Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The great 2008 job hunt continues...

Tomorrow morning I have a phone interview first thing, I will try and be concise, clear, and not say uhhhh, and ummm like The Obama.

I also have a face to face interview later in the day.

I am also dropping off a resume, and hoping to catch some face time with the person large and in charge....

Oye. Uniform for the day, a tan/and ecru suit/skirt below the knee.

I will be trying it on in the morning, to make sure it is not hanging on me.

*Must get suits tailored when I have the scratch.

Going to bed, to get my beauty sleep, and tomorrow I intend on giving myself a facial,and pluck eyebrows in the morning.

That is all folks, I am currently consumed with getting this done.

To those of you who have sent letters of recomendation, filled out online goofy fill in the blank thingys, and have given references over the phone, I do appreciate the time you have taken out of your day. It is appreciated more than you are aware.


Tammi said...

You are going to do fine. Either one of these positions is a great fit for you. And remember....they've read your resume and talked with you, however briefly. There is SOMETHING there that interests them.

Just be YOU.

You're gonna knock their socks off.

Anonymous said...

As always, Good Luck! My fingers are crossed for you.