Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy watch...Hallows EVE.

Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.
QFCO, Inc. Recalls White Rabbit Candy Because of Possible Health Risk

QFCO, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- September 26, 2008 -- QFCO, Inc. of Burlingame, California is recalling White Rabbit Candy because it may be contaminated with Melamine.

Product was distributed to the states of CA, GA, HI, IL, MN, NY, OR, TX, WA through wholesale distributors to retail stores.

The White Rabbit Creamy Candy is sold in 8 or 16 oz packages. All other flavors of White Rabbit Candy, including Assorted (Chocolate, Coconut, and Coffee), Red Bean, Coffee, Corn, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry are sold in 7 oz. packages. All packaging has a logo of a white rabbit on the front with the words "White Rabbit".

No illnesses associated with this product have been reported to date.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product was contaminated with Melamine.

Consumers who have purchased White Rabbit Candy are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or discard it in their trash. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (650) 697-6633.


Everlasting Distributors Inc. Issues a Nationwide Recall of Fresh and Crispy Jacobina Biscuits Because of Possible Health Risks

Everlasting Distributors Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- October 29, 2008 -- Everlasting Distributors Inc., Bayonne NJ is initiating a nationwide recall of all their 3.88oz (110gm) packages of Fresh and Crispy Jacobina Biscuits because it may be contaminated with Melamine.

Consumers who have the product which is being recalled should stop using it immediately. If consumers have questions about possible health risks, they should contact their doctor.

Product was distributed nationwide in Asian Grocery stores.

The product comes in 3.88oz (110 gm) blue and red color clear plastic package, labeled “JACOBINA”.

No illnesses associated with this product have been reported to date.

The recall was initiated after FDA testing discovered that product was found to contain Melamine. Consumers who have purchased Fresh and Crispy Jacobina Biscuits are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 201-823-0800, Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00, Eastern Standard Time.

It is Friday, and I am shutting this mutha down...

OK..Happy Halloween.

SR is not going trick or treating, as "he does not believe in Halloween".

PN will be going as a ballerina (hooray, she saved me 25$ in costume money, without realizing it.)

We are having company for dinner, the men folk take the tots out for treats, while the women folk pass out candy, and have a cocktail. I was told to prepare heavily for trick or treaters!

I could not dare let the day pass by, without some quintessential Halloween Music..

First Bauhaus

The Misfits

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great job hunt 2008 continues...

First off, I really think you need to know...

Before this year, my last job interview was 12 years ago.

Prior to that I seriously ended up getting calls requesting I come work for them.

I never needed a resume, and interview, references. Nothing. The healthcare community is small, and is based off of reputation, there is a lot of movement and transfers. It is like a wave. you hop on and hop off when the chances come. And I think the most important part of being happy in the nursing industry is having a terrific team to work with.

So this job hunting stuff, is REALLY new. I am like a virgin again.

This afternoons interview was moved to a later time.

Which frankly was ok with me, it is not like I have a job to go to.

DH was a peach and took the day off, so he could wrangle the Collective.

So I seriously spent the morning freaking and tweaking about the face to face interview this afternoon. Especially after what was an awkward phone interview this morning.

The company I interviewed with is big, the benefits are outstanding, they are making money in an industry that is NOT going anywhere, it is also completely different from anything I have done before.

By the time the 4pm interview time rolled around I was done being freaky. I was at the mental place where you have just worn yourself out. Which is probably OK. I did not need to run in there like a SPAZ. So my nutzy spazzing in my head well it panned out in the end. Or at least I hope it did.

It was 2 hours long. Here is my question, do people spend that kind of time giving you a tour, taking 2 feet of files out, and actually going over what you wil REALLY be doing if they do not intend on hiring you? After looking at what I will actually will be doing I do have a better handle on the actual position. It is nearly not as frightening as it appears in the job description. Because the job description was a little intimidating.

Because my gut is telling me, I must have handled it OK.

The bad part takes 2 weeks for them to finish the background checks, drug testing, etc. So I get to wait for 2 weeks....

Waiting is the strangest part

The phone interview is complete.

I was caught off guard by the line of questioning.

It was a recorded interview, with a series of questions created by another company.

Answer the question, and move on.


I was prepared to go over my resume.

So now they interpret results, and then they get back to me.

Amazing, finding a job in 2008.

So far I have seen very little face to face or personal interaction.

A lot of resume submissions online, personality quizzes, math tests, etc. Some of them have taken about 45 minutes! Amazing.

I think I did good today. Not excellent, I was all geared up for something else, and than whammo a change in plans.

I am making brunch now..bacon, raisin toast, and eggs....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The great 2008 job hunt continues...

Tomorrow morning I have a phone interview first thing, I will try and be concise, clear, and not say uhhhh, and ummm like The Obama.

I also have a face to face interview later in the day.

I am also dropping off a resume, and hoping to catch some face time with the person large and in charge....

Oye. Uniform for the day, a tan/and ecru suit/skirt below the knee.

I will be trying it on in the morning, to make sure it is not hanging on me.

*Must get suits tailored when I have the scratch.

Going to bed, to get my beauty sleep, and tomorrow I intend on giving myself a facial,and pluck eyebrows in the morning.

That is all folks, I am currently consumed with getting this done.

To those of you who have sent letters of recomendation, filled out online goofy fill in the blank thingys, and have given references over the phone, I do appreciate the time you have taken out of your day. It is appreciated more than you are aware.

Call me

OK, I have scads of resumes out...

2 interviews tomorrow.

WE will see.

My skill set is broad, and although that should work for me, it is not.

It seems as though folks like specialists. Which I understand.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

amazing pipes...

I actually saw her the other night on SNL.

Daydreamer, sittin` on the seat
Soaking up the sun he is a
Real lover, makin` up the past and feeling up his girl like he`s never felt her figure before
Jaw dropper
Looks good when he when he walks, he is the subject of their talk
He would be hard to chase, but good to catch and he could change the world with his hands behind his back, Oh�

You can find him sittin` on your doorstep
Waiting for the surprise
It will feel like he`s been there for hours
And you can tell that he`ll be there for life

Daydreamer, with eyes that make you melt
He lends his coat for shelter because he`s there for you when he shouldn`t be
But he stays all the same, waits for you and then sees you through
There`s no way I could describe him
All I say is, just what I`m hoping for

But I will find him sittin` on my doorstep
Waiting for the surprise
It will feel like he`s been there for hours
And I can tell he`ll be there for life
And I can tell he`ll be there for life


It is again cool here on the great plains, winter is upon us. The trees are glorious in color, and I cannot figure out why my roses bushes continue to bloom, but they do.

DH is taking part of the day off today to spend with The Collective and I. He has had few days off, and has been out of town for about 30 percent of the past month. However, he is at work at this moment, and he will either stay or return. Bets are off at this point.

I have some laundry to do today, as 2 days painting, threw me for a loop in houseworkville. Funny how laundry procreates in the hamper.

SR has no school for an entire week, include weekends, and that =s 9 days. WOW.

When he returns to school, he will be starting his new programs. Very exciting.

My interview, went well, but not as planned. The job is not exactly what I am looking for, and the pay was exactly what I made on a college break in 1989 working at an ice cream factory. A bit of a turn off, considering the job can be physically and emotionally taxing. I will not go into details here. But I do not think it is something I want at this time in my life. I will also add, that those types of jobs, should actually be more fiscally rewarding, because they are intensive.

In good news, I have another job interview this coming Thursday. We will see. It is completely different than anything I have done before, but I know I can do it, and it looks challenging and interesting.

I appear to be missing some of my favorite sweaters, and I think they may be in a box in the garage. I must make it a priority to find them in the next couple of days.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I need to get my hair colored, and now it is truly out of vanity, and not for fun.


The past year has been particularly difficult, and has started showing itself, in the fine lines, and not so fine lines, the little gray wires that poke up from my scalp.

But I am noticing I am starting to grow a crop of gray hairs at an alarming rate.

I am 38, and look it now.

I am not sure when it happened, as I always looked younger than I was....until the last 3 years. The last 3 years did it...

In fact my Sissy, and Father were here over the past weekend. I have more gray hair than my Father how is 67, and my Sissy who is 45.

I used to be able to pull them out with a tweezer, but now if I do such a thing, it would leave me bald, and it would take hours. It would be a full time job. I cannot read the words scrolling across a small television without squinting. When my children put things in front of my face, I have to back UP, or hold them at an arms distance...VERY STILL to read it.

Amazing stuff aging.

My Dad promises me, it gets more ridiculous and strange.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK, all of the painting that needed to be done, is DONE!

Hooo freaking ray.

SR's room, is now a shade called..Sands of Time.

I need to paint a 7 inch navy stripe on the wall for him, but that will come later. I might forgo the strip if I can find a nice long shelf to go up there.

So, in 2 days my Father and I managed to paint 2 rooms, and blow out the underground sprinklers (which we did in the dark, and in the COLD...) brrr! The wind is currently blowing anywhere from 20-36 mph, and it is freezing outside. 35 degrees!

The house is actually staying warm....a wonderful surprise, our last home was insulated with what I think was pages from a Sears catalog, and it never maintained a temperature for long. Also our electric bills were very reflective of the lack of insulation. This house seems to keep cozy, and the heat has not been needed. I have the thermostat set on 70, and it has run very little, and normally at about 3:00am...

The only other painting I have now, is in the basement. I would like to paint behind the bar, and the larger guest room. However, it can wait, it is tolerable. I would also like to paint my bathroom a more dramatic color, but it is also fine right now.

Interview in the morning. I think I am wearing black boots, a boucle skirt that is below the knee, black, dark pink, and light pink, with a black turtle neck. It was suggested by many that I wear pants, but like I said, none fit. Which is good, but I now see expenses related to rebuilding my wardrobe. A basic pair of black trousers, and perhaps a tweed pair in earth tones will get me through a couple of months.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have a job interview Monday morning, wish me luck.

I have no pants that fit, so will hope I have a skirt/suit, that will do the job.

I am pooped.

Today was a busy one.

Dad, his Girlfriend, and my Sissy came down last night. I made chicken fajitas, layered dip, and a salad. This morning I woke early made a big breakfast, unloaded dishwasher, got the collective ready for the day...

I then cleaned a turkey, and threw it in the oven.

And then my Dad helped me finish painting my long turquoise, and orange, hello Sherwin Williams Bahaus Buff, in the cashmere finish...which I adore. Ahhhhhh....soothing, plain and ordinary. I wanted something very neutral in there, so I could change things, if and when I have the money to do so. Crate and Barrel currently have a
gorgeous bedroom linen set I WANT, but it will wait, until after I gain employment, after The Collective get lesson. both will be taking piano, and a physical activity.

In good news, my Dad helped provide me the muscle to move my very heavy bedroom set. It is amazingly heavy.

Dad and I then proceeded to Home Depot, to rent an air compressor in order to blow out my underground sprinklers. What a pain in the ass, because we also needed a female end to the compressor that would fit to the plumbing seriously took an hour, with help. Only to get it home and note it was the wrong size..

However, I do think we managed to get the job DONE.

but I must tell you I am pooped....

seriously, and am now headed to bed

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ayers, putting a big P in Anarchy...

Since when do self proclaimed anarchists call the cops?

UNL says ooops, sorry I guess we were using taxpayer money to bring a domestic terrorist to UNL...

Just found this, written by Karla James...

Posted on October 24th, 2008 by Karla James

There is more fallout from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s invitation to William Ayers to come and speak on campus next month. The event has been cancelled but State Auditor Mike Foley still wants answers. He wanted to know who was paying for the founder of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group in the 1960’s and 70’s, to come to the Cornhusker state to speak. Foley says he received no real answers so he took the issue a step further.

Foley finally filed a public document request against the University asking for answers. The law requires a response in four days. Foley says that expired at 3 o’clock Thursday and he did not receive a response. At 9:18 Thursday evening, he received an e-mail from Dean Marjorie Kostelnik stating that the University had made a mistake and public money was involved.

Foley says this public money would have been used to bring a former domestic terrorist to Nebraska. Ayres was to be paid one-thousand dollars plus expenses. Now that he isn’t coming, Foley wants to know if he is still being paid. His fee would come from an honorarium and the travel expenses from possibly the N-U Foundation. Foley says he is waiting for an answer and he will make it public. Foley is confident the public will take the issue from there.

Foley also says the University is now on his radar stating he is taking everything he receives from them with a great deal of skepticism. He went on to say he is tired of the half-truths and misstatements.

Foley says the University of Nebraska receives one-half billion dollars in tax money that comes from Nebraska taxpayers and the people deserve answers on how that money is spent.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand UP?

Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 10/21/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that Obama and tbe DNC “ADMITTED”, by way of failure to timely respond to Requests for Admissions, all of the numerous specific requests in the Federal lawsuit. Obama is “NOT QUALIFIED” to be President and therefore Obama must immediately withdraw his candidacy for President and the DNC shall substitute a qualified candidate. The case is Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083.

Berg stated that he filed Requests for Admissions on September 15, 2008 with a response by way of answer or objection had to be served within thirty [30] days. No response to the Requests for Admissions was served by way of response or objection. Thus, all of the Admissions directed to Obama and the DNC are deemed “ADMITTED.” Therefore, Obama must immediately withdraw his candidacy for President.

What Obama admits to...

BAMA - Admitted:

1. I was born in Kenya.

2. I am a Kenya “natural born” citizen.
3. My foreign birth was registered in the State of Hawaii.

4. My father, Barrack Hussein Obama, Sr. admitted Paternity of me.
5. My mother gave birth to me in Mombosa, Kenya.

6. My mother’s maiden name is Stanley Ann Dunham a/k/a Ann Dunham.
7. The COLB [Certification of Live Birth] posted on the website “” is a forgery.

8. I was adopted by a Foreign Citizen.
9. I was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, M.A. a citizen of Indonesia.

10. I was not born in Hawaii.
11. I was not born at the Queens Medical Center in Hawaii.

12. I was not born at Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Hawaii.
13. I was not born in a Hospital in Hawaii.

14. I am a citizen of Indonesia.
15. I never took the “Oath of Allegiance” to regain my U.S. Citizenship status.

16. I am not a “natural born” United States citizen.
17. My date of birth is August 4, 1961.

18. I traveled to Pakistan in 1981 with my Pakistan friends.
19. In 1981, I went to Indonesia on my way to Pakistan.

20. Pakistan was a no travel zone in 1981 for American Citizens.
21. In 1981, Pakistan was not allowing American Citizens to enter their country.

22. I traveled on my Indonesian Passport to Pakistan.
23. I renewed my Indonesian Passport on my way to Pakistan.

24. My senior campaign staff is aware I am not a “natural born” United States Citizen.
25. I am proud of my Kenya Heritage.

26. My relatives have requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my first name.
27. My relatives have requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my last name.

28. My relatives have requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my place of birth.
29. I requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my first name.

30. I requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my last name.
31. I requested changes to the portion of my birth certificate that identifies my place of birth.

32. The document identified as my Indonesian School record from Fransiskus Assisi School in Jakarta, Indonesia is genuine.
33. I went to a Judge in Hawaii to have my name changed.

34. I went to a Senator and/or Congressman or other public official in Hawaii to have my name changed.
35. I had a passport issued to me from the Government of Indonesia.

36. The United States Constitution does not allow for a Person to hold the office of President of the United States unless that person is a “natural born” United States citizen.
37. I am ineligible pursuant to the United States Constitution to serve as President and/or Vice President of the United States.

38. I never renounced my citizenship as it relates to my citizenship to the country of Indonesia.
39. I never renounced my citizenship as it relates to my citizenship to the country of Kenya.

40. I am an Attorney who specializes in Constitutional Law.
41. Kenya was a part of the British Colonies at the time of my birth.

42. Kenya did not become its own Republic until 1963.
43. I am not a “Naturalized” United States Citizen.

44. I obtained $200 Million dollars in campaign funds by fraudulent means.
45. I cannot produce a “vault” (original) long version of a birth certificate showing my birth in Hawaii.

46. My “vault” (original) long version birth certificate shows my birth in Kenya.
47. The only times I was to a Hospital in Hawaii was for check-ups or medical treatments for illnesses.

48. Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii does not have any record of my mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) giving birth to me.
49. Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii does not have any record of my mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) giving birth to me.

50. I was born in the Coast Province Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.
51. I represented on my State Bar application in Illinois that I never used any other name other than Barack Hussein Obama.

52. I went by the name Barry Soetoro in Indonesia.
53. My Indonesian school records are under the name of Barry Soetoro.

54. I took an Oath to uphold the United States Constitution when admitted to the State Bar of Illinois to practice Law.
55. I took an Oath to uphold the United States Constitution when I was Sworn into my United States Senate Office.

56. I hold dual citizenship with at least one other Country besides the United States of America.

Weights and measures

The meeting at the school went beyond well.

I am never sure what to expect, and my pessimistic nature always take me on the path of "prepare for bad news, prepare to explain, prepare for battle".

This has been proven to be unnecessary at every turn with the new school.


First off, I must commend my Son for rising to the challenge, and TRYING so hard it is exhausting him.

Second, I must commend the educators, and program directors at the new school.

There has been NO mention of Drs., medications, or has there been any hint they they do not know, how to handle his behavior. The team got together, talked about it, came up with different ideas. They are trying things, some which work, others which do not. But they are really trying.

First off the meltdowns...the meltdowns, well it depends what is going on. At the beginning of the school year, SR was having a little trouble. New house, new school, new city, new Dr., NEW EVERYTHING. He has sensory issues, which the psychologist is explaining to me as "overexcitabilities"...simply put, in accordance with his personality and his IQ, well he sees more, hears more, feels more, and filters less. So when you put him in a new environment little things "annoyances", become treacherous for him. Which I knew, as we have been dealing with overexcitabilities since birth. I just did not know there was a name attached, or that it was anticipated by others. The meltdowns are decreasing, he can identify when they are coming, he will communicate it to staff, and they let him go out to a safe chair, refocus, and reenter. He can request to wear headphones when he is doing some coursework, because he cannot concentrate because of noise. Some things are distracting to him that you and I can filter out. Like a computer being turned on, a heating or air conditioning unit, being in a room with 22, 6 year olds. I will say, he does much better in this department than he did 3 years ago. He is figuring it out, it is just taking him longer because he is having to LEARN to filter. Something that comes pretty naturally to most people.

So, he is learning to cope, and filter, and the staff is helping him. This does not mean he is not receiving the same treatment as others when he violates the rules. He is treated the same as his peers.

SECOND, I am thrilled with how they have chosen to deal with SR academically. The school district not only decided to approve his mentor for geology/physics/atronomy and other sciences, the ALEKS computerized math system, they also approved a foreign language mentor!! I was told by the T&G coordinator the school rarely approves 2 mentors, so this WAS HUGE. They know he must be stimulated intellectually to be comfortable in his day socially. Because SR's biggest complaint is boredom and not enjoying the day.

We met one of the mentors yesterday, and we adore her, she is very brilliant, and they got along well enough. I do think she was surprised at how SR is not the most personable upon first meeting. I think she will be thrilled to see how he warms up, after one on one time.

So instead of leaving the school frustrated, and upset...I leave as though part of the weight that has been on my shoulders for the past 6, almost 7 years is being lifted bit by bit.....and guess what SR feels the same way.

We feel so much lighter, I am surprised we did not float out of the school!

I am truly impressed with SR's school, faculty and staff.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hadn't seen this...

go here...

Hibernation time

The temp has dropped down to the 40's...


I have not lived through a real winter for 8 years.

Mind you I used to LOVE WINTER. Seriously. And I am not quite sure when I began to loathe it, but I do. There were actually threats of snow here last night, well within an hours drive, that is close enough.

We still do not have our snowblower....and will not be able to get one, until I am gainfully employed.

There are folks here still in shorts.

I am making The Collective wear winter coats to school in the morning.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How is school going?

SR seems to be into phase 2 of transition.

There are normally 3 phases of transition he goes through.

Phase 1: What in the heck am I doing here? I do not want to be here. This is uncomfortable. What do you people want from me. Stay out of my business. Is there any thing of interest to me here? I liked where I was.

Phase 1, frankly it has existed since this child reluctantly arrived on the birthing table. I should have known at that moment, after hours and hours of trying to push him out the "door".

He just takes longer to transition from one activity to another. I am not sure why, but if he is content, it is treachery moving him to anything else. The child is has wonderful focus.

So now Phase 2 is here. Phase 2, is sort of like....Well.

Phase 2, is "OK folks, I give in, I am here, and I am trying, but it does not mean I am going to have to enjoy this".

He seems to be doing well in school at this time.

The T&G coordinator tells me. He is trying. That is good to hear. The biggest challenge for my son is his ASynchratic developement.

The challenges we face now, are different from most children. No one has to teach my child academics. He can teach himself. He is wired a little differently. However, he does not understand social cues all of the time. He seems to have trouble understanding why other 6 year olds like to tattle, enjoy pointing out when others are not following the rules. For those of you who have not been around 6 year olds, this is a hobby. SR seems to have no interest, in this sort of self policing that goes on. It irritates him. He is my task child. He enjoys completing work, and undone projects make him anxious. A list of tasks, is overwhelming. The teachers have opted to give him one thing at a time, when there is classwork involved. I am trying to broaden this at home, by giving him 2-3 things to do at a time. You can see his wheels turning, and the anxiety begin.

He will be working on mathematics in a computer lab setting, independently with supervision of course. It is a math program called ALEKS. It is for children who are capable of teaching themselves. If you have had experience with this program let me know.

I was a little worried about the math program in the beginning, wondering how this child could possibly teach himself math. But frankly, he has been doing it, with little guidance from me, you have to show him once, or give him the formula once he locks it up and off he goes. I also had some trepidation about letting him work with the computer instead of a human. However, I think this might be a good mental break for him. HE GETS COMPUTERS, he understands expectation of the computer. He is sorting emotionally charged people all day, and since this does not come natural to him, it is exhausting. I think this will provide a decent break in his day.

He also has been given an independent writing project, about election season and Presidency.

We meet with his mentor Thursday this week at school, and will begin to discuss how we can keep him challenged. The meeting includes SR. We will address his interests, and subjects available for study. So far it looks like he is headed in the direction of science.

The school is handling him well, and I am very pleased we managed to make the right move at the right time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

saving for a rainy day

Looks like government CAN do it, even when the economy is on the slide....


Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Letter Days, Or why I think the Chancellor of UNL, ought to seek another place of employment re: the bill ayers debacle

Here is a copy of the letter received by the faculty, and students at the University of Nebraska from Harvey Perlman Chancellor today.

EMPHASIS MINE, not his, frankly the entire thing should be in BOLD letters. I simply cannot believe the audacity of this letter.

A place to send our young minds to succeed is a cesspool.

But before, you read Chancellor Perlman's letter, I have this.

Chicago Tribune (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service), (Dec 2001)
..."The Weatherman was linked to about a dozen bombings between 1970 and 1974 _ a bathroom in the Pentagon, a statue of a policeman in Chicago. Evidently in the process of assembling a bomb, three Weathermen were killed in an explosion in a Greenwich Village townhouse. New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert noted that "It was sex and violence and, more specifically, the sexiness of violence that the group contributed to the revolutionary cause." She said that the Manson murders were treated by the Weathermen as an inspired political act, and she repeated a 1969 quote from Bernardine Dohrn, a leader of the group: " `Dig it,' Dohrn declared. `First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. Then they even shoved a fork into a victim's stomach. Wild.' " Seven paragraphs further down in the story, O'Shea came upon the part he could scarcely believe: "Dohrn teaches law at Northwestern University ..." Could it be that his alma mater (he graduated from NU Law in 1981) had put someone he now calls "an avowed terrorist" on its faculty? Reading further, he found that Dohrn's husband, William Ayers, also a Weatherman leader, is now teaching education at the University of Illinois-Chicago and had written a memoir, "Fugitive Days." In the book Ayers, 56, admits to, among other illegal acts, planning to bomb the Pentagon. He also appears unrepentant. "Guilty as hell, free as a bird _ it's a great country," he writes, noting that the real terrorists weren't him..."...

Here is the insulting letter that went out to faculty and staff...

I regret that during the controversy regarding William Ayers' visit to campus, I was in China and thus largely absent from the discussion. I am this morning meeting with the media.

I believe the controversy about Bill Ayers visiting this campus was heightened by a confluence of events which no one really could influence or predict. In February of this year, the College of Education and Human Sciences selected a speaker for its annual student research conference.

The topic was "qualitative methodology" and the committee eventually decided to invite William Ayers, a nationally recognized scholar in the field. In the 1960s Ayers engaged in violent acts in protest of the Vietnam War, for a while was a fugitive from justice, and eventually turned himself in. Prosecution of Ayers for these crimes was unsuccessful.

This year the research conference featuring Ayers coincided with a weekend in which the college also scheduled some significant events in its celebration of its centennial. Since the college expected alumni to be visiting the college, they were also invited to the conference, although the signature event for the centennial celebration was a dinner at which Ayers was to play no role.

Although Ayers' selection was widely known in the college for some time, it came to the public's attention only a few days ago in the midst of him having become a central figure in a bitterly contested presidential election. Given the national focus on his past and the appearance that his visit to Lincoln was related to the election, many people in Nebraska were furious.

Although I do not agree with this reaction, I can understand it and the concerns expressed. Given Ayers' background, reasonable people could regard him with disgust, yet our traditions permit individuals to speak, even if their backgrounds or ideas are objectionable. Nebraskans care deeply about their university. We cannot have a great university if the selection of speakers, faculty, curriculum, or activities is governed by the passions of the moment or even the views of the majority.

I want to emphasize one point as strongly as I can. I do not think the selection of Ayers to come to Lincoln to address a student research conference on research methodology was in any way inappropriate. He is an acknowledged scholar, a tenured faculty member at the University of Illinois Chicago, and a high ranking officer in the association dealing with this type of research. He was named "Chicago Citizen of the Year" in 1996 and has worked tirelessly to improve the Chicago public schools. Ayers has spoken at more than 70 universities, including Iowa State, North Dakota State, Indiana, Purdue, the University of Missouri, and Michigan State. In the final accounting of his life, there will be very negative entries for his conduct 40 years ago and there will be more current positive entries as well.

Much is made of the "fact" that he has not repented for his acts of violence. The evidence of whether he has expressly done so is uncertain, which could lead reasonable people to think he had not. It is clear that he currently leads a responsible life, one apparently devoted to improving the lives of school children in Illinois and in the nation. Repentance can come by deeds as well as by words.

The outrage by many Nebraskans was understandable but I think unfortunate to the extent it led them to seek to prevent him from coming. Most alarming, however, were some responses that were threatening to the security of the campus. As many of you know, we have faculty on this campus who specialize in assessing the level of threat in any situation and they informed me by e-mail in China that the tone and tenor of the e-mails, the phone calls, and the blogs, suggested that the reaction to any Ayers' visit would represent a significant threat to the safety of the campus. Moreover, it could create an environment that would prohibit the University from taking advantage of his expertise. The student research conference would turn into a three-ring circus.

After consultation between Barbara Couture, myself and Dean Kostelnik, it was decided to cancel his visit. There are some who are skeptical of this explanation for the cancellation and believe we were ordered by the Board of Regents or President Milliken to cancel the visit. I can assure you that we were not ordered to cancel the event and that I would resign before following such an order.

I find it difficult to accept that the actions of a few individuals can deprive this university of its right to select speakers who can contribute to the education of our students. Nonetheless I take seriously the responsibility I have for the safety of members of this community, particularly the students. It seemed cancellation was the most responsible action.

This university has always been able to invite and to host controversial speakers from all walks of life and all matters of persuasion. It is unnerving that the apparent escalating passion and violence of recent years makes the exercise of our traditional values more difficult. Once these events came together, there appeared to be no good alternative available.

I hope you will understand. I am convinced this was an unusual circumstance, one unlikely to repeat itself. I am a strong believer in our students' and faculty's right to determine for themselves who should be invited to campus to speak. But I also have a responsibility for the safety of this campus. Once these events came together, there appeared to be no good alternative available. I hope you will understand.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Redistribution of wealth, socialism, anthropomorphism, egalitarianism, and the other isms.

Why does this election have everyone sooo freaking exhausted?

It goes beyond the commmon complaints I hear. Dirty elections, mud slinging etc. Frankly, the media is creating all of that, as entertainment to schlep its Viagra, Volkswagons, and whatever else folks think are hot commodities right now.

I am exhausted, because I am having to defend my ethics, philosophy, and morals every single moment. I feel as though I am under attack.

Most of us are watching the news right now, as much as we can stand it.

It seems as though there is a divide in this great country of ours...

a divide over

Right to Life
Right to Liberty
Right to Property
Right to the Pursuit of Happiness
Right to Free Speech
Right to Self Defense

Redistribution of Wealth

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Redistribution of wealth refers to the transfer of wealth from some individuals to others.

* 1 Methods of transferring wealth
o 1.1 Voluntary transfer of wealth
o 1.2 Forced transfer of wealth

Must I really feel the need to get on my rooftop and shout to all of those in ear shot, why redistribution of wealth is a bad idea? Redistribution of wealth is an attack on those that are financially successful. A method to subsidize wealth to the unsuccessful.

People should BE ABLE to CHOOSE to be CHARITABLE to others, this should not be done by the government.

Which brings me to


From Merriam Webster
One entry found.

Main Entry:
egal·i·tar·i·an·ism Listen to the pronunciation of egalitarianism

1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges 2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

Egalitarianism is impossible to achieve, without destruction. It is not concerned with the well being of any one person or persons. It is also a value based belief, and not a moral one. So who is to determine what has value? It is a resentment based belief.

OK next...


from Merriam Webster

Main Entry:
al·tru·ism Listen to the pronunciation of altruism
French altruisme, from autrui other people, from Old French, oblique case form of autre other, from Latin alter

1 : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others 2 : behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits others of its species

Personally I prefer Ayn Rand

It is altruism that has corrupted and perverted human benevolence by regarding the giver as an object of immolation, and the receiver as a helplessly miserable object of pity who holds a mortgage on the lives of others - a doctrine which is extremely offensive to both parties, leaving men no choice but the roles of sacrificial victim or moral cannibal...
Ayn Rand, The Objectivist, June 1966

And now the wonderful "Is McCain calling Obama a socialist?"

OK....lets check.


Merriam Webster

Main Entry:
so·cial·ism Listen to the pronunciation of socialism

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

I do not want to live in a society, where I am denied property, or forced to give property away by my government. I should not be fearful, or ashamed of success. Once you take a persons drive to succeed away, you are left with empty shells. I do not want to be enslaved to a "collective ideal".

Tom Brokaw, the impartial journalist, and moderator of the second Presidential debate, well the nut doesn't fall far from....

Tom Brokaw sits on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation.

The foundation awarded ACORN a $456,000 grant in 2003 and a $365,000 grant in 2004. The Soros Fund Charitable Foundation, as in George Soros, a major bankroller of the left, gave the Robin Hood Foundation a $9,859,453 community development grant in 2000.

There must be something about October

That reminds people of parents that are no longer here.....

I have been thinking about my mother a lot. Particularly since I almost missed her birthday this month....

Here is a lovely poem by Deb... The funny thing here, is I could have almost written the same thing about my Mother. But I would have had to exchange Charlie perfume for her Mother's Taboo. My Mom also watched Days of Our Lives, and not guiding light....

Tammi, remembers her Father's birthday here.....

TIG, recalls a terrible day, and finds a poem to fit the day almost exactly...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hanging out by the state line, Turning holy water into wine

OK, I am done with Prince for the week...

That itty bitty ACORN?

I am sick of hearing about ACORN, well at least what the MSM has to say about ACORN. For some strange reason they are making it out as some "teeny, tiny, itsy, bitzy" organization.

Hilarious, and dangerous to assume such.

Click here to find out how teeny

*will take a few moments to LOAD! Worth the wait...

Friday, October 17, 2008

UNL CANCELS domestic terrorist Ayer's speech, at University 100 year celebration!

Now I can SAY GO BIG RED, without feeling like a complete communist!


However, the University gave this reason

BY MELISSA LEE / Lincoln Journal Star
Friday, Oct 17, 2008 - 06:30:42 pm CDT

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced late Friday it has canceled a Nov. 15 appearance by William Ayers for security reasons.

“The university’s threat assessment group monitored e-mails and other information UNL received... and identified safety concerns which resulted in the university canceling the event,” read a statement issued by UNL.

I actually think THIS might be THE REASON!

Phone calls, e-mails and statements poured in from alumni, donors, citizens and political leaders furious that Ayers had been chosen to help celebrate the education college’s 100th anniversary.

Callers flooded the offices of university leaders, some threatening to pull financial support unless UNL rescinded its invitation.

Regent's Chairman says...

“Who we invite matters,” Regents Chairman Chuck Hassebrook of Lyons said Thursday. “In all honesty, if I were that college, I would disinvite him. In general I just don’t think it’s a good thing to go around blowing other people up.”

The One Professor at UNL that was vocal about not wanting a domestic terrorist at UNL....

Right Wing Professor

Thursday, October 16, 2008

University of Nebraska welcomes domestic terrorist to be Keynote speaker....

Hat Tip, to Tammi

By MELISSA LEE/Lincoln Journal Star
Thursday, Oct 16, 2008 - 12:24:33 pm CDT

William Ayers, a founder of an organization that bombed public buildings in protest against the Vietnam War, has been invited to speak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next month.

Ayers is scheduled to deliver a keynote address Nov. 15 during a weekend celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the founding of UNL’s Teachers College, now called the College of Education and Human Sciences.

My Husband is Alumni from UNL, I too attended UNL for 2 1/2 years.

I will say this, the foundation, had better think twice, about calling this house and asking for any sort of financial support.

Feel free to call the Office of The Chancellor at (402) 472-2116, or email him at

Or contact the President of UNL at (402) 472-8636

I actually called The Chancellor, and no one answered.

So I called the President at the University, and spoke of my utter disgust. As the wife of a Veteran, and as an American, and as a family of Alumni, the welcoming of an admitted terrorist sickens me.

Need money Alumni...?

Our money is from the Department of Defense, I do not think you want it...

stupid irons...

Too many irons in the fire right now.

My resume that I had worked sooo hard on...seriously.

Was pretty much called crap by a prospective employer. Not good.


This resume stuff is seriously new to me. NEW.

Spending most of my life in health care or nursing meant, I NEVER needed one. I also relied on my reputation as a nurse for jobs.

Also the resume thing, is odd.... especially for someone that grew up in the Mid West.

Sell yourself. Just hard. Especially when you have a 6 year gap in employment, and are changing careers.

I know I can perform at this level, but now I need to convince them. And as I said before I can talk all day about myself, but boasting my skills. (YES I UNDERSTAND I NEED to) It is difficult.

I am all about proving myself.

So Tammi has offered her services, and she is trying to pimp it up.

The entire process makes my gut sick, it is very dog and pony.

In good news my Sister is here to see her niece and nephew, but has to leave tomorrow.

The Collective are THRILLED to have her.

Wish me luck on this resume.

The job I am applying for is PERFECT for me, and now I have to convince them of such....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still stuck in my head...

I mean really how many times, can an adult listen to, and sing a long with one song?

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody cant be on top
But life it aint real funky
Unless its got that pop
Dig it

RSM, sent me the MP3.

Thank You!

Now I can dance while I dust.

And the folks might get throw me out SOON!


It is 44 degrees this morning.

Fireplace is on to get the chill off.


In my defense, Arkansas was rarely 44 degrees.

Today PN and I are coat hunting.

Wish us luck.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Current weather

Feels Like


I have a sweatshirt and jeans on. It is wet and rainy.

And collllld.

I need to get PN outfitted for winter tomorrow.

Also haircuts for The Collective.

I had to turn on the fireplace today to take the chill off the air.

I am a wussy.

Fall is here.

In good news, I found a job that has my name ALL OVER it. SERIOUSLY.

Already sent my resume.

My Sissy is coming tomorrow evening, and will spend the next couple of days here.

PN will be thrilled!!

They can craft, and craft, and have tea parties, and I might be able to PAINT.

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.


Weighing heavily on me over the past few months...

Two instances total, that stand out. But there are more.

And without throwing any one person under the bus, I will try and give details.

First a meeting with educators and parents. The parents being given information for the upcoming year.

Educator: "does anyone have questions?"

Random parent: "so, are we supposed to be reading to them? Like uh daily?"

I sat there, with eyes as large as saucers. And panned the room for other saucer eyed parents. I did not see any.

Second instance.

I was walking through the library, when I see a poster. On the poster is an artists rendering of a pancake, with a bacon mouth, a strawberry nose, and 2 eggs for eyes. It reads...and forgive me for not recalling the pharseology exactly...

"There is a reason breakfast is always smiling, feed your children"....

It feels like Monday...

DH had yesterday off, as did SR. It felt like Sunday all day.

DH was wiped after a week in Orlando for a work conference. Wiped.


I managed to get him de-toxed from work yesterday. It took all day.

I do not think he has a day off for weeks.


I applied for a yet another job yesterday.

This job as a "cashier"....M-F 9-5. Perfect.

Certainly I have the skill set to cashier...

I guess we will see, if they think I am qualified.

For the love of Pete.

I am still hoping to get on at the VA, but I am hearing it could take MONTHS...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its a gas...

Gas was 2.79 today.


I never thought I would cheer for that....

I managed to get together with a long time girlfriend over the weekend. PN wanted to see her cousin, so she was dropped off there. I guess a weekend with 4 boys was not her cup of tea. So she spent the night with Auntie and Unlce and cousin curl, sans Momma, like a big girl.

SR and I went to my girlfriend's house, and had a lovely time. We went for pizza, the boys played legos, and were QUIET. She took us out to a pizza place for dinner. It was enjoyable, the boys were terrific.

Funny thing is, she has 3 boys, one of those is an EARLY riser. (SR does not do this any longer, thank goodness!)

We did manage to get all 4 boys out of the door by 9:30am, and we were at the zoo. Really the most perfect time to go. Very quiet, no crowds, or pushing. All boys were terrific.

I picked PN up today, she seemed to manage OK without dear Mom for the time she was gone....

When did this happen?

DH turns 40 tomorrow.

When did this happen.

I am sleeping with a 40 year old.

I need to run to the store tonight...

because I had a request to make this...

Apple Butter Spice Cake with Raisins, Nuts and Caramel

Bon Appetit, November 1992

2 cups all purpose flour
1 ¼ cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground allspice
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup apple butter
¾ cup buttermilk
½ cup vegetable oil
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons unsulfured (light) molasses
1 cup golden raisins

1 ½ pounds cream cheese, room temperature
2 cups powdered sugar
2 tablespoons unsulfured (light) molasses
¼ cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

¼ cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1 tablespoon whipping cream
1½ cups chopped toasted walnuts

For Cake: Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter and flour two 9-inch-diameter cake pans with 2-inch-high sides. Combine first 6 ingredients in large bowl. Whisk apple butter, buttermilk, oil, eggs, molasses and raisins in medium bowl to blend. Stir apple butter mixture into dry ingredients. Divide batter between prepared pans. Bake until tester inserted into center of cakes comes out clean, about 25 minutes. Transfer cakes to racks and cool 20 minutes. Run small sharp knife around pan sides to loosen cakes. Turn cakes onto parchment-lined racks and cool completely.
For Frosting: Beat cream cheese and sugar in medium bowl until smooth. Add molasses, butter and vanilla and beat just until smooth.
Place 1 cake layer on plate. Spread 1 1/2 cups frosting over. Top with second cake layer. Spread remaining frosting decoratively over top and sides of cake. Refrigerate while preparing caramel.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Whats the matter with your life?

Is the poverty bringing U down?
Is the mailman jerking U 'round?
Did he put your million dollar check
In someone else's box?


I woke up with this song stuck in my head

I do not have this song on my IPOD?

someone send the darn thing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

dinner with my husband...

No not me, my friend, and blog Momma...


I am #1: for how to get poop out the carpet...

I am #3: Why I did not get the job....

If I were Emma Peel, I am sure I would not get those.

Conversations with my Father....

Dad: "My 401K, and pension took a dump"

AWTM: "I say you take it out, and bet someone Obama wins."

Holy Crap...louis farrakhan Calls OBAMA the messiah!

I wonder if CNN will play this....

The 70's huh?

My bleak post about the daily events, spurred my friend AFW, to make a comment, about perhaps a return to the 70's.

You know jello mold salads, casseroles made with cream of mushroom soup, turning off the lights etc...

Maybe that means I have an opportunity of becoming the next Thelma Houston.


I mean in my head I sound exactly like Thelma Houston, I do....

Maybe I do not need to take a job writing grants for a non profit, or going back to nursing...?

Maybe I seriously need 2 turntables and a microphone.

Moms, gotta love em...

Last while I as concluding my day, AFW, hosted a show at SpouseBuzz, with the Moms from Parents Zone.

you can listen


With the economy tanking...

I hope Americans stop going to movies...

Maybe Hollywood will shut the freak up.

I want to put my head in the sand, and forget humanity...

The World is a jumbled mess right now, I am trying to get ready for bed, but decided to turn on the news. Let me admit here, I think the news we see is crap. It does not cover global news. It is lazy and sultry. There is little in "actual news".

But tonight the news is disturbing.

Voter fraud. We a Nation of free thinking peoples, who try and help liberate the down trodden by assisting with elections.

The DOW is down 679 points.

The Dr Congo rebels have captured an Army base in DR Congo.

Baby farms being uncovered in Nigeria

The pending election is frightening to me. I love America. But I am watching the European, and Asian markets reacting to the American market. If that simple thing does not tell you where America lies in the World. When the Nation of capitalists in a Democratic Republic lead the way, and socialist economies are dependent on our success...I mean really that should say a lot. America, the country that is easy to hate, unless you need something, or a small favor.

My heart is aching for my children tonight.

I do not want them to grow up in "Mad Max", or BladeRunner, but what was fiction, actually seems closer to reality, than I had ever thought.

And, I knew this feeling was coming, it is a strange sense of impending doom, and I hope I am not correct.

Yesterday it hit me, and so I was talking to my Sister on the phone....

AWTM: "Things just look bleak."

Sissy: "I was thinking about the ocean, wasn't that the most relaxing vacation ever?"

AWTM: "It really was."

Sissy: "I was so noddley, it took days for me to snap to."

AWTM: "Lets go this year."

Sissy: "OK...sure"

AWTM: "Hell, the 15-16 of us can share a beach house to save $$, I do not care at this point, I think it would be good for everyone to unplug."

Sissy: "When?"

AWTM: "Let me actually get my Husband on board, before I just start planning a trip."

Sissy: "OK, but this sounds good."

AWTM: WE need something to look forward to.....All of us. Planning something might take our minds off of things....

*DH told me its a go....looking for a condo right now.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

And this is an example of why we do not need MORE government, you cannot make $#!* like this up...

I am currently applying for a position at the VA in healthcare...

they need nurses right?

Problem #1, there is only an outpatient clinic here.

Problem #2, there is no HR office here.

Problem #3, there are like 10 pages of paperwork...

Problem #4, one of the pages I have to sign, is a paperwork reduction act paper...

The case of the missing remote solved...

SR came out of his room with it this morning.



From the fine folks at

Snow levels should lower dramatically tonight and Friday, lowering below 3,000 feet from Wyoming to Oregon northward. Accumulating snow is possible below 3,000 feet by Friday evening.

Won't be long now.




and one more thing.

Notice the poll on the right hand top of the blog.

I am changing my name.

I never thought about ArmyWifeToddlerMom. I wanted to blog, and two minutes later I put it up.

I did not think I would stick with it.

OK, now that is out of the way, but now I cannot find the damn remote.

Good MORNING folks.

The laundry project. Not done. Go team.

Must do that today.

I did manage to get my new drivers license yesterday. I had a Nebraska license, but it had my Fathers address on it. Not good. So I managed to go down and get it properly done. I actually wore makeup, since the last photo looked like a mug shot.

While there, I also mananged to register to VOTE. Relief sigh. the entire process took like 5 minutes. No joke. I love Nebraska. Where else on Earth does a trip to the DMV take 5 minutes?

PN, did not like the "museum activities yesterday, she thought it was boring. Making a person out of leaves, looks boring, when you are in a children's museum with 3 levels of things to do. so we built a house, and played restaurant.

In bad news, I cannot locate the remote for the dish network. It has to be someplace. I am hoping I did not throw it away at this point. I have checked all of the usual suspected places. Couch cushions, chair cushions, etc....

I am going to put a big chain with a tire on it, like a gas station bathroom key.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Maybe we should change it from Halloween to dress your daughter like a whore for a day?

My friend over at Most Certainly Not covered this last year....

but I think it got worse.

OK, So PN wants to be a Princess AGAIN this year. It is pretty benign, as she tells me "they are pretend, and there are no real princesses." Wait until she finds out there are.

Anywho, so I start searching.

Holy Mother of God, who is buying these costumes for "girls" and "tweens?" (My guess, is the same parents who buy those stupid bratz dollz.

Here is a costume for a "girl"...

the sizes are a childs large.

Ok here is a costume for a tween that reads...


Sexy strawberry girl is ready for the ice cream social - strawberry shortcake isn’t half as sweet! Looks good enough to eat.


OK and now another childs costume,

A slutty childs cat costume, that looks nothing like a cat.

Note the children's costumes are shown with foot wear that resembles fetish wear. Creepy.

My Momma loves me...

unless she is jiving too.....

~B B King

Heard in the car today.

It made me laugh.

Seriously, BB King, is the only person that makes the blues feel good.

Now for something completely different

Taking PN to an activity today at The Childrens Museum, in good news, the even tis free of charge, because we are members.

"Apples an Autumn"

is the theme, and I am unsure what they will do.

I will say this, the poor thing is READY for school, and until I can find employment, she cannot go. She is my social butterfly.

So we will go and check it out, and I am hoping they offer a challenging activity.

It is bbrrrr.... here already. Fall is here.

I did make the collective pigs in blankets this morning, they thought it was hilarious.

I actually thought about turning the fireplace on, to take the chill off this morning.

SR is at my side explaining to me, that a quart is named as such because it is a quarter of a gallon.

I did realize I need to attack laundry today. I might actually watch a movie tonight, and catch up.

Things to do before it gets FREEZING

*PN needs a heavy coat

*WE need a sled

*Both kids need snowsuits

*we need a snowblower ASAP!!! (a large one, a nice one, we have a lot of sidewalk, and big driveway...any suggestions would be helpful)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The debate that was not...

Honestly folks, i thought this debate was the most lacklustre thing I have watched in weeks.

I do not watch much television to begin with...but really.

Ok, let me wipe the drool off of my sleeve.

Before going further...I am a McCain girl. Even though I disagree with almost any of his thoughts on the second amendment.

I also think he is a Republican lite, which makes him a Democrat in my book.

However I think Obama is a socialist. So there ya have it.

1. a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
2. procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.
3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

Both parties had nothing NEW to say. I had heard most of the empty rhetoric before.

Although the idea of the government buying homes in order to control the market frightens me.

Live Blogging The Debate with others, at Chucks


A funny thing happenned on the way through the internets...

You know when you are actually looking for a piece of information online, and then find more interesting things to read about...

Well I was looking up information on Clearwater Nebraska, and found out.

Ron L Hubbard was born in Tilden, Nebraska.

I just thought it was about the strangest bit of information that I did not know about Nebraska.

Malcom X born in Nebraska. I knew that.

Fred Astaire born in Nebraska. I knew that.

I even know where Kenny Rodgers graduated from New Mexico State University, even though he has no ties to my home state, and it means a squat of beans to me.

Because I like useless information.

However Tilden is a small town of like 600-1000 people, mostly farmers. Usually a town that size would tout a celebrity.

But I think Ron L Hubbard, is just tooo weird.

funny the things you think you will never forget...

The other day The Collective and I were grocery shopping.

Because I am antiquated, I was getting ready to write a check.

When I asked the date, the checker said.."October 4th".

And I stood there for a moment thinking, today would have been my Moms birthday, she would have been 67. And for 1 minute I stood there writing a check, feeling sad, and angry that she was gone, and than guilty for not remembering unprompted earlier in the day.

SR was 3 months old when she passed, PN was only a thought.

I would never have believed my Mother's birthday would go by almost unnoticed.

Monday, October 06, 2008

What Proganda machine?

In the last 48 hours, I have been told, I have listening to the propaganda machine...

Is there one?

If there is one, I would think it swings the other way.

Looks like I got hacked.

Holy Crap

I think I was hijacked...

I had to change my password...etc.

So this means, no blogroll or sitemeter.

Thank God, my archives are here...

Seriously. That would have been horrible

Hijacked, or something...


I have gotten about 5 emails letting me know my template is jacked...

I did nothing to the template today.

So I either got hijacked, which is possible, or it will correct itself.

I do not have the patience or time to correct this at the current moment.

I am also under redesign anywho for a new blog, becuase my children are not toddlers any longer...

If anyone knows an easy fix great...

If I have to read html code for more than 30 minutes, I might loose whatever sanity I have left

A vote for a Obama, is a vote for domestic, social and economic terrorism...

I am unsure who is "the undecided voter right now...

I do not know any.

Thank God

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Now I am itching to go shooting....

It has been a while, since I have been out shooting. (Yes, it has been that long)

It is always a wonderful stress reliever.

2 of my friends found themselves at gun shows yesterday.

Sarah wants to know what a good gun might be...

Melinda got to go with her DH, and was introduced to an entire new gun culture...

I dedicate this clip to both of you, and hope you each take the time to watch the entire movie..

Especially if you need something light and funny.

Still processing...

It is Sunday, the Collective are in the basement. SR is building with his Rokenbok, PN is trying to decorate her webkinz rooms online. There is no yelling or fighting...yet.

DH is sleeping in, which is a rarity. I am letting him sleep, as I try and figure out what I am going to make my family for brunch.

I continue to process this new information on my son, as the language, fears, and future have a new language attached to it. There are new terms, and new concepts for me to understand. And a bibliography I was given by the TAG coordinator, and 2 new books.

I am not ready to go into much of my processing right now, as it is happening as I type this. I will say this, I am relieved he does not have Asperger's Syndrome, it has been my biggest fear for the last 4 years, as well as the most suspect answer. I was very frightened of this diagnosis.

I will mention this though, the other day before meeting with the Psychologist, Teacher, and head of the TAG program...I told DH.

"DH, this IQ score better be off the charts, because it is the only way to explain what has been going on for the last 6 years, it is the only thing that could possibly explain our lives, his frustration and ability and my fatigue"....

And so the scores were literally off of the chart.

I keep getting "WOW, how exciting from family and friends....and even DH"....

Everyone around me telling me what fantastic news this is. And it is. My child is not ill, or afflicted with what had been presumed.

However, as his Mother......I sat at the table in the meeting DH on one side of me, my 4 year old daughter on the other.

And I heard this.

Psychologist: "Your son is operating on a level that is not completely measurable at this time because of his age, this number is an indicator. However, he is processing things at such a high level, that he is ahead of %99.9 of his peers."

And as a Mother, I sat there with my own IQ, which I have never had tested to my knowledge, because it has not been needed. I am going to assume I operate on "normal" which is I believe 89-119.

And I felt soooo separate from my son, for the first time in my life. I felt such an extreme sense of empathy towards my child at that time, I could feel my heart. I cannot describe that moment.

People with IQs over 160, they are 1-30,000.

His World view and perception of things are far different from most of us.

He knows he is different.

I also heard from staff, that he is TRYING HARDER than anyone they have seen.....

*to be continued at some point today...

I need to cook for hungry mouths, and prepare a backpack to take on a nature hike...

Also please note I realize I am blessed here, I KNOW, I am lucky and blessed that we are healthy, and there are no chronic health problems. As a person who grew up in a family with very ill siblings, I do understand is why I became a nurse. However, this blog is where I process thought, and if I have offended you with my feelings about this new path we are on, I do apologize...

Sarah Palin will be in Omaha tonight!

I was speaking with my Step Father in Law last night, who is a democratic delegate for the state of Nebraska....

Although the conversation was based on verbal jousting over this election season, I did get one gem out of the conversation.

Sarah Palin is going to be in Omaha this evening for a rally!!!

I want to go!! Seriously.

I wonder if I can manage to get the entire family there?

More Reading...

What was confused with possible Asperger's was

actually this..

Friday, October 03, 2008

Off the charts...

Today was a big day...
He is off the charts, literally.

I need a couple of days to process things...

This has made things make sense.

And because I am shallow...

Last night, I noted Biden's looks were a much bigger distraction than Palins.

First off, Biden has been getting Botox. It is obvious. However, it has only been given in the center of his forehead.

(Joe, I am sorry about this man, I have a high wrinkled forehead to, and almond squinty eyes, so in order to open my eyes, my forehead gets wrinkly...I should try botox, as it is distractin to others)

However, a helpful hint to those that tried to fix your wrinkly forehead...

This caused his eyelids to droop. And someone forgot about symmetry.

Hence they tried to raise up his brows, with some sort of clear gel type situation. I am guessing, preparation H, mixed with some sort of clear facial peel.

It looked insane, and was distracting.

did anyone else notice?


GO VOTE for Soldier's Angels NOW!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The debate is over...

Sarah and I talk often about our fondness of the movie Idiocracy...but I do not want to live there....

I missed a large portion of the debate tonight, I was helping co host, a very timely show on mortgages and home buying on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio.

So I caught the last 30 minutes of the debate.

I was waiting for Biden to Gaffe, because HE ALWAYS does, but someone must have cut him off at scotch #3.

First off, I was not thrilled with Palin's public appearances this week. The Couric interviews just were horrible. they were, and I think Palin came off very unpolished. OK half of the reason I like her, is because she is unpolished, but the magazine question, could have been handled better by my 6 year old. I am not sure what she was thinking. I am hoping she was thrown off by Couric running behind her nipping at her heels all day. Frankly, I would stand Miss Couric for about 3 minutes before putting her in a head lock. the McCain/Palin interview with Couric was equally as strange. I felt as though McCain came off as a Father figure defending his daughter....I am not sure why, but I kept waiting for Palin to take verbal swings at Couric, she did not.

And now I am living in Nebraska, which should be a red state, but it will not be. Based on the Agrarian dependent economy which is largly based on the depndence of subsadies, ethanol based, and railroad(union) is a toss really. I mean after all Chuck Hagel is ours....(shaking head)

So it will be interesting to see what the pundits say in the morning. I think folks have made up their minds already.

And in a country that is known for its marketing, team Obama might have beat McCain on this. The Obama t-shirts, bumper stickers, and campaign signs continue. It amazes me, but I see them in mass. It is frightening to me, that a picture with the words Hope scrawled under it, could work how it has. For a candidate to win based on marketing based on the similarities with socialist or communist propaganda.

But then again, one does not have to look far, to see how this was successful.

The best place to see how marketing works, is that ridiculous check out lane at the grocery store. the tiny books with your astrology crap printed in them, The Enquirer, a candy bar.....just in case.

I would like to think Palin's final remarks would have struck a chord with Americans.

I like being able to answer these tough questions without the filter, even, of the mainstream media kind of telling viewers what they've just heard. I'd rather be able to just speak to the American people like we just did.

And it's so important that the American people know of the choices that they have on November 4th.

I want to assure you that John McCain and I, we're going to fight for America. We're going to fight for the middle-class, average, everyday American family like mine.

I've been there. I know what the hurts are. I know what the challenges are. And, thank God, I know what the joys are, too, of living in America. We are so blessed. And I've always been proud to be an American. And so has John McCain.

We have to fight for our freedoms, also, economic and our national security freedoms.

It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don't pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand it to them so that they shall do the same, or we're going to find ourselves spending our sunset years telling our children and our children's children about a time in America, back in the day, when men and women were free.

We will fight for it, and there is only one man in this race who has really ever fought for you, and that's Sen. John McCain.

But for some reason, I don't know if the message is being heard.

I imagine if Biden and Palin were on Dancing With The Stars, America might have tuned in.

So tonight we learned that Biden and Palin LOVE ISREAL, (I wonder if anyone told Biden that
Obama's Trinity Church actually plays host to Palestinian Terror groups
) . We also learned that Biden and Palin LOVE the middle class. While biden touted being from a steel town, I was hoping Sarah Palin, would come back with a simple..."My husband the steel worker". and lets not forget the current mortgage crises/bail out/ lack of personal financial responsibility situation going on. While Palin did speak of people taking responsibility, and learning from the current situation, Biden pointed fingers at the Bush administration. Which is curious, particularly since .....

CountryWide, had a relationship with ACORN, which specialized in subprime lending...

The revisions also allowed for the first time the securitization of CRA-regulated loans containing subprime mortgages. The changes came as radical "housing rights" groups led by ACORN lobbied for such loans. ACORN at the time was represented by a young public-interest lawyer in Chicago by the name of Barack Obama.

Frankly, it seems so strange to me, that I live in a time where SO MUCH information is available for Americans to read, but no one is reading it.

I am headed to bed, maybe I will feel better in the morning...


Barmy Mamma, had a post up about clothes!! How fun, but she actually put up and Etsy site, that had some GREAT retro looking designs...

and as much as I like a swing dress, I cannot wear one, I have no waist any longer. I guess it happens with kids, liking food and such...

they do have the cutest wiggle dresses though, and I can do that...

If I find a job, I am getting one to vacuum in.

Not allowed in my home BRATZ/SLUTZ DOLLZ

Uhhhh, go ahead and watch this commercial...

First off these puffy lipped dollz....

I have hated these things from the beginning, and they just get worse. Please watch the darn commercial, note at 7 seconds, one is caught naked in the tub. 11 seconds, you have one sitting on the others lap. 26 seconds, the dolls look over friendly too...

Always curious...

OMAHA, Neb. - Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is investing $3 billion in General Electric Co., a huge vote of confidence for an American company battered by the credit crisis.

For the second time in just over a week, Berkshire Hathaway has moved to shore up a company long known for its ironclad fiscal health.

Buffett bought a $5 billion stake in Goldman Sachs last week after the famed investment bank's shares had slumped. Investors feared Goldman could face funding squeezes similar to Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

Yesterday, Buffett praised Fairfield, Conn.-based, GE, which makes everything from light bulbs to jet engines and owns NBC television.

"GE is the symbol of American business to the world," Buffett said. "They have strong global brands and businesses. ... I am confident that GE will continue to be successful in the years to come."

But the conglomerates' shares have dropped 42 percent in the past year, badly hurt by its financing business, which accounts for nearly half its profit. And it has taken a big hit from falling consumer confidence, tighter credit and the collapse of housing markets.

Analysts said Buffett's endorsement will mean as much as or even more than Berkshire's cash.

"He's a smart guy and he wouldn't get involved if he doesn't think it's a great company. It's a nice endorsement. He doesn't make too many mistakes," said analyst Mike McGarr of Becker Capital in Portland, Ore.

Berkshire, based in Omaha, Neb., is buying $3 billion in preferred shares of GE, which carry a 10 percent dividend. The terms are similar to those Buffett struck with Goldman Sachs. Berkshire also has the option to buy $3 billion worth of GE common shares for $22.25 each at any time over five years. That was below GE's closing share price of $24.50 yesterday.

Like the Goldman Sachs deal, both sides will benefit, said Morningstar analyst Justin Fuller.

"I think they're kind of a win-win situation: great deals for Berkshire and good deals for the other companies," Fuller said. "I think in a lot of ways, Goldman and certainly GE, they're, in effect, buying Buffett's backing."

GE also plans to sell at least $12 billion worth of common stock to the public.

The value of stock sold to the public and Buffett totals $15 billion, enhancing GE's flexibility and giving the company "the opportunity to play offense in this market should conditions allow," said GE Chairman and Chief Executive Jeff Immelt.

Shares of GE fell by nearly 10 percent earlier yesterday after a negative analyst note. But the stock pared its losses on the Berkshire news, closing down $1, or 3.9 percent, at $24.50.

In a note to investors late Tuesday, analyst Nigel Coe of Deutsche Bank had cut his 2008 and 2008 GE earnings forecasts, citing a bleak outlook for the conglomerate's finance business, GE Capital.

GE's share value has fallen during the financial crisis on Wall Street over the past several weeks. Last week, GE warned that GE Capital would hurt overall earnings, lowering them about 10 percent, to between $19.5 billion and $21 billion, or $1.95 to $2.10 per share.

And in April, GE stunned Wall Street by reporting a 6 percent drop in first-quarter earnings, widely missing its own forecast.

Buffett has built Berkshire and its investment portfolio by buying proven, well-regarded companies that have fallen out of favor with most investors. Berkshire's investment portfolio reads like a who's who of American business, with sizable stakes in companies such as American Express Co., Coca-Cola Co., Kraft Foods and Wrigley gum.

Last month, Buffett's MidAmerican Energy Holdings announced a proposed deal to buy Baltimore-based Constellation Energy Group for $4.7 billion.

Ho Humm.....

Resume is complete.

What an complete pain in the ass. Seriously. For someone that talks about themselves everyday online, I had a hard time with it. Who knew.

I also applied for 15 jobs online.

I cannot believe Tammi has been doing this for months. It is icky.

Today I have some banking to do. (What is it 1950?)

I have a Parent Teacher conference with SR's teacher this afternoon, in addition to the meeting tomorrow with the Psychologist, teacher and social worker. Oye Vey.

PN is sooooo ready for school, I cannot even tell you. and frankly, I never thought I would say this, I am ready for her to go to school as well. The days are long.

I know nothing, new.

Could use prayers for the job search yawl...

I am just ready to go, we are all ready fro me to re join the workforce.

I would like to know how many folks are looking for jobs right now?