Tuesday, December 29, 2009

tongues don't lie

It was part of the temp crown that fell off, and luck have it, I had some food smushed in my what is left of my shell of a tooth...I knew something was wrong.

So I sat in the Dentists chair after work AGAIN.

Only to be given a blanket, and the remote. I fell asleep. Geesh. Who knew I needed to go to the Dentist for naps?

He replaced the temp crown, I did not require any novacaine, because I rule....

Lets hope this ordeal is over, it has made me real tired, pain will make you sleepy and not care.

On other fronts, I have a list here, that is growing, but no "oomph" to attack said list, I guess it can wait.

My son is turning 8 this week. 8.

I now have a 6 and 8 year old. Time goes too fast, and there is this horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach, that time will only speed up. Poof.

Unsure what to get SR for his Birthday. He has been enjoying the Wii, but he wants a Nintendo DSI. Frankly one game system is enough, and he only gets limited time on it, chores must be done etc. Maybe a chess set, so he can teach me to play? Maybe another science kit? He is hard to shop for.

PN has been coming home from Holiday camp WIPED out tired and GRUMPY. Not fun...I feel bad she gets so overdone. She is mean as a snake when tired.

I am off to bed, still working on my Christmas cards like a looser...

WE are expected to get more snow...MORE. The kids and I want it to stay above 26 degrees so we can build a snowman...

Monday, December 28, 2009

My son will turn 8 this week

Pinch me.

Everyone is right, they grow up far too quickly..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is the last blizzard from Dec 8...

I thought the person that made this did a great job!

imagine 11 more inches on top!

My Dad, and Sister's hometown was on Fox and Friends this morning, 20 inches of snow +. My Sister said, everyone showed up to work!


Check out this amazing photo album from my Father's hometown paper....some of the ice crystals are like NOThING I have ever ever seen...they look like feathers...amazing. No wonder Eskimos have so many different names for the stuff! Also there are some amazing drifts at the back end of this....very interesting tall drifts! There is one taller than a pickup truck, some homes are almost covered. You should take a look!

I love what I got for Christmas!

DH got me knee high smartwool skiing socks! I have the toastiest feet EVER! Love them.

PN and Daddy bought me new perfume, Allure..love it too.

The Wii fit, says I am at a healthy weight...I love it.

My MIL, sent me a griddle, love it, I can eat with everyone! also a new electric skillet that will fit a lot of food inside! I can make enough fried chicken for everyone now!

These socks rule...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, and never again...

I will be more organized next Christmas, I will be organized next Christmas, I will be organized next Christmas.

I adore celebrating the birth of our Savior, but loathe, the running I tend to do yearly, all because of my decision to wait to do my shopping. The worst part of shopping, other than spending money, is the driving everywhere. Driving all over wastes time indeed. NEVER again, I am proclaiming it here and now! With the kids busy, and the birthdays, me working 30 hours a week, and the schedules..never again. I know better.

Second, we have been snowed in since Thursday, forgive my nuttiness. I can handle the Husband, and the kids most of the time, and the dog when he wants to snuggle....but if any of these Universes collide..ick count me out. This is so far the third worst snow, and ice storms. The biggest problem, this storm system was SLOW. It started snowing and blowing Thursday, after a nice sheet of ice, and well it just keeps going.

Since we have been snowed in for 3 days I wish I would have bought extra storage containers for new toys, more hangers for the Christmas clothing.

On a personal note, I have been plagued with dental problems. I got a root canal the other day, it went fine, other than my freakishly long and curved roots, which btw i had an extra root! They dug around in my mouth for 2 1/2 hours, the Dr. numbed me up nicely, I took nothing prior and actually fell asleep in the middle of the thing. My guess is, I am never down for that length of time. Well alone anyway. I got to watch the news, in a recliner, with dental instruments in my mouth...who new I would have to go to the Dentist to get rest. Since the roots were wild, the Dentist has to do some work on the 13th, so he put a temporary crown in. WEll yesterday I woke with a pain in my left ear, and neck, lymph glands were swollen...and i instantly knew my abscess/ infection was not over, and I needed more antibiotics...The temporary crown also either got swallowed in the night or with my meals. I had to call my Dentist on Christmas at his home. I am thrilled he lives down the street, because I might have needed some urgent care due to the storm. I told him I suspected an infection, he agreed and threw me back on antibiotics. The biggest problem, was finding an open pharmacy, on Christmas in a blizzard. He located one, and then it was up to DH to Venture out and get my medicine...

I just kept thinking about how if it was 1890, I might be dead by now..Oral infections are nothing to mess with, and my sinuses were a mess from this tooth. Stupid thing has been causing problems for weeks...There is a technological thank you for telephones, medicines, 4WD, and so many other wonderful things yesterday...and the Dentist was a peach too. I should probably take something next time I go to see him, I felt like a horses ass for calling him on a Holiday.

So many lessons learned. Do not ignore a tooth EVER even if it is not bothering you, it will, and have a Husband nice enough to retrieve medicine for you when you feel like you will die without it..

DH, and his 4 WD saved the day.

I am thrilled I got a Wii fit, maybe that will motivate me to get to the gym?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And so it goes...

Tonight we started the evening off with 4:30 pm candlelight service, it was lovely, and made me cry...

The four of us managed to get to church on time to actually get a candle to light, the four of sang hymns together.....it was lovely. Even in a near blizzard.

The wind is feirce, as is the ice, and the snow cannot seem to make up its mind.

Made it home to make oyster stew, which both children actually liked, although it was RICH indeed. I made a small relish tray, put out olives, pickles out, everyone got fancy wine glasses to drink out of. The collective toasted God.

It was wonderful, and makes me tear up ....

OK enough lady, go finish wrapping gifts, make a breakfast casserole, and clean up this mess.

Grammie sent pajamas, and in keeping with tradition, I let the kids open pajamas on Christmas Eve. She sent 2 pair per child, little button up coat type pajamas that I love soooo much. We are not leaving town, because of blizzard conditions, but i do wish MIL was here to share the holidays with us...

Every year we call her as soon as I perch on the sofa so she can hear the children open gifts!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The witching hour

My Husband is amidst bringing the kids home...

SR is ill with a cold, and c/o no energy today, so DH took him to work. I guess he was a peach.

Then he picked up PN for me, and she had her daily case of the grumps.

He stopped at culvers, and picked them up concrete mixers as a treat. PN could be heard whining over the phone. complaining of too many m&m's and the fact that it was melting...


He is normally not around them @ this time of day. I told him i am far too familiar with the witching hour, which if I had 1/2 a brain should be followed by happy hour....

Ice cream, and complaining, and so close to Christmas.

They are both tired and will be going to bed early, otherwise they will be getting coal in shoes....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Been reading a lot of this...


But this is what is going wrong...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tah Dah...

This birthday party right before Christmas idea is for the birds....


I did manage to get 1/2 Christmas shopping done today! Thrilled. The stores were not nearly as nightmarish as I would think. I asked every single cashier how their day was going, they all said "so far, so good"...that made me happy.

What did not make me happy was holding at least 5 doors open for men...REALLY? PN and I standing in the cold holding doors open for the elderly, or weighed down new Mothers, and men walking past us. I bit my tongue.

I managed to get 15 photos of the kids, and the dog last night, none of them terrific, but a couple good enough to print out. Ran them to Walgreens, and boooyawh, I had Christmas cards in an hour or two, and I also learned I did not print enough off, so my guess is, I will have to make another trip there.

We also managed a visit to Santa last night. This is good, because SR has changed his list a little over the last 3 weeks.

I will be getting him a chemistry experiment book, with a small chemistry set, and the ice cream maker...

Today PN and I had girls day, we had to get things for the birthday goodie bags, and order her store bought cake. SR wants a carrot cake home made, no frosting on half. I have to get this done tonight....

RSVPS keep coming in. SR is thrilled with every phonecall!

I am beat. Cannot drink anything ice cold because of the tooth...ouchie.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I have no idea how many guests are coming. WE can have 25, we will see, I think I have 24 RSVP...

I will charge my camera during church tomorrow....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When it is not what you thought it was...

The "sinus infection", was actually an abscessed tooth! Go team! This is what I get from growing up in a non-fluoridated community, and having an alcoholic dentist for the first 17 years of life.

So what does one want to do over the holidays? They want to drop hundreds of dollars on a root canal! The root canal is scheduled for Monday 10:15am. The Dentist told me, these things are not as painful as they used to be, and I should be able to go back to work right after....who knew? Root canal, sounds painful!

OK, so this morning, I dropped off presents for teachers, invites to party, paperwork for teachers to fill out, kids off, went to work, left work, went to Dentist, stopped at pharmacy, went back to work, left work, picked up kids from school, and picked up the drugs at the pharmacy...that is my day in a nutshell. MOTION. Throw a tooth, actually an entire head that hurts like the devil, and well it was a long day.

In good news, no more swooshing whiskey in my mouth, I have vicodin for the evenings, and more antibiotic to take 4 times a day..holy crud.

Amazing how much a tooth can hurt your entire body, and how bad it can make your breath. Ick.

In other news I am disappointed in the YMCA's everything for kids here, and I made a decision to pull the kids from the swim lessons, and gymnastics there. It is very expensive, and might be worth it, if I actually had time to use the gym, but sadly I do not, and do not see my time for excercise increasing anytime soon. So, I am going to put them in a private swim school, and music lessons. I must go explore these options in the next week or so, as the music school is enrolling now.

Let me see, what else. I am still packed from the visit to my Father's home 3 days ago. I am getting this project done in the next 36 hours, even if it kills me.

I love when I cook to much food, and freeze it fro a meal later, it is a time and money saver!

Oh and the dog chewed up my most awesome pair of camel colored slingbacks....my own fault, I should have put them in my shoe bag...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How cold is it?

I used to love that bit by johnny Carson...

Yesterday was the last day of gymnastics, and swim until January. Thank goodness, I felt bad sticking SR in a swimsuit while it is 9 degrees out of doors. No scouts last night. CREW is done @ church until January.


Today was a busy day @ work, we are SWAMPED.

After school, which was let out early for a "planning day", I had to go to the Psychologist to meet re: SR. An appointment I set up about a month ago. We are not having much trouble with him @ home, but he is having bad days at school. The plan is for all to fill out paperwork, and then meet as a team. He is bored out of his mind....#1 problem. The Psychologist agreed that the kid is probably bored, and will get together with the school Psychologist who we adore...

Then I took the kids to get hair cuts, dropped next door to Papa Murphy's and picked up 2 thin crust pizzas.

Tonight, I am recharging lunch cards for the kids, writing out final birthday party invites, rounding up teachers gifts to take to school, along with paperwork for the teachers to fill out for the Dr.

I am tired.

To make matters more exciting, I have a bad tooth. Ouch I have been swishing whisky all night, for lack of any real drugs in the house. I hope to God they can get me in there in the afternoon.

I must finish shopping, Christmas cards, Santa visit, order birthday cakes, because if I try and make them I will go nutso...

Saturday, December 12, 2009


My Dad is going to be irritated that we have not gotten on the road yet...however I had to pack the kids, make breakfast, do dishes, finish up laundry...because after all I will not be here all weekend. DH hd to take the truck and get an oil change and run the dog.

I cannot help but think of pre children, when DH and I would pack ourselves in 2 minutes on a Friday night after work and head to Denver for the weekend.

Ha, that seems like eons ago.

Now it takes preparation.

As much as I love my family, I could have used the weekend at home, to get things done.

Hoping to take the kids sledding while there and get a GREAT photo for Christmas cards...yes indeedy I have not started them yet

Friday, December 11, 2009

Headed to my Pops

Tonight we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and went to the tour of Bethlehem down the road, very, very cool. My batteries in my camera were dead, so sad. We also attended our churches Handel's Messiah performance. Awesome, and the children got to watch a harpist in the vestibule. There are bot many nights in Lincoln Nebraska, where you get to see a camel, a harpist, eat figs, and watch an orchestra all in one night.

I will be up late doing laundry, and packing bags for the weekend...I could use some time here to organize myself, but thats not gonna happen for 13 more years or so.

SR did mention tonight that he would like to perform at the tour of Bethlehem next year, and I started thinking....he might like theater. He loves attention! He also has the best memory ever. He told me "I am sensitive, and you need to be sensitive to act..." great....

He is dramatic, I will give him that.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

this snow is not going anywhere soon...

those cookies were a pain

MIL warned me.

Those cookies were a pain in my backside.

SR has been saying "I am bored for almost 3 days" nice.

PN cleaned her room, and has been a tremendous help.

I am off to clean bathrooms, and do laundry. The laundry I thought was caught up! Ha.

I need to run to the church and drop off cookies.

I managed to get through a pile of mail, of which 4 things were actually important. Geesh, so much junk.

I need to locate a movie from the library, we have the case, but cannot find the movie...nice.

I also need to make a run to a mailbox.

We were supposed to go to my Dad's this weekend, but there was a 30,000 gal propane tank explosion, and the National Guard had to change the drill date. So I must take advantage of the weekend, and get as much as I can done. I have yet to get a Christmas card photo taken. The snow might make a good backdrop.

Enjoy your day....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More post blizzard fun

Post Blizzard special

This is a photo of the street out front...uh yeah can't tell much from all of the white, but that is what 10 inches of snow looks like after 50 mph winds...

This is a part of the back yard, that is a 5 or so foot tall fence, and that is an amazing DRIFT.
Another snow day, thanks to 50 mph winds, and 10 inches of snow.

The kids are fine, but the dog is driving me CRAZY.

So far I am still in jammies.

A pan of lasagne is made, and how yummy will that be tonight?

I also have 2 batches of chocolate crinkle dough out on the front porch chilling. (The recipie says 3 hours to chill. The recipe writer did not count on 15 below temps!

Hopefully it will be done in an hour!

I have to have these made for Christmas on 84th Street tomorrow.

I actually almost have laundry caught up too!

We are headed outside...I think we are crazy. Yesterday there was no wind, and we managed a couple of hours. Today the wind is fierce, DH says he gives us 10 minutes...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nebraska on cusp of blizzard...

So we enjoyed it while we could.... gonna be a long cold night.

It was a sinus infection, and I have been busy as a 3 legged cat covering poop

Christmas is upon us, and I find myself, making promises to myself AGAIN. Things like..."you must get this done earlier next year" mantra over and over in my skull.

Today I am home watching the snow accumulate. The school called off school today, work ok me being off. They say we could have a foot. Beef stew is on, laundry going (and going) , dishwasher empty, There is a list a mile long. Birthday party invites, Christmas cards, gift shopping, mailing packages. I need an elf.

It is one of those gorgeous snows though, soft, quiet, no wind. 8 degrees, and not that cold because there is no wind. The kids have been out with the dog once already, and I intend on sending them back out.

This past weekend was fantastic, and i wish I had the time to put photos up, and tell you all about it, maybe soon.

Oh and if you married folks have not seen the movie Fireproof, watch it.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Headache...a weird one

Have not had one of these weird headaches in ages...my old Dr. called these tension headaches. My imitrix not touching it...CRAP.

Hurts when I cough, bend and move...

Day 2 of it. Neck hurts like heck, and sometimes I feel like someone has a cattle prod on my neck. Zap, like electrical current.


Went to bed early last night, and tonight too...

Need to get better, list one mile long.

Tomorrow night: church, Thursday night: art center, Friday: train ride, Saturday: Holiday Parade, Sunday church and UNL Christmas music concert.

Cannot feel like this, if not better by Thursday I may have to go get a shot...something I have not needed to do in YEARS...

Yoga would help, I know, must find time for myself soon....