Friday, October 03, 2008

And because I am shallow...

Last night, I noted Biden's looks were a much bigger distraction than Palins.

First off, Biden has been getting Botox. It is obvious. However, it has only been given in the center of his forehead.

(Joe, I am sorry about this man, I have a high wrinkled forehead to, and almond squinty eyes, so in order to open my eyes, my forehead gets wrinkly...I should try botox, as it is distractin to others)

However, a helpful hint to those that tried to fix your wrinkly forehead...

This caused his eyelids to droop. And someone forgot about symmetry.

Hence they tried to raise up his brows, with some sort of clear gel type situation. I am guessing, preparation H, mixed with some sort of clear facial peel.

It looked insane, and was distracting.

did anyone else notice?

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Anonymous said...

I'm 1st!!!

I noticed!! I also noticed that even though he'd gotten a recent hair cut to even out the plugs, someone left little tufts sticking off the sides of his head. Was that to convince us that he's "just like us"? If so, he should had the hair on one side of his head completely defy gravity. It would have been great.

And even though I am firming on Team Sarah, I think she should trim her bangs just a smidge to keep them out of her eyes. I kept wanted to wipe them off her head...