Friday, December 11, 2009

Headed to my Pops

Tonight we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and went to the tour of Bethlehem down the road, very, very cool. My batteries in my camera were dead, so sad. We also attended our churches Handel's Messiah performance. Awesome, and the children got to watch a harpist in the vestibule. There are bot many nights in Lincoln Nebraska, where you get to see a camel, a harpist, eat figs, and watch an orchestra all in one night.

I will be up late doing laundry, and packing bags for the weekend...I could use some time here to organize myself, but thats not gonna happen for 13 more years or so.

SR did mention tonight that he would like to perform at the tour of Bethlehem next year, and I started thinking....he might like theater. He loves attention! He also has the best memory ever. He told me "I am sensitive, and you need to be sensitive to act..." great....

He is dramatic, I will give him that.

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