Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How is school going?

SR seems to be into phase 2 of transition.

There are normally 3 phases of transition he goes through.

Phase 1: What in the heck am I doing here? I do not want to be here. This is uncomfortable. What do you people want from me. Stay out of my business. Is there any thing of interest to me here? I liked where I was.

Phase 1, frankly it has existed since this child reluctantly arrived on the birthing table. I should have known at that moment, after hours and hours of trying to push him out the "door".

He just takes longer to transition from one activity to another. I am not sure why, but if he is content, it is treachery moving him to anything else. The child is has wonderful focus.

So now Phase 2 is here. Phase 2, is sort of like....Well.

Phase 2, is "OK folks, I give in, I am here, and I am trying, but it does not mean I am going to have to enjoy this".

He seems to be doing well in school at this time.

The T&G coordinator tells me. He is trying. That is good to hear. The biggest challenge for my son is his ASynchratic developement.

The challenges we face now, are different from most children. No one has to teach my child academics. He can teach himself. He is wired a little differently. However, he does not understand social cues all of the time. He seems to have trouble understanding why other 6 year olds like to tattle, enjoy pointing out when others are not following the rules. For those of you who have not been around 6 year olds, this is a hobby. SR seems to have no interest, in this sort of self policing that goes on. It irritates him. He is my task child. He enjoys completing work, and undone projects make him anxious. A list of tasks, is overwhelming. The teachers have opted to give him one thing at a time, when there is classwork involved. I am trying to broaden this at home, by giving him 2-3 things to do at a time. You can see his wheels turning, and the anxiety begin.

He will be working on mathematics in a computer lab setting, independently with supervision of course. It is a math program called ALEKS. It is for children who are capable of teaching themselves. If you have had experience with this program let me know.

I was a little worried about the math program in the beginning, wondering how this child could possibly teach himself math. But frankly, he has been doing it, with little guidance from me, you have to show him once, or give him the formula once he locks it up and off he goes. I also had some trepidation about letting him work with the computer instead of a human. However, I think this might be a good mental break for him. HE GETS COMPUTERS, he understands expectation of the computer. He is sorting emotionally charged people all day, and since this does not come natural to him, it is exhausting. I think this will provide a decent break in his day.

He also has been given an independent writing project, about election season and Presidency.

We meet with his mentor Thursday this week at school, and will begin to discuss how we can keep him challenged. The meeting includes SR. We will address his interests, and subjects available for study. So far it looks like he is headed in the direction of science.

The school is handling him well, and I am very pleased we managed to make the right move at the right time.


Anonymous said...

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vet66 said...

ALEKS is a great program. Most mathematics is based on 10 fingers so an awareness of self (fingers and toes) is a natural abacus. I'm surprised they didn't call it ABACUS but using the androgynous ALEKS was a good choice if it doesn't confuse the child's future sexuality.

Go SR.

Guard Wife said...

I'm glad the school is rising to the occasion of having SR in its midst. The math program sounds interesting and, no surprise, something I would not have been aware of given that no one, including myself, has successfuly taughter me math. :)

Yes, I'm working on my project for you as promised. :)

Skyler said...

Yay for SR :) and yay for the school being understanding. that is great.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I am glad he is getting opportunities like this - he will be great someday.


S said...

wow, you just described my son. Only he's in 3 rd grade now and still isn't into other 8/9 year olds. The councelor told me, he knows how to make friends , he's just not interested as his mind just works different and he knows that he is academically (sp?) advanced than all his peers. Our T&G over here is just worthless. I just bought him higher grade books and he teaches himself what he wants to learn.
I don't push and let him do what he wants.