY PLACE milspouses network.

So now I have a myspace page. Like I am 16 or something.

The best thing, I have NO idea how to use it. NONE...

It is by freak accident I have anything up over there.

So how I manage to feel 16, and 62 at the same time, is really hilarious to me.

Maybe I will figure out how to work the darn thing.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome to having a child in school

My dear girlfriend from "back home" called tonight to check in. Oh how I love her, and miss her. Even if she reminded me that I have a 20 year reunion coming up next summer? WHA? Wha?

My girlfriend back home also is the mother to 3 boys. 3 of them bing, bang, boom. Wowzers. I recall a breakfast about 3 years ago. I think I was in Nebraska taking care of my Mother. She made the drive to my folks house, and we took our collective 5 children to eat pancakes, and scrambled eggs.

I recall her warning me, that as soon as her oldest started school, he turned "sassy" on her. I was not shocked by this, but thought I could possibly find a way around it.

My Dear Mother in Law reminded me of the same. She also warned me of good table manners exiting the premises.


It is happening here, along with endless use of the 3 and 5 year old singing the word poop, underpants, and other such nonsense. Replacing song lyrics with the words poop, and underpants.

The Sass factor is also increasing. The I know what is best for me, when clearly, he DOES not. I mean he is 5. Just Saturday, he decided to climb in the bathroom sink, and when he exited he broke the toilet paper holder when he stood on it and fell to the floor. He could have cracked his skull wide open on the tub.

But he has gotten a bit sassy, self assured.....all that goes with being free from Mom rule for 24 hours a day.

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Boy oh boy.

I really do not like Mondays. I feel as though I need an IV or something in the mornings. (An IV of OK freaking smile already)

Sundays, amazingly so, have become the busiest day of the week. I know, I have talked about it before, and you may even be tired of me discussing it. But I am amazed how Sundays went from "family day" to "running around with your head cut off like a chicken day". And I am surprised, because we only added one extra activity.

Well some of you may may not be surprised that volunteering your time for 2 hours, ends up being 3 hours, plus the drive. Lesson learned, I guess. So it is just busy. The children are enjoying themselves tremendously, and I would suggest if you have an AWANA program at your church, or a nearby church...the children LOVE it. They really do. I will also add, if you are not volunteering, this means you as a parent get 2 hours of free time. Which is great for some of you military spouses, and especially those of you who are acting as a single parent, due to a deployment. I also think the cost is about the most minimal, we have had to pay for ANY activity. $65.00 for both, for the entire school year.

The good news is, DH and I have the nursery for AWANA. Which means, we have babies to sniff, and rock, and give bottles to. Which frankly, is a new experience for us. Despite our having 2 children together. DH was gone for deployments during the "baby years". I really didn't get to see him do "that"...he is good at it. The babies LOVE him.

I need to learn how to organize our weekends better.

Nothing says "We are working on it" like red tape...

Three lawmakers work to clarify Guard benefits

WASHINGTON - Members of Minnesota's congressional delegation are trying several legislative approaches to fix a bureaucratic glitch that prevented more than 1,100 Minnesota National Guard members from receiving increased education benefits under the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

Although all 2,600 Soldiers from the "Red Bull" 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division served the same amount of time, about half received orders for 729 days or fewer while the rest of their colleagues received orders for 730 days.

Under Chapter 30 of the Montgomery Bill, Soldiers must serve 730 days or more in active duty deployment to qualify to receive $894 per month in education assistance, which they can use for up to 10 years after leaving the service.

Otherwise they can only qualify for $660 per month through the Reserved Education Assistance Program (REAP), which expires when they deactivate.

Reps. John Kline and Tim Walz and Sen. Amy Klobuchar are attempting to rectify the situation through legislation, announcing bills this week that would ensure that the Red Bulls get their benefits in time to enroll for spring semester classes.

"I think of it as irons in the fire," said Kline, a Republican. "We've got two or three irons in the fire right now, and we just want one of them to come through and take care of these members of the Guard."

Kline's bill, introduced Wednesday, would establish that any member of the Red Bull unit who served at least 20 consecutive months of active duty had satisfied the Montgomery Bill's requirements. He's also working with Walz, a Democrat, on a bill that would give the secretary of Veterans Affairs the ability to fix problems like these on his own.

Klobuchar's bill, filed Thursday, would have the benefits decided based on actual time served, not on the dates printed on their orders. "The promise to our Soldiers shouldn't be wrapped in red --tape," said Klobuchar, a Democrat. "This should not have happened in the first place."

Rep. Colin Peterson, also a Democrat, first approached Army Secretary Pete Gehren about the issue in August, a month after the unit had returned from 22 continuous months in service -- the longest for any American unit during the Iraq war.

Geren told the delegation this week that he had recommended the Army Board of Corrections review the Soldiers' cases as a group rather than making them file separate appeals. The various bills, Kline said, will act as a guarantee the issue will be resolved.

By Nina Petersen-Perlman, Star Tribune, 202.408.2723

Minnesota National Guard Troops Denied Benefits


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Disgusting treatment of U.S. Veterans, you bet...

My friend, and recent National Guard enlistee, RSM, pointed out this article in my comment section below...

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

Rhonda Erskine, Online Content Producer
Created: 10/3/2007 2:39:29 PM
Updated: 10/3/2007 5:32:02 PM

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (NBC) -- When they came home from Iraq, 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard had been deployed longer than any other ground combat unit. The tour lasted 22 months and had been extended as part of President Bush's surge.

1st Lt. Jon Anderson said he never expected to come home to this: A government refusing to pay education benefits he says he should have earned under the GI bill.

"It's pretty much a slap in the face," Anderson said. "I think it was a scheme to save money, personally. I think it was a leadership failure by the senior Washington leadership... once again failing the soldiers."

Anderson's orders, and the orders of 1,161 other Minnesota guard members, were written for 729 days.

Had they been written for 730 days, just one day more, the soldiers would receive those benefits to pay for school.

"Which would be allowing the soldiers an extra $500 to $800 a month," Anderson said.

That money would help him pay for his master's degree in public administration. It would help Anderson's fellow platoon leader, John Hobot, pay for a degree in law enforcement.

"I would assume, and I would hope, that when I get back from a deployment of 22 months, my senior leadership in Washington, the leadership that extended us in the first place, would take care of us once we got home," Hobot said.

Both Hobot and Anderson believe the Pentagon deliberately wrote orders for 729 days instead of 730. Now, six of Minnesota's members of the House of Representatives have asked the Secretary of the Army to look into it -- So have Senators Amy Klobuchar and Norm Coleman.

Klobuchar said the GI money "shouldn't be tied up in red tape," and Coleman said it's "simply irresponsible to deny education benefits to those soldiers who just completed the longest tour of duty of any unit in Iraq."

Also, before I continue, do I THINK this National Guard was given 729 days, instead of 730 intentionally.


A Congressional Inquiry is in order.


Please call Minnesota Senator Amy Klubachor:

Washington, DC

302 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
phone: 202-224-3244
fax: 202-228-2186
Ft. Snelling, MN

1 Federal Drive
Whipple Federal Building, Suite 298
Fort Snelling, MN 55111
phone: 612-727-5220
fax: 612-727-5223
Southern Minnesota

1134 7th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901
phone: 507-288-5321
fax: 507-288-2922
Toll Free Number:






Washington Office:
320 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-5641
Fax: 202-224-1152
Scheduling: 202-228-1503

Minnesota Office in St. Paul:
2550 University Ave W, Suite 100N
St. Paul, MN 55114
Main: 651-645-0323
Fax: 651-645-3110
Toll Free: 800-642-6041

Minnesota Office in Mankato:
12 Civic Center Plaza
Suite 2167
Mankato, Minnesota 56001
Main: 507-625-6800
Fax: 507-625-9427

Minnesota Office in Grand Rapids:
200 Northbank Center 206B
Northeast 3rd Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Main: 218-327-9333
Fax: 218-327-8637

Minnesota Office in Moorhead:
810 4th Avenue South
Suite 203
Moorhead, MN 56560

This is just shameful folks...

LEts take care of those that TAKE CARE OF US!

Movie you must see

Practically everything I have watched this month or so, has made me cry....

Hotel Rwanda. I posted about it here.

Then I thought Appocolypto looked interesting. Another tear inducing movie....and a lot of violence, which I was not really prepared for. Although I am aware that violence and evil exist at that level. It was a very hard movie for me to sit through, as watching families get torn apart was heart breaking.....

Tonight, It was Rabbit Proof Fence. Tears again.

DH and I both LOVED this story of the amazing human spirit. This movie is based off of the book Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington.

Rabbit-Proof Fence is based on the true story of three Aboriginal girls, Molly (played by Everlyn Sampi), Daisy (Tianna Sansbury) and Gracie (Laura Monaghan), who in 1931 were separated from their mothers in Jigalong, Western Australia, sent to the Moore River settlement 2000 kilometres away to be trained as domestic servants, and then escaped, fleeing across harsh, desert landscape with the rabbit-proof fence as their only guide, to return home. The film is based on the book, Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, written by Molly's daughter, Doris Pilkington Garimara, who was also forcibly removed from her mother. Documentary filmmaker Christine Olsen stumbled across the book in a newspaper story and from then on worked hard to turn it into a film, which included writing several scripts and bringing the project to the attention of LA-based Noyce. In press interviews, she admits that her first choice of director was Noyce primarily because of the uniquely realist and honest portrayal of Aboriginal characters in his debut Backroads. Noyce's realist style in this film was related to his work as a documentary filmmaker in Sydney throughout the mid to late '70s.

But I will say, that my days of choosing o
ur movies for our Netflix cue, might be coming to an end. Because frankly my movies choices are too dark.

If you have not seen Rabbit Proof Fence, please watch it...

It is based on a true life story, the very ending of the movie leaves you wanting more of this story....

Reminds me a lot of what America has done to its own aborginal cultures....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Great job Minnesota National Guard!

Guard unit recognized for record deployment

By Sgt. Mary Flynn
National Guard Bureau

Click photo for screen-resolution image
Family and friends greet U.S. Army Soldiers from Charlie Company, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division as they arrive at the Cottage Grove Armory in Minnesota July 16, 2007. Minnesota National Guard's 1st Brigade Combat Team has been deployed for 22 months with 16 months out of the deployment in a combat zone. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Lynette Hoke) (Released)
open link in new window download hi-res photo

ARLINGTON, Va. (10/5/2007) - A recently-returned Minnesota National Guard unit is getting the kudos it deserves this week.

The House of Representatives passed a Concurrent Resolution Oct. 1 that commended Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division on completion of their record deployment to Iraq. The unit’s 22-month deployment is the longest continuous deployment of any military unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 1/34th Brigade Combat Team received alert orders in July 2005. They mobilized in September and trained throughout the fall before finally deploying in March 2006. Originally set to return in February 2007, the unit was extended four months as part of the President’s “surge” strategy.

During its deployment, the 1st Brigade Combat Team completed 5,200 combat logistics patrols and secured 2.4 million convoy miles. They discovered 462 improvised explosive devices prior to detonation and captured over 400 suspected insurgents. They completed 137 reconstruction projects and helped start two Iraqi newspapers.

Over 1,400 members of the 1st Brigade Combat Team reenlisted during their deployment, and 21 members became United States citizens.

The 1/34th BCT is part of the famed Red Bull division, which has a long history of service. The division was sent to France during World War I, but did not see combat until World War II when they were the first division deployed to Europe. Coincidentally, the division has the distinction of having spent more days in combat than any other U.S. Army Division during World War II. The U.S. Rangers can also trace their roots to the 34th Infantry Division: 80 percent of the 1st Ranger Battalion consisted of volunteers from the 34th.

U.S. Congressman Tim Walz of Minnesota authored the resolution along with U.S. Reps. McCollum, Ramstad, Ellison, Oberstar, Peterson, Kline and Bachmann. Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar sponsored Concurrent Resolution 185 in the Senate, where it passed in July.

Congressman Walz has a personal history with the Red Bulls, having retired in 2005 as command sergeant major for the 1-125th Battalion of the 1st Brigade Combat Team: “I served alongside these Soldiers for many years and I could not be more proud of them. They endured their extended deployment with patience and determination and their distinguished service record in Iraq speaks for itself. Today, every Minnesotan should be proud to call the Red Bulls our neighbors and friends.”

The 1/34th is headquartered in Bloomington, Minn., and approximately 3,700 of its Soldiers are Minnesota National Guard members. The remaining 1,300 Soldiers hail from various states across the country, including Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kentucky, Idaho and Washington.

Dirty Secrets?

The Hype Machine, continues to be my favorite MP3 blog aggregtor!

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How I managed my 2 hour walk today...

Between the hills and humidity I was soaked when I got home. Soaked. Even my shoes were wet.


I am telling you, without my IPOD, I would hate my walks, I would.