Monday, October 01, 2007

Eon Flux

This happens here every once in a while.

Everything, well not everything is up in the air.

Amazing how that happens.

I have been reminding myself that I am BLESSED. I know I am.

I have a healthy family. There is no one in the hospital at this time.

This was not the case about 7 years ago. There were about 4 of my relatives, including my Mother in the hospital back home....all with serious illness of some kind or another. And I am not sure why it happened like that. But it did. Being at the hospital was sort of being like at a family reunion, without the great moods, good potato salad, and a looming sense of impending doom.

First Ken died. He was 34? Young. His cancer was sudden. He felt sick one morning, vomited, and turned yellow overnight. It was a very rare bile duct cancer. It was FAST. Very fast. He had just married my cousin. In fact I think they moved the wedding up because her Father had cancer, and she wanted her Father to walk her down the aisle. He got to walk her down the aisle. And then within 2 months, my cousin lost her Father, and her Husband. It was fast.

And that was around the time it seemed that everyone I knew was sick.

2 of Moms cousins were in ICU, one with breast cancer, and the other with a heart problem. My Mom was in ICU too, with colon cancer. It was a small ICU too. Maybe 9 beds.

And for some reason for the past week, it is all I can think about. Thanking God we are healthy. Thanking him, I am blessed.

Because that was not long ago.

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