Tuesday, October 02, 2007

phucking phrustrations, and the pharmacy

Ya know, I am sick sick sick sick sick sick of EVERY TASK at hand in this loverly state taking 4 hours to complete. The simplest of tasks.

7 years ago, I would have died of a stroke immediately. Now, I just STEW, and stew until I feel like I am preventing a stroke.

I am confounded and amazed at the amount of effort people put into flat out lying, and tap dancing down here. I really am.

But today, oh my....

Saturday morning I noted the children's zyrtec being almost empty. I did note that they had enough to make it to probably Tuesday night.

So, I ran the script in Saturday. While I was standing there, I noted my imitrix had 1 left. So I also ordered that. That was 15 minute, at the pharmacy on Saturday morning. I left empty handed....telling them I would be back. "No hurry, I will be back"

Yesterday, DH had to go to the Dr. to get knees x-rayed, a shot, and pick up an anti-inflammatory. There was some question re: insurance covering the specific med etc. So they had DH wait for 45 minutes, while they got nothing done. DH was pleasent, sore, but left with a smile, and told them he would return tomorrow.

OK folks. That is 45 minutes at the rhymes with "Phroeger", leaving empty handed.

I have just returned again from "rhymes with Phroeger", after spending 45 minutes in the drive thru lane.

When I finally got to the window, 30 minutes into the wait, I made sure they knew who I was, what I was there for, and how LONG I had been in line. Heck I even wrote all of our names down to ensure they would remember all of the meds.

So I left empty handed AGAIN....because they did not have my medicine ready.

excuse #1) new girl

excuse #2) we are a VERY busy pharmacy

excuse #3) blamed the Drs. offices. (Which by the way I called, and no they had faxed everything in. I also made sure they knew they were being blamed)

I informed the pharmacy that I was a nurse, so I am aware of the time it takes to call in or fax, or write a Drs. order down. I know it does not go through Jesus himself.


Also note I left our last pharmacy in town for the same reason....

There are no pharmacies left in town.

Get me the phuck out of here.

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Tracy said...

That would have made me INSANE!! They didn't have scripts done from SATURDAY??!! Really, that is one busy pharmacy that they can't get a prescription done in 3 days!!

I hope none of you need surgery and need pain meds ASAP! Sheesh.

I live in the North. Things move pretty fast up here. A 25 minute wait at the pharmacy makes me crazy.