Thursday, December 10, 2009

those cookies were a pain

MIL warned me.

Those cookies were a pain in my backside.

SR has been saying "I am bored for almost 3 days" nice.

PN cleaned her room, and has been a tremendous help.

I am off to clean bathrooms, and do laundry. The laundry I thought was caught up! Ha.

I need to run to the church and drop off cookies.

I managed to get through a pile of mail, of which 4 things were actually important. Geesh, so much junk.

I need to locate a movie from the library, we have the case, but cannot find the movie...nice.

I also need to make a run to a mailbox.

We were supposed to go to my Dad's this weekend, but there was a 30,000 gal propane tank explosion, and the National Guard had to change the drill date. So I must take advantage of the weekend, and get as much as I can done. I have yet to get a Christmas card photo taken. The snow might make a good backdrop.

Enjoy your day....

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Rave said...

My day (or morning) has been spent in a courtroom listening to the soon-to-be-ex's lawyer tell me that being an at-home mom and volunteering on several committees and boards means I make no money and I should have got a job because soon-to-be-ex told me to years ago.