Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is the last blizzard from Dec 8...

I thought the person that made this did a great job!

imagine 11 more inches on top!

My Dad, and Sister's hometown was on Fox and Friends this morning, 20 inches of snow +. My Sister said, everyone showed up to work!


Check out this amazing photo album from my Father's hometown paper....some of the ice crystals are like NOThING I have ever ever seen...they look like feathers...amazing. No wonder Eskimos have so many different names for the stuff! Also there are some amazing drifts at the back end of this....very interesting tall drifts! There is one taller than a pickup truck, some homes are almost covered. You should take a look!

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Kriste said...

And I thought we got alot of snow here in Missouri!
Happy New Year!