Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ok, so my CEUs are complete.

CPR recertification class is tomorrow at the Red Cross.

Paperwork, almost done.

Now, I need a job.....

Wow I can get things done quickly.

I suppose the motivating factor here is helping.

We "might be" moving, has changed to we "ARE"moving.

I will only be able to work PRN, for now. I can not seem to find a Mon-Frid job that pays decent amount. I will have to work weekends. This is sort of a problem, because DH works about 2 weekends a month. So....

I will be working PRN 7-3 shift and 3-11 shift.

On the rest of the to do list.....

schedule a mammogram
pictures to grandparents
go through the childrens clothing

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Anonymous said...

You go, girl!!!