Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how very Brady

I went and picked up my book, and my supplies at the red cross today.

"something suddenly came up", and tonights class is canceled.

Part of me is thrilled, because my sinus's have other odeas for me today. My cheekbones hurt, my head aches, my head is filled with 12 pounds of mucus...

1 sudafed, and 1 imitrix later. The headaches is gone, but I still feel like the berries.

So class will be next Tusday evening.

Tonight, I will get to work on these "costumes".

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Anonymous said...

if you ever read my blog, you would know that I just suffered a 2 week sinus infection that brought me to my knees.

You know what I did to cure it?

I rubbed my feet with Vicks Vaporub and slept with socks on.

Was totally cured the next day.