Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How cold is it?

I used to love that bit by johnny Carson...

Yesterday was the last day of gymnastics, and swim until January. Thank goodness, I felt bad sticking SR in a swimsuit while it is 9 degrees out of doors. No scouts last night. CREW is done @ church until January.


Today was a busy day @ work, we are SWAMPED.

After school, which was let out early for a "planning day", I had to go to the Psychologist to meet re: SR. An appointment I set up about a month ago. We are not having much trouble with him @ home, but he is having bad days at school. The plan is for all to fill out paperwork, and then meet as a team. He is bored out of his mind....#1 problem. The Psychologist agreed that the kid is probably bored, and will get together with the school Psychologist who we adore...

Then I took the kids to get hair cuts, dropped next door to Papa Murphy's and picked up 2 thin crust pizzas.

Tonight, I am recharging lunch cards for the kids, writing out final birthday party invites, rounding up teachers gifts to take to school, along with paperwork for the teachers to fill out for the Dr.

I am tired.

To make matters more exciting, I have a bad tooth. Ouch I have been swishing whisky all night, for lack of any real drugs in the house. I hope to God they can get me in there in the afternoon.

I must finish shopping, Christmas cards, Santa visit, order birthday cakes, because if I try and make them I will go nutso...


M.A. said...

Wow! I thought I was busy. Your schedule makes mine look like a walk in the park....congrats on being able to get all that done. And I hope that they get you into the dentist here soon!

Bou said...

Life has seemed to changed for the better with HS. The elementary and middle schools don't handle the really smart kids very well. The super smart... no way in hell.

Middle is better than elementary. Elementary is the worst for the smart kids.

I have one in HS now; my child that was miserable for 9 years. He's a different kid now, with other kids of his intellect, wanting to learn, wanting to pull the grades... pushing for more.

I know kids completely dual enrolled in college in high school, taking college engineering courses, and the teachers cannot throw it at them fast enough.

Hang in there... it does get better. Luckily you're in a state that will help you. If you were in FL... you'd be totally screwed. As my one gf was told by the school administration, with her sons who have IQs that top the charts, "I'm sorry... you'll just have to homeschool." Nice.