Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life Aquatic

We have had the movie sitting here for over a week now. And it is movie night here at the Casa.

The funny part is, I was over at Sarah's place and read that she and her hubby were going to go as Team Zissou for Halloween. They opted out, due to what I am sure they thought would be confusion at the party. They are probably right, as picking obscure costumes, can certainly ruin a good time. Other people always have to spoil the fun.

I do wish they would go as Team Zissou. After all Sarah is a great knitter, and red stocking caps are in order, and all they need are a couple of "old guy, blue jumpers" to finish things off.

Sarah and I are Wes Anderson freaks....unsure why.

I did like the Life Aquatic, because I grew up watching Cousteau on public television. And when I first saw Life Aquatic, my first thought was...if I could have directed and written this movie when I was eight. This is exactly what it would have looked like. And that is why I love Wes Anderson, who else could capture that?

Sarah, I think you should go as Team Zissou anyway....

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8675309 said...

I'm also a Wes Anderson fan -- can't WAIT to see Darjeeling Limited!!!