Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ho Humm.....

Resume is complete.

What an complete pain in the ass. Seriously. For someone that talks about themselves everyday online, I had a hard time with it. Who knew.

I also applied for 15 jobs online.

I cannot believe Tammi has been doing this for months. It is icky.

Today I have some banking to do. (What is it 1950?)

I have a Parent Teacher conference with SR's teacher this afternoon, in addition to the meeting tomorrow with the Psychologist, teacher and social worker. Oye Vey.

PN is sooooo ready for school, I cannot even tell you. and frankly, I never thought I would say this, I am ready for her to go to school as well. The days are long.

I know nothing, new.

Could use prayers for the job search yawl...

I am just ready to go, we are all ready fro me to re join the workforce.

I would like to know how many folks are looking for jobs right now?

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