Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, and never again...

I will be more organized next Christmas, I will be organized next Christmas, I will be organized next Christmas.

I adore celebrating the birth of our Savior, but loathe, the running I tend to do yearly, all because of my decision to wait to do my shopping. The worst part of shopping, other than spending money, is the driving everywhere. Driving all over wastes time indeed. NEVER again, I am proclaiming it here and now! With the kids busy, and the birthdays, me working 30 hours a week, and the schedules..never again. I know better.

Second, we have been snowed in since Thursday, forgive my nuttiness. I can handle the Husband, and the kids most of the time, and the dog when he wants to snuggle....but if any of these Universes collide..ick count me out. This is so far the third worst snow, and ice storms. The biggest problem, this storm system was SLOW. It started snowing and blowing Thursday, after a nice sheet of ice, and well it just keeps going.

Since we have been snowed in for 3 days I wish I would have bought extra storage containers for new toys, more hangers for the Christmas clothing.

On a personal note, I have been plagued with dental problems. I got a root canal the other day, it went fine, other than my freakishly long and curved roots, which btw i had an extra root! They dug around in my mouth for 2 1/2 hours, the Dr. numbed me up nicely, I took nothing prior and actually fell asleep in the middle of the thing. My guess is, I am never down for that length of time. Well alone anyway. I got to watch the news, in a recliner, with dental instruments in my mouth...who new I would have to go to the Dentist to get rest. Since the roots were wild, the Dentist has to do some work on the 13th, so he put a temporary crown in. WEll yesterday I woke with a pain in my left ear, and neck, lymph glands were swollen...and i instantly knew my abscess/ infection was not over, and I needed more antibiotics...The temporary crown also either got swallowed in the night or with my meals. I had to call my Dentist on Christmas at his home. I am thrilled he lives down the street, because I might have needed some urgent care due to the storm. I told him I suspected an infection, he agreed and threw me back on antibiotics. The biggest problem, was finding an open pharmacy, on Christmas in a blizzard. He located one, and then it was up to DH to Venture out and get my medicine...

I just kept thinking about how if it was 1890, I might be dead by now..Oral infections are nothing to mess with, and my sinuses were a mess from this tooth. Stupid thing has been causing problems for weeks...There is a technological thank you for telephones, medicines, 4WD, and so many other wonderful things yesterday...and the Dentist was a peach too. I should probably take something next time I go to see him, I felt like a horses ass for calling him on a Holiday.

So many lessons learned. Do not ignore a tooth EVER even if it is not bothering you, it will, and have a Husband nice enough to retrieve medicine for you when you feel like you will die without it..

DH, and his 4 WD saved the day.

I am thrilled I got a Wii fit, maybe that will motivate me to get to the gym?


Bou said...

Don't feel bad for calling him on a Holiday. He gets it. Trust me. He knows you are appreciative and would not have called him unless it was important... and this comes with the territory. Nobody wants to be in pain on Christmas.

I tell people all the time, if they have tooth pain and it goes away... it will be back. There is no such thing as it 'just going away'. Something bad it lurking and it is a matter of time.

I hope you feel better soon!

Guard Wife said...

I'm glad you were able to work out the tooth issues. That IS nothing to mess with as M2 can contest.

I know you don't like on-line ordering, but I saves my sanity EVERY year. I did all my shopping from Thanksgiving on, most of the time with free shipping & deep discounts. I'm especially comfortable with the clothing parts if the kids have things from a certain place and I know what sizes they are in.

I'm just thankful I survived it, without Brian here to help. I cannot wait to have him home!

{{Hugs}} as you continue to deal with the weather!

Ellen said...

I am glad you're ok, what misery!

And I'm with you on being more prepared for Christmas next year.

Karen said...

That's funny. I thought I was the only person who fell asleep at the dentist. In the pre-school days that was the only time I was ever alone like that!

I hear you on Christmas. I skipped so much this year. Next year I swear I'm starting in August.