Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Well I am, hot blooded. Check and see, I 've got a fever of 103, come on baby you can do more than dance....

I had a call yesterday from Sir Rowlands teacher.

My immediate thought, was...

Crap, he has been doing sooooo good. In fact last week he had smiley faces all week. No problems.

Teacher lady: "AWTM?"

AWTM: "yes"

Teacher Lady: "Sir Rowland is complaining he does not feel well. His temp is 101."

AWTM: "That is odd, my kids NEVER NEVER get temps."

Teacher Lady: "He is not himself, he is just thirsty"

I immediately get my keys and round up Pink Ninja and begin to wonder if this is "real" illness" or "pretend illness".

And when I enter the cafeterai I see him.

She is right, he does not feel well. there are dark circles under his eyes. He is just sitting. Not moving.

When we got home, he seemed fine, Sir Rowland and Pink Ninja, even managed the normal, post school fighting, which drives me nuts. And got quiet.

Sir Rowland was curled up on the sofa, where I had made him a bed. Sweaty, curled up, and OUT. SLEEPING. So I took his temp. 101.

I put a cool cloth on his head, and sat there looking at him, and it made my heart hurt to see him sick. It honestly did. I have no idea how Mothers of chronically ill manage it. I do not. I am a wuss. I haded my pediatric rotation in nursing school. It broke me into pieces.

I have been lucky, really. Other than rota virus for 8 days in the house, which was a magical vomitous, and poop filled 8 wonderous days. Pink Ninja had chronic ear infections, and subsequent tubes in her ears. Oh and lets not forget her brief visits with her broken arms.. And as horrible as that was. It came to an end.

So we have been pretty lucky in the illness department. We really have....

And as a person who grew up around chronically ill children, it is heartbreaking indeed.

The temp broke last night, I still cannot figure out what it was....

But I think he will be spending the day with us today.

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