Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cuz I'm a woman....

Most of us, will recognize the Peggy Lee song.

This commercial was popular when I was probably 7'ish, maybe 9'ish. Many of you will not recall, because you were too young.

I loved this commercial when I was younger, because it made it look like all things were possible as a Mother and Wife. Wow, I can have a career, children, make a wad of of cash,fit into a size 4 sequin gown, saunter about, and be thrilled at my 15 hour day.. all while smelling great. And all of that while still being able to give your Husband the shiver fits....

I am sure, that Enjoli, did not smell that great, I am now guessing it probably ran about $6.00 a bottle. I am also doubting if you had to reapply it every eight hours. Interesting that that marketed it as a "career womans perfume" calling it an 8 hour perfume.


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stuffed said...

LOL Ah. Used to sing that in the schoolyard with my friends.