Friday, October 10, 2008

I want to put my head in the sand, and forget humanity...

The World is a jumbled mess right now, I am trying to get ready for bed, but decided to turn on the news. Let me admit here, I think the news we see is crap. It does not cover global news. It is lazy and sultry. There is little in "actual news".

But tonight the news is disturbing.

Voter fraud. We a Nation of free thinking peoples, who try and help liberate the down trodden by assisting with elections.

The DOW is down 679 points.

The Dr Congo rebels have captured an Army base in DR Congo.

Baby farms being uncovered in Nigeria

The pending election is frightening to me. I love America. But I am watching the European, and Asian markets reacting to the American market. If that simple thing does not tell you where America lies in the World. When the Nation of capitalists in a Democratic Republic lead the way, and socialist economies are dependent on our success...I mean really that should say a lot. America, the country that is easy to hate, unless you need something, or a small favor.

My heart is aching for my children tonight.

I do not want them to grow up in "Mad Max", or BladeRunner, but what was fiction, actually seems closer to reality, than I had ever thought.

And, I knew this feeling was coming, it is a strange sense of impending doom, and I hope I am not correct.

Yesterday it hit me, and so I was talking to my Sister on the phone....

AWTM: "Things just look bleak."

Sissy: "I was thinking about the ocean, wasn't that the most relaxing vacation ever?"

AWTM: "It really was."

Sissy: "I was so noddley, it took days for me to snap to."

AWTM: "Lets go this year."

Sissy: "OK...sure"

AWTM: "Hell, the 15-16 of us can share a beach house to save $$, I do not care at this point, I think it would be good for everyone to unplug."

Sissy: "When?"

AWTM: "Let me actually get my Husband on board, before I just start planning a trip."

Sissy: "OK, but this sounds good."

AWTM: WE need something to look forward to.....All of us. Planning something might take our minds off of things....

*DH told me its a go....looking for a condo right now.


airforcewife said...

Maybe it will only be a replay of the seventies. Lots of casserole and jello. And Jimmy Carter. I can handle a replay of the seventies, especially since the alternative is so much worse.

Lee Ann said...

Beautiful you and PN! You both look lovely and relaxed! :)

I agree with AFW, while the 70's were "fantastic", they did have some things going for them. Eating out was a treat, not a given. You lived within your means and made the most of what you had, versus disposable today.

And people cooked! Not take out, not prepared by the grocery store, not frozen, ready to eat, but real honest to God meals. Break out the crockpots and the cookbooks, because I'm okay with cooking. I prefer it!

Fermina Daza said...

I"m with you - I want to stick my head in the sand until it's all over.