Monday, October 08, 2007

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Boy oh boy.

I really do not like Mondays. I feel as though I need an IV or something in the mornings. (An IV of OK freaking smile already)

Sundays, amazingly so, have become the busiest day of the week. I know, I have talked about it before, and you may even be tired of me discussing it. But I am amazed how Sundays went from "family day" to "running around with your head cut off like a chicken day". And I am surprised, because we only added one extra activity.

Well some of you may may not be surprised that volunteering your time for 2 hours, ends up being 3 hours, plus the drive. Lesson learned, I guess. So it is just busy. The children are enjoying themselves tremendously, and I would suggest if you have an AWANA program at your church, or a nearby church...the children LOVE it. They really do. I will also add, if you are not volunteering, this means you as a parent get 2 hours of free time. Which is great for some of you military spouses, and especially those of you who are acting as a single parent, due to a deployment. I also think the cost is about the most minimal, we have had to pay for ANY activity. $65.00 for both, for the entire school year.

The good news is, DH and I have the nursery for AWANA. Which means, we have babies to sniff, and rock, and give bottles to. Which frankly, is a new experience for us. Despite our having 2 children together. DH was gone for deployments during the "baby years". I really didn't get to see him do "that"...he is good at it. The babies LOVE him.

I need to learn how to organize our weekends better.

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Anonymous said...

Here I thought you linked the song.

Still, it's nice to read about how DH is having the baby phase taken care of.

Thanks for the reccomendation, I think I'll check into AWANA at my church.