Thursday, October 18, 2007

One of the saddest things I have had to type...

I read this story at Sgt Hooks place this morning, and I left horrified....

it was one of the saddest things I have read.

And then I found out, the funeral will be about 15 minutes, from my home....

DH and I are members of the PGR...

We will be there, please pray for this family....

From Patriot Guard:

In what could arguable be the saddest possible situation one has ever heard, the fact is…we have been called upon to serve one who has served his country. Spc. John Johnson was wounded in Iraq. He had been transferred to BAMC in San Antonio, TX for further treatment as he was stationed (and his family lives) at Ft. Bliss.

On a trip to the hospital to see Spc. Johnson the vehicle driven by his wife, Monalisa, and containing their 3 children; Tyler-9, Ashley-5, and Logan-2 was involved in an accident. Logan and Ashley were killed in the accident, Tyler is in Children’s Hospital in Dallas, TX in a coma. Monalisa survived with some compressed discs and a minor head wound.

These children loved their father and loved the fact that their Daddy is an “ARMY MAN”. We’ve been asked to provide them with a ‘military” funeral. The Patriot Guard’s assistance has been requested. We have been asked to provide a flag line for the visitation and funeral, an escort from the funeral to the cemetery, provide pallbearers for both children, and potentially more.

State Captain Gerald Gaines has asked me to do whatever possible to serve this soldier and his family. We have received a warm welcome from the Sgt. serving as a CAO, and the funeral home. LEO support will be requested.

STAGING: is still being worked out.

Funeral Service: What we know is that the funeral will be at 1300 hours (1:00 pm) Tuesday, 23 Oct. 2007, at the Roller Ballard Funeral Home, 306 S. Main St., Benton, AR.

Interment: will be at the Pinecrest Cemetery, Veteran’s Portion off of Hwy. 5 in Alexander, AR. More details on visitation, etc. as they become available.

The Soldier’s Angels organization has seen the funeral costs discounted 40%, the rest of the funeral costs covered, the gravesites donated, etc. If you know someone who serves within this organization, they are worthy of our gratitude and respect.

Please watch for updates and plan to flood this family with love and support.

You can make a difference for this soldier and his family. All you need is a flag. You will be honoring Spc. Johnson by standing up to honor his children.

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