Saturday, October 06, 2007

OK...OK, what do you want? Oh that is right, it is deer season!

I have been married to DH for 16 years now.

Dated for about 2 years.

Knew him since I turned 15....

Which means I have known DH for 22 years....

Holy Crap, that is a long time.

Mystery left. Sure. We have rules here. We are not the go to the restroom with the door open kind of people. Ick....I know people that are ok with this..

No thanks. BR time is private time in our house. Well except for when the children were small...but I digress.

Anywho, there is some mystery left, whatever you can maintain after knowing someone 22 years...

I am seriously freaking out about this 22 year thing now, that is really a long time to know someone.

Anywho. Last night DH came home, grabbed the fishing poles, and The Collective. He had them out until dark...WOW. I managed 3 loads of laundry, bedding, a nice long walk, more computer time. Quiet....nice. It is not quiet here too often.

This morning, I woke, and noted it was 7am, and heard DH awake with Pink Ninja, who is soon going to be renamed chatterbox. (No CLUE where she gets that). I also noted upon my waking that, the coffee was made, a roast and trimmings were in the crock pot for dinner, and they were ready to head out fishing AGAIN! A morning to myself. Frankly, I should have stayed in bed, I was the recipient of odd dreams all night. We had moved to California, and I was working at a thrift store of all things. Weird.

But the extra time for myself has been NICE. I walked for 2 hours this morning. Too much in this humidity, and my hamstring on my left leg is TIGHT. OUCH.



But it led me to think..."OK, what does he want?"

Oh, that is right, we are on the cusp of deer, turkey, bear, and whatever season.

And that is FINE with me, especially if I keep getting all of this EXTRA quiet time.

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