Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK, all of the painting that needed to be done, is DONE!

Hooo freaking ray.

SR's room, is now a shade called..Sands of Time.

I need to paint a 7 inch navy stripe on the wall for him, but that will come later. I might forgo the strip if I can find a nice long shelf to go up there.

So, in 2 days my Father and I managed to paint 2 rooms, and blow out the underground sprinklers (which we did in the dark, and in the COLD...) brrr! The wind is currently blowing anywhere from 20-36 mph, and it is freezing outside. 35 degrees!

The house is actually staying warm....a wonderful surprise, our last home was insulated with what I think was pages from a Sears catalog, and it never maintained a temperature for long. Also our electric bills were very reflective of the lack of insulation. This house seems to keep cozy, and the heat has not been needed. I have the thermostat set on 70, and it has run very little, and normally at about 3:00am...

The only other painting I have now, is in the basement. I would like to paint behind the bar, and the larger guest room. However, it can wait, it is tolerable. I would also like to paint my bathroom a more dramatic color, but it is also fine right now.

Interview in the morning. I think I am wearing black boots, a boucle skirt that is below the knee, black, dark pink, and light pink, with a black turtle neck. It was suggested by many that I wear pants, but like I said, none fit. Which is good, but I now see expenses related to rebuilding my wardrobe. A basic pair of black trousers, and perhaps a tweed pair in earth tones will get me through a couple of months.


Guard Wife said...

I would love to borrow your dad. We could whip my house into shape in no time at all.

You will be brilliant tomorrow. I know it.

Let me know how it goes.

That 1 Guy said...

Good luck!

Bring your own bottled water, and all should go well...

Jerry in Texas said...

Sands of Time.

Who names these paints? I want THAT job.