Saturday, October 20, 2007

I haven't Sat- urday

A busy day here at Casa De Dust.

A Rendevous at the mountain to attend. Hoping we get to see The Native American dancing.

Then a picnic.

And the grande finale-----fishing!

I actually managed to get 8 hours of CEUs done last night.

One of those being chemotherapy, and radiation treatment for head and neck cancers. I took the test without reading, just to see how I would do. I managed to get all of them right, due to my experience primarily with my Mother. That was not fun to think about at all.

About a month ago, I sat here thinking about what I am "good at". I came to the conclusion that most things I am "good at". There are really few natural talents I possess. My talents have been learned as survival mechinisms.

I am great at saving money. Fantastic, and not fun for the most part. Ask people that know me. I am great at basic accounting. I am great with money. Not by choice. When I was in college, after bills, etc. I had exactly $45.00 for groceries/gas etc. Now I promise I am not that old, things were less expensive sure....but it was miraculous monthly. Glory to God here probably, but I am great with a budget.

I make a good nurse. Mostly because I have had little choice. I think it was chosen for me. My Grandparents are gone.....all of them, my Mother siblings. Well, both of my siblings were born ill. Both of them were not given good prognosis Heck even my Father fell ill at the age of 47, coded in the living room, and was life flighted to Omaha. 47, and a heart attack killed him, saved by paramedics, and went through a couple of failed angioplasties, stints, and finally had a triple bypass.

So I make a good nurse, because frankly I know, how much you need a good one when you are watching your family lie in a bed sick, and powerless.

But I am wondering, what are you good at and why?

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