Friday, August 31, 2007




The goods news is Sir Rowland woke, ate, and got ready for school. He wanted to go back, despite yesterdays... uh...well, despite yesterday. So I dropped it, and let him begin fresh.

The funny thing is, yesterday I was getting ready to write this post about how it had been almost 14 days of smiley faces, and progress. Which is WAY beyond what I was expecting. I was expecting more bumps and bruises honestly. And how I should really have more faith in the little guy.

I expect a smiley face today. He disliked his day yesterday as much as I did. So I am not anticipating many more of them.

So I guess he is adjusting. I am too. I am not sitting here all day staring at the phone, like a crazy person, I am fine. I am actually enjoying the PEACE and quiet, of 1. There is NO refereeing with 1. HA.

He is not eating, as much as I would like him to from his lunch. I keep packing random things. He is not interested in hot lunch, as they serve "kid friendly" fare, and Sir Rowland is not a mac and cheese, or hot dog kind of kid. I hope this changes soon.

I am going to celebrate today. Because really we are doing better than I would have hoped. I am not as big of a mess as I would have imagined. Sir Rowland is actually performing very well most of the time. He is actually enjoying going through the reader and answering questions. I think he read, and finished 4 chapters last night. Without me cheer leading, just him sitting on my lap in the rocking chair. (Yes, even after all of THAT writing. Writing is very hard for little guys.)

This reminds me of my last couple of weeks...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Berlin - The Metro

you must pogo

The Lord Giveth, and the Lord taketh away

(Cue music now)

Actually the King James versions is

"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away."

But I digress.

So I came out earlier today, luxuriating in the day. Enjoying my daughters nap and my tremendous savings at the commissary. It takes little to excite me. I am in suburbia, well Arkansas suburbia, which is a little unlike any other suburb. It is sort of like being on another planet.

Gee what has brought on all of this disparagement, and somberness?

I have spent the afternoon watching and encouraging my 5 year old as he wrote.

"I will not spit on the floor"


"I will not push"

12 times each

He is 5.

After retrieving him 20 minutes earlier than the usual dismissal time.

After being phoned by the Principal.

I promise you, it was not fun.

I now know why they call it happy hour.

It was like making a cat use a fork and spoon. Except more painful, because no one expects a cat to use a comb. They do expect your 5 year old to have manners, and common courtesy.

One For the books

Pink Ninja fell asleep on the way home from the commissary today. Which usually means when I pluck her from her booster seat, she wakes.

Not today.

She took a 2 1/2 hour nap!


I should go out and buy a lottery ticket!! (if they was not illegal here).

The good news is the nap was early in the day and should not adversely effect her sleep tonight.

Also a side note, if you have a commissary for the love of GOD use it. I bought scads of groceries for $180.00. Not including bagger tip. Very little in the way of processed foods. I think manicotti noodles, applesauce, and pickles. I also had replinish most cleaning supplies. At a regular grocery store I would hae easlily spent well over $300.00. Well over.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There is a reason we call her Pink Ninja

She is sneaky.

She is also so adorable, she can get away with almost anything I promise.

I must say, I have not had a bit of trouble since Sir Rowland is in school.

She has been a dream. I am enjoying all of this alone time with the doll.

WE colored today, A LOT.

She helped me with many a chore.

She had a telling conversation with her Father tonight....

DH: "Maybe you will be an artist, those are great drawings."

Pink Ninja: "When I grown up I want to light firworks.":

DH: "That is a great choice, you only have to work 2 days a year."

Maybe I am lazy?

Saturday while at the lake, DH and I were sitting on the shore watching The Collective play. when all of a sudden from the corner of my eye, I see one Mom 9 kids. 9 kids. I counted them, 5 times to make sure.

Holy Cow.

Moments before I was just telling my DH, that "I am so glad you are home, so they can swim. It makes me nervous to keep an eye on both of them".

9 kids.

9 of them.

First , I do not think I could afford to put that many children in swimsuits. (not kidding) Second, I do not think we would EVER manage to get out of the house.

What do you drive, when you have 9 children?

Just the thought of it made me nuts.

One a Day

So what have I been up to, now that Sir Rowland is at school?

PinkNinja and I continue to enjoy one another. She is really quite well behaved. I do not have to correct her most of the day. (except for her putting a sticker on the inside of the truck wondow yesterday) A small infraction here and there. We are having fun.

She has started doing "homework, because she wants to be like her brother. She is helping with chores around the house. We have been going to the park almost daily for about 2 hours, or until the heat gets to poor ole Mom.

I have decided to try and get something ignored done every day.

Monday-finished trimming the holly bushes up front.

Tuesday-went through stuffed animals, vacuummed out truck.

Today? I think we are going to try and sort out part of the pantry/laundry room. It is unorganized. And needs a bit of a sorting. I think this may be a 2 day project. I am also going to try and iron.


yes IRON.

Sir Rowland has some very cute cotton shirts he could be wearing to school. However, I do not want anyone to think I let him sleep in his school clothes.

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina on Today show

OK, I am going to post this as a follow up.

One of the commenters, seemed to think I might have been rough on Miss South Carolina. I contend I was not.

So I went ahead and looked for the Today show clip at youtube, where supposedly this young lady came off as "bright".

uhhhh....I think I might have missed her being "bright" in this clip.



What the hell she still finished in the top 4?

I guess I forget that Donald Trump runs the Miss USA pageants. Which are the pageants, in which the contestants are always caught with nude internet photos, or photos of them making out with other young women on Spring Break. Oye. Donald Trump, always a class act.

I did think this pageant was supposed to be a "scholarship" program...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

over population

Pink Ninja has an enormous stuffed animal collection. I have no idea how, or why it is so enormous. I personally have NEVER bought her one. I also do not recall relatives buying any. So I am unsure if they multiplied on their own, or if they just appear. I am not a fan of plush animals. Oh sure one or two are fine, but anything beyond that seems wasteful and excessive to me. Call me a party pooper, I am sure someone would agree.

The bad news is, she PLAYS with them. She actually does play with them. I on the other hand am sick of picking them up, tripping over them, dressing them....ughh. There are too many. I would be embarrassed to even tell you how many plush animals she owns.

Today I asked her if she would mind, going through her animals and give the ones, she no longer wanted to other children. If you can believe it, I managed to get 1 garbage bag full, and a grocery sack full. Without incident.

They are all cute, and clean, but are in desperate homes of children that do not own a toy store full of these things.

I am sending them


I thought I would put a post up, becaue I know we are not the only house with this problem.

From Soldier's Angels


(Say Our Soldiers: Kids In-theater Deserve Support)

We have had many requests from our soldiers asking for items to help them in their humanitarian missions to local towns and villages. Many of these soldiers are parents or have brothers and sisters, and their hearts go out to these children who have so much less than many other children.

The purpose of Operation SOS: KIDS is to send humanitarian relief through shipments to American soldiers for distribution to children in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other areas where our Heroes are deployed.

The project

US. Soldiers often give up their own goodies and snacks to be able to share with the children they see every day.

Some of the heroes this project has supported:

A SGT with a Medic unit requesting candy and small toys to help build relationships

A 1LT requesting school supplies to help get the local schools going.

A USAF SSgt in Afghanistan requesting school supplies and other items to help local children. (see Wings of Hope)

A USAF TSgt. in seeking items for the children his unit comes in contact with every day.
Why it is needed
People in war-torn areas have so little and have been through so much. The children need food, clothing, school supplies, and personal hygiene items, and the occasional toy or treat puts a huge smile on a child's face! By reaching out and helping to meet some of their needs, our soldiers can also establish all-important good relationships with the people they're living near and working with -- developing the friendship, trust, and intelligence sources that help keep our troops safe and secure in the areas in which they're based.
How you can help
You can donate items for the children, or make a tax-deductible monetary donation to purchase and ship supplies.
Donate items
any size are needed.

Clothing in children's sizes 0 to 20 does not have to be new, but must be clean and in good condition. Items for girls should not be suggestive or revealing.

School supplies -- Pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, blunt-tip scissors, paper, and glue are especially needed.

Personal hygiene items -- The main request is for toothbrushes and toothpaste, as many soldiers are teaching dental hygiene to the children. Other items including shampoo and soap are welcome. Trial-sized items are great for small hands.

Candy and small toys are always welcome. Hey, they're kids! These items help our soldiers to comfort and communicate with them.

Send all item donations to:

"Operation SOS: KIDS"
P.O. Box 832
Torrington, CT. 06790


Soldiers' Angels
Attn:: Operation Outreach914 Tourmaline Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320

If you would like to send your items by UPS or FedEx, please do not use the PO Box!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Compassion and Mercy

I have REALLY forced myself to give Sir Rowland's teacher her peace. Despite my need to know EVERYTHING. (Just ask DH, he will tell you I am certifiably insane when it comes to snooping and knowing all, it is a disease).

Anyway, I have been trying to give the teacher some breathing room. Even though I want to run to her everyday saying, how did he do? How did he do, like some sort of foaming at the mouth Labrador retriever. I am learning, no news is good news. (Which as a military wife, you would think I got that tip about 16 years ago.)

The problem is, I see her "socially" at church as well. So I will be seeing her at prayer group on Wednesdays, and at Awanas. I am having to bite my tongue and swallow all sorts of blood. Ridiculous.

Undoubtedly, she already presumes I am half nutty anyway. I must keep an ounce of dignity for my family....

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question

She is certainly cute, so I am sure she will breed, but God help us all if she does.

Shattering the stereotype that all blondes are dumb, and beauty queens are adle minded. Did she say Osama?

Why does everything happen in one day?


Sunday was busy, and I actually got some things done. I am beat though.

Went to church, and had the pleasure of listening to a former Russian, who's Father was imprisoned in Siberia for 13 years for practicing Christianity. Amazing story, really. KGB, Russians, spies, death... Heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. I need to try and find this mans story somewhere online, because it was really amazing.

There was an added bonus, this man studied voice at Julliard (met his wife there as well) and they traveled singing opera together for years, most of that time being spent in Switzerland. So he sang God Bless America, and a beautiful Russian hymn, I had never heard before.

We had to come home and do inevitable chores. Make lunch, do dishes, wash bed linens...I thought I was all done with laundry on Friday? Since I am a SAHM, I really do try and take advantage of Monday-Friday. But darn, if there weren't chores anyway. Cookies to bake for this weeks school lunches. New cookies Sir Rowland picking the recipe out. Double chocolate thumbprint peanut butter cookies, and then I made "healthier" oatmeal, raisins, and craisin cookies.

DH had to trim those rounded holly shrubs out front, and there are more! He also knocked out some wasps nests, and cleaned the front light out which was full of bugs...ick.

Anyway, for every one thing we managed to get done, it was like the give a mouse a cookie thing.

Tonight we had AWANAS new parent orientation. There was also a bridal shower for one of The Collectives babysitters, but I did not have the time, or energy left to go. And then there was supper, dishes, baths, getting The Collective ready for bed. It just felt busy all day.

Amazing how busy Sunday can be.

We did treat ourselves to a lazy day Saturday. We went to the lake, went swimming, and had a picnic. The amazing thing was DH was lying on the beach, when Sir Rowland went to shore, put his ball cap over his eyes and laid in the sun basking and relaxing. DH and I were shocked, as Sir Rowland GOES, GOES, GOES...and we have never seen him unplugged NEVER. wheels are always turning. That was a pleasant surprise. I did manage to get a little reading (fun reading) done. The Collective continue to sunburned on the one spot I cannot get sunscreen on. Right around the eyes. they sort of resemble racoons. I cannot get them to leave sunglasses on in the water.

Iranian Comedian? Oxymoron?

I do think the cat thing is funny

Sunday, August 26, 2007

LIVE PJ Party at SpouseBuzz!

Listen here!

WE are discussing the ARMY WIVES Lifetime series season finale!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Now we will be naked, dead, with no dogs to play with and no toys...

5 days?

I picked up Sir Rowland today, to find yet another smiling face peering from "the notebook". The kid can behave for 5 days in a row, some one get the smelling salts, I think I might fall out.

He has also moved up another reader! I guess he got it yesterday, and as I was browsing through it today, I noted he has completed some of the comprehension excercises. He is almost half through, and the books are not thin. He seems to be motivated.

He was a little disgusted, (or pretended to be) today. when I asked who he played with at recess, he said the girls were violent, and spent the recess chasing him, and putting him in prison. Yeah he said violent...I have no idea where he would get his penchant for the dramatic.

So he earned 2, 30 minute sessions on the computer/gameboy/leapster Saturday and Sunday. He is currently working on some Franklin does math disc, and seems to be enjoying it.

On the homefront all is well.

Pink Ninja and I have spent days combing one anothers hair, going to the park, the library, painting our nails, having tea parties, changing dolls diapers, cooking, and baking. It ha been wonderful. I am actully pleased with how nicely we are getting along. She even begged to play school today, so she actually got several pages in a workbook done. I awarded her with stickers, she was proud.

It is a wonderful feeling to have the house quiet, no fighting, no refereeing, no arguing, wrestling, or fighting. which from what I hear is common in siblings that are less than 2 years apart.

But as soon as Sir Rowland gets home....BOOM, it starts up almost immediatly. They need to quit, it is like having kittens, or bear cubs in the house all of the time.

the Panic Room...

Maybe I should rename my blog?

I have gotten a couple of e-mails, and a couple of calls reassuring me all would be well. And I know it will be, but the blog is "my panic room". I mean, I cannot walk around in broad daylight freaking out. Ask most that know me in person...I am pretty even keel, and will almost always be the rock for others going through crises. I DO GREAT in crises, I am like Super Woman if need be.

I do like to plan for the worst. Which I think is a Midwestern, German immigrant, aggrerian thing to do. I mean it gets cold back home, if ones crop fails, or the winter is bad, and one is not prepared well people died. Not so much any longer, with the advent of grocery stores and the like. Heck read Rolvag. It is as simple as that. I come from hearty stock, we women can work as hard as any man, and we are built to pull a plow if need be. So I plan for the worst almost always. One needs a plan, just in case.

Because unlike* New Orleans or a democrat, well I do not expect anyone to come to my rescue.

*I had to throw that in there, I really thought it was funny, I need something to laugh about.

The Police Chief is an ass

Since Sir Rowland is in school now, I have taken to going to a local park in the morning, before the temps will burn our internal organs. Yesterday while at the park, I found a set of keys and sunglasses. So Pink Ninja and I drove to our local Police Station and turned them in. You never know. someone could have been abducted or something, strange things happen all of the time, including this park.

Anyway, I just got a phone call...

AWTM: "Good Afternoon."

Ass: "This is Police Chief so and so, and you need to pick up this set of keys and sunglasses that are taking up space on my desk."

AWTM: "Oh really"

Ass: "Yes."

AWTM: "You do realize I found those keys, and brought them to you figuring since there is a library card, and a grocery card, you could find the identity of the person, and return them to the owner. Finding an abandoned set of keys, can mean absentmindedness, or abduction...."

Ass: "The grocery store will not help the police department in that matter, and frankly after a few days, I just throw these things in the trash, well anyway the detective had your name on the wrong paperwork."

AWTM: "well that sounds like a problem for your detective, and not a SAHM."

Ass: "thanks for bringing the keys in."

AWTM: "anytime."

Now folks I realize, that police have more important things to do than deal with keys. (this is a small town) However, since there was a rape at that park just a few months ago, well one never knows what to do when one finds a set of keys. Also, I would have located the owner myself, but that can be dangerous as well. Also if the police chief had time to call me and be an asshole, I promise you he had time to run to the library and find the rightful owner...the ladies at the library would have been more than helpful, I assure you.

And does one really begin a conversation with this?

"This is Police Chief so and so, and you need to pick up this set of keys and sunglasses that are taking up space on my desk."

I mean that is just rude as far as I am concerned.

It will be interesting to see if I get picked up for speeding this week, I should have been nicer I suppose.

You folks will bail me out won't you?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hard conversations

Tonight on SpouseBuzz.

Please join us 8pm Central time.


I just picked up Sir Rowland.

No Principal, no teacher.

A smiley face and a WOW for the daily note!

Todays friend "the boy who always wears a brown shirt.

French Taunting - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

just because

Happy Birthday

Today is Mary Ann's BIRTHDAY...

I lurve Mary Ann. She is a volunteer for Soldier's Angels Germany, primarily at Landstuhl. Please stop by and offer her a birthday wish, and see what you can do for our wounded.

Write Patients in Germany
The Soldiers' Angels have adopted the Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq and all the Military hospitals worldwide. Soldiers’ Angels Germany supports the patients at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. See About Medical Evacuations to Germany.

You can write letters and cards of support and encouragement to the wounded and ill troops who are being treated in and transitioned through medical facilities in Germany.

Your cards and letters will be included in Transitional Backpacks or separately as needs dictate, but in both cases distributed directly through Soldiers’ Angels Germany. You may want to include your name, address and email address in your letters.

Suggested salutations: "Dear Soldier", "Dear Hero", "American Hero", etc. are all fine!

Please place unsealed cards and letters with "Dear Hero", etc. written on the outside in a single larger envelope and send to:

21st TSC, Medical Transient Detachment
ATTN: Soldiers’ Angels, MaryAnn Phillips
UNIT 23203
APO AE 09263

- Please notify us when items are shipped.
- If you require confirmation of receipt, please include a note with your name, Email address, and short description of items sent.
- Receipt confirmation will take 6-8 weeks.

Thank you for your support.

Final days of summer

I have not taken the children swimming much this summer, it is not something I like to do alone. As it really makes me nervous. The pool here is ALWAYS crowded, and does not open until noon, when the sun is beating down, on my very PALE children.

Anyway, with DH home, I promised the kids, WE WOULD GO SWIMMING. The temperatures have been prohibitive for much of anything, I promise. And DH and The Collective, are trying to make up for a summer lost. WE found a lake not to far from the house. It is a nice area, and has a playground just steps away as well. We have been able to take The Collective twice since DH has been home. Pink Ninja has been making sand castles, and learning to swim. Sir Rowland, is getting more and more brave.

We are going to try and get there this weekend as well, because summer is coming to a close, even if the temperatures say 107.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the groove?


I was not met by the principal today! Oh and I was prepared for the worst...ahhhT

Seems as if this Samuel fellow Sir Rowland thought would make a good friend has reciprocated, and now they are as thick as thieves.

The teacher told me they were inseperable today, and that SR wrote his phone # and sent it home with the boy to arrange a play date. HA!

Sir Rowland also told me, he shared his chips ahoy, and grapes with him.

That sounds like a nice thing to do.

He also told me, he thought Samuel, would make a great name for a sheep.

So I am going to celebrate the rest of the day, by not filling myself with dread like a silly goose.

Wait until Daddy hears, he will be happy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of school/Escort Service

I am used to blogging, when a thought pops in my head. I do not edit, or spell check. I just type it, to get it out of my head. My blog has turned into a sort of scriptotherapy in some cases. Although I must say, there seems to be more and more that I choose not to blog about.

The first day of school has been one of those things I have struggled with. I am unsure how to put it up without offending anyone. I am also starting to realize I probably need to be a little more careful about Sir Rowland, because after all it is "his life". I do not want to embarrass him with my posts.

So I am going to try and keep this as honest as possible, in order for my blog to continue working as my inexpensive therapy. Because this past 2 days, has been difficult for me. I am really trying not to be dramatic about it.....but I wish I could just make it easier.

Monday morning, the four of us were all here under one roof. WOW, so I felt it imperative that DH walk Sir Rowland into school. DH has missed a lot of Milestone moments with The Collective, and I figured, SR and Daddy needed a moment. I also allowed Pink Ninja to go, as she is loosing her playmate, she is curious about school as well.

I tried to hang back as much as I could. I kept myself busy with snapping photos, and followed behind them. Sir Rowland found his playmate he met at VBS, grabbed her hand, brought her over to us and introduced us all. He was so thrilled to see her. Because she is familiar, and is also in Kindergarten, and is sitting right next to him.

I was releived to see him smiling, and open, and with a friend.

I did not cry at the school, I was good, and there did not seem much reason for it.

DH took Pink Ninja to the park after we dropped SR off at the school, so I could come home and take a bubble bath. I did do that, but I will admit to having a little difficulty concentrating. Part of me was simply missing SR, and the other was really just waitng for a phonecall.

You see SR is not used to the preschoolization/daycarzation of our youth. Which is to say I am a SAHM, and he has not been exposed to standing in line, waiting your turn, buddy system, listening to other adults, etc. Plus, with the added bonus of having a child that can do minor math calculations, can tell you that an LED is a light emitting diode and how it works, and has the tendency to process visual cues, better than auditory ones. Well, it has filled me with a certain amount of trepidation.

Frankly I have tried to make the transition as easy, and painless as I can, because I know the framework for a good attitude for learning is important, and I really wanted to make sure he is ready.

And honestly, I think I have him about as ready as I can possibly have him. It is time. Hence, why I picked the Academy, it is small. 11 in his class. 3 Kindergarten children, and 8 first graders.

SR did do a short stint in a Mothers Day Out Program 3 years ago (?), but after catching EVERY disease in a 3,000 mile radius, and bringing those germs home to a newborne infant, and DH being deployed. I nixed the Mothers Day Out program after about 3 months. The trips to the Dr. and pharmacy every 4-7 days, and sleepless nights due to RSV, rota virus etc...well it was to much for this mil-spouse.

Anyway that brings us to Monday again...

So I sent him, and did not get a call. ahhhhhh.....I also resisted the tempataion to call the school about 40 times.

WE loaded up at pick up time, and DH and I were greeted by not only his teacher, but the principal.

That is never a good sign, is it?

So they tell me, SR got up and left the classroom twice. However, it seems as though the rest of his day went well. They went ahead and gave him a first grade reader, which he is flying through....very easy for him. Oh and he got a wekkly Bible verse to memorize. He read it, memorized it-done. Not a bad day considering, but it did not stop me from having a good cry on a short drive, while alone. I am sure it is a lot of combined emotions. Reintergration, DH starting a new job, Kindergarten, a change in roles for me, coming off those damn hormones...but I cried. Damnit.

Today I went to pick up SR, and I see my little man, being led by the principal (again) who also has a hand full of papers. So I stand and wait, with a sick stomach.

He left the room again.

So he had to write "I will not run away" 12 times on paper tonight. Which he finished. He has pretty decent handwriting for a 5 year old.

But other than that it seems he had a good day.

I did not cry tonight.

I am trying to figure out why SR left the room. Was he on sensory overload? Was he trying to avoid being seen flapping his hands, chewing his shirt, or various other nervous ticks he has? Did he need a time out? I am unsure, as he is unclear as to why he is leaving.

The having to write "I will not run away" 12 times, well that might have done the trick. As when you are 5, and have taught yourself how to write, and are a perfectionist, well things can take a while. He was trying to be REAL neat with it, and I really dicouraged neatness. As he was spending more time erasing than he was writing. I tried to explain to him, he was 5, and his handwriting did not have to be PERFECT. I do not think he enjoyed his writing assignment.

I have been trying to praise him. As honestly, I am surprised, he is being able to hang from 8:15- 2:55. That is a long day, when you are used to the comforts of home, and have no preschoolization/daycarzation. I will also say, I do not agree with full day Kindergarten. I think it benifits working parents, and not necessarily children. 7 hours is a long time to expect much order from 5 year olds. But I am not an educator by trade.

So, SR is actually doing better than I had expected. He really is. I recieve a written report daily, and both days, he has had a smiley face, and they have been reported as good days. I am trying to focus on the positives, instead of anticipating the worst. But when you see the principal the first 2 days of school, well........

My pessismistic streak, Midwestern upbringing, and socio-economic upbringing, are leaving me with a sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling, which I wish I could shake.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I packed a lunch

It is official, I am a hard core wuss when it comes right down to it.

I packed Sir Rowland's lunch for school.

It was surreal.

Contents of lunch per Sir Rowlands request.

-extraordinary salad with crab/black olives/romaine lettuce/grape tomatoes
-salad dressing
-chips ahoy
-2 juice boxes

Can I tell you, it was surreal, and I kept getting teary eyed, hell I am getting teary eyed just typing this.

Kindregarten is going to kick my behind.

DH assures me all is well, and I am supposed to be sad.

I seriously feel like a Momma bird nudging him out of here.

I will finish this up tomorrow, as DH is home for his final day before heading back to work, and will have Pink ninja at the park. I am going to bake brownies, cry and blog...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Radiohead - Let Down

yeah top ten...


Top ten bands...for sure

who would you pick

Hawt date

Ok, so the date went well. Except for the damn heat. My oh my, the only cool place, was the bridge over the river at midnight. First and foremost on the bike for me is safety. I always wear long sleeves, and jeans, helmet, and boots. One never knows. But damn, I cannot wait for fall.

Dweeb moment of the date, walking into the grocery store LATE, after realizing I did not change out bigger bills to the sitter. I didn't want to take my helmet off. Time is money you know. DH almost died.

I was plagued again by weird dreams. Nothing to horrid, or I would have remembered.

We are headed to the lake again for a picnic, and swim. I am hoping to get some reading time in.

Sir Rowland starts school in 2 1/2 days. I am better than I would have been a year ago. However, one minute the idea of it is kicking my ass, and the next moment I am fine with it, and very rpoud of the strides he has made this past year.

Praying big

Friday, August 17, 2007

bike ride

OK so it has been a while since we have had a date around here. I could go back in my archives to check, but I am certain it is well over 6 months. I have by the grace of God, found a sitter to arrive at our home at 8:30pm.

Tah Dah (This was done about 1 1/2 weeks ago)

Now, we have to figure out what we are going to do.

The temperatures have been scorchers for 2 weeks now. I do not think the high has been under 102 for 2 weeks, no rain either. But I think we are going to take the bike out, for an evening ride, heck by 8:30pm, it should be at least 93 out. SO now to find something safe, but cool to wear while on the bike, all the while trying to maintain a sense of cute, with a helmet on making me sweat like I am in 3 hells. I may forgo looking cute, and not even do hair or makeup.... After all, I think after the bike ride, we are going to go see Rescue Dawn, with Christian Bale.

I have not heard much online buzz about the movie, but did find this review by Roger Ebert.

by Roger Ebert

When he was a child during World War II, Dieter Dengler had an attic room on a German hillside overlooking a valley. One day an American fighter plane roared past "only feet away," he recalled. The plane's canopy was down, he made eye contact with the pilot for a moment and instantly knew that he wanted to fly.

Werner Herzog's "Rescue Dawn," based on Dengler's experiences, begins early in the Vietnam War, when Dengler is a U.S. Navy pilot stationed on a carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin. At 18, he enlisted to get American citizenship and to fly. Assigned to a secret, illegal bombing mission over Laos, he is shot down, and the film involves his experiences as a prisoner of war, his escape and his harrowing fight for survival in the jungle. He was one of only seven Americans to escape from a Viet Cong POW camp and live. Dengler (played by Christian Bale) scoffs at his flimsy bamboo "cell" until a fellow American tells him, "Don't you get it? It's the jungle that is the prison."

His ordeal includes tortures in the camp (he is hung by his heels with an ants' nest fastened to his head) and an agonizing trek though the jungle, at first with a fellow American named Duane (Steve Zahn), then alone. Herzog makes no attempt to pump this story up into a thrilling adventure. There is nothing thrilling about dysentery, starvation, insect bites and despair. The film heads instead into the trembling fear at Dengler's center.

This feature has been long on the mind of Herzog, who film for film is the most original and challenging of directors. He used the real Dieter Dengler in a 1997 documentary named "Little Dieter Needs to Fly," in which he took Dengler back to the jungle, and together they re-created his escape while Dengler provided a breathlessly intense narration.

Considering that Herzog made both films, it is perhaps not surprising that the "fictional" feature is more realistic than the documentary. With Herzog there is always free trade between fact and fantasy. "Little Dieter" shows Dengler obsessively opening and closing the doors and windows of his house, to be sure he is not locked in. Not true, Herzog told me; the director added that detail for dramatic effect. Also in the doc, Dengler imagines himself being followed through the jungle by a bear, who came to represent "death, my only friend." That seems to be a fantasy, yet Herzog says it was real. But there is no bear in "Rescue Dawn." Too hard to believe, is my guess.

The movie is, indeed, perhaps the most believable that Herzog has made. For a director who gravitates toward the extremes of human behavior, this film involves extreme behavior, yes, but behavior forced by the circumstances. There is nothing in it we cannot, or do not, believe. I was almost prepared to compare it to the classic storytelling of John Huston when I realized it had crucial Herzogian differences.

One is the use of location. Asked long ago why he went to so much trouble to shoot "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" and "Fitzcarraldo" hundreds of miles into the rainforests of the Amazon, he said it involved "the voodoo of location." He felt actors, directors, cinematographers and perhaps the film itself absorbed something from where the shooting took place. Even for his vampire film "Nosferatu" (1990), he sought out the same locations F.W. Murnau used in the silent 1922 original.

In "Rescue Dawn," filmed in the jungles of Thailand, there is never the slightest doubt we are in the jungle. No movie stars creeping behind potted shrubbery on a back lot. The screen always looks wet and green, and the actors push through the choking vegetation with difficulty. We can almost smell the rot and humidity. To discuss the power of the performances by Bale, Zahn and Jeremy Davies (as another POW) would miss the point unless we speculated about how much of the conviction in their work came from the fact that they were really doing it in the hellish place where it was really done.

The other Herzog touch is the music. Herzog recoils from conventional scores that mirror the action. Here he uses not upbeat adventure music, but brooding, introspective, doomy music by Klaus Badelt; classical and chamber performances, and passages by Popol Vuh, the German New Age band that supplied so much of the feeling in "Aguirre" (1972) and "Fitzcarraldo" (1982).

"Rescue Dawn" opened in some U.S. markets on July Fourth. It is about a man who won the Purple Heart, the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Navy Cross (none of which the movie mentions). Given the times we live in, is it an upbeat, patriotic film? Not by intention. It is simply the story of this man. When he is finally greeted back aboard his aircraft carrier, there is no "mission accomplished" banner, and when he is asked for his words of advice for the cheering crew, he says: "Empty that which is full. Fill that which is empty. If it itches, scratch it."


last night I was plagued by such awful dreams, I haven't felt right all morning.

I hate when that happens.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot Mess

So, Sir Rowland cannot get to sleep, but his Mother is doing great in that department.

I am able to sleep at a different depth with DH here. I have been able to sleep in, in the mornings which I adore. I really do. My sleep in the mornings is so lovely, it is hard to explain, but it is not a heavy sleep. My morning sleep is seductive, and I am "just awake enough", to let me know I am enjoying it. ahhhhhhh.....

DH and I just finished watching the final season of Deadwood, and I am is OVER. I enjoyed the series so much, and I do not think much was resolved, as they left things unfinished and released the actors from the contracts. So that is it. No more Deadwood.

So now, I suppose we have one Season of Rome left, and that is over. HBO ending that as well. Damn HBO.

We have decided to start watching Big Love, which is a series based on a polygamous marriage. One Husband, and 3 wives. Interesting enough. Although last night during episode 1, the Husband, had to resort to using viagra between his busy work schedule, and his busy wife schedule....

I do not watch television much as a rule. I do like series. But other than that-nothing. Frankly I am shocked by what is one television most of the time.

Last week while trying to occupy myself, I noted Brett Micheals, (of Poison, 1980's hair band fame), has his own show on VH1, where he is trying to fall in love with one of like 20 blonds, with mostly bleached hair, and monstrous boob jobs. For some reason, the devil got a hold of me, and I watched this hot mess for about 30 minutes. After that train wreck, Scott Baio was on VH1. Scott Baio is 45, and single, and a douche bag. I will tell you why Scott Baio is single-BORING, well boring, and still a douche bag. He no longer wears a bandanna around his leg, but should, at least that would be interesting, or maybe he sould be hanging out with the FONZ, everyone loved the FONZ, and Fonzie, was a chick magnet. Heck even Mrs. C had a thing for the FONZ. I watched that mess for 10 minutes. It was NO GOOD at all.

The most exciting mess I saw was another VH-1 show called The Pick-up Artist. A show in which the dorkiest, nice guys on te planet, are taught how to pick up slutty chicks in bars, by some tall, odd, homosexual acting, former magician buy the name of "Mystery". This dude was simply the biggest mess I have seen in a while. His big tip for picking up women in bars...

"wear something interesting, like goggles"

So women, beware of any random douche bag with goggles on, I am sensing a trend here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Following in his Mothers footsteps

It seems as though Sir Rowland, is a little anxious about his Father returning, and has a case of anxiety driven insomnia.


Not exactly what we need in a household of early risers, a week before school starts.


I have been trying EVERYTHING I know, warm milk, bananas, an extra long boring story, a back rub, extra evening activity. You name it.

The kid just can't seem to get to sleep.

It makes me miserable, because I do suffer from the same affliction, and always have. I was the only 7th grader I knew that went to sleep listeing to 1940's radio shows at 1 and 2am.


Last night I tried to introduce him to "counting sheep". This really turned into a disaster. I was lying next to him in his bed trying to explain the methodology involved, and I asked him to begin.

AWTM: "Close your eyes, and imagine a rolly polly sheep, white with wool and a black face, running heavily and jumping a fence."

Sir Rowland: "I see him, can i make my own now?"

AWTM: "sure"

Sir Rowland: "This sheep has a black face, hooves, eyeglasses, and is in a wheel chair, he has to open the gate, with a special button."

AWTM: "ok"

Sir Rowland: "This sheep, is a black sheep, with a top hat on, and he is going to do a blooper, and jump and then trip over the fence"

AWTM: Sir Rowland, it is really more benificial, if we try and make all sheep the same, with no sort of excitement, so you can focus your thoughts and relax"

Sir Rowland: "Oh I have an idea, this next sheep is a tricky one, and has a maze shaved into his wool!"

AWTM: (leaving Sir Rowland to himself. )

I am not sure when he went to sleep...

Monday, August 13, 2007


From the BBC

Chinese toy boss 'kills himself'
One of the affected toys
The recall affected some well-known toys on sale in the US and UK
The boss of a Chinese toy firm involved in a huge safety recall has committed suicide, Chinese media has said.

Zhang Shuhong, who co-owned the Lee Der Toy Company, was reportedly found dead at his factory in southern China.

About 1.5 million toys made for Fisher Price, a subsidiary of US giant Mattel, were withdrawn from sale earlier this month. Many were made by Lee Der.

The recalled toys include characters from Sesame Street's Big Bird and Elmo, and Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer.

Increasing scrutiny

Zhang killed himself on Saturday, according to the Southern Metropolitan Daily and other news sources.

He reportedly hanged himself in his factory.

"When I rushed there around 5pm, police had already sealed off the area," the newspaper quoted a manager at the firm as saying. "I saw that our boss had two deep marks in his neck."

The news report did not give a reason for Zhang's apparent suicide, but Lee Der was known to be under pressure after the huge product recall.

Fisher Price announced on 2 August that it was recalling some of Lee Der's Chinese-made toys, in a move affecting 83 product-types sold around the world, including the US and the UK.

An internal investigation found the toys had been made using a non-approved paint pigment which contained excessive amounts of lead, violating safety standards.

A manager at Lee Der blamed its paint supplier for the incident, according to the Southern Metropolitan Daily.

Chinese-made products have come under increasing international scrutiny in recent months, after a series of safety scandals.

A substance found in pet food made in China caused the death of a number of animals in the United States, and toxic ingredients were also found in Chinese-made toothpaste


I do enjoy Francis Marion....

Because of little things like this!

The first thing that hits you here is the heat; it’s Phoenix hot or maybe a little more on occasions. Baghdad International seems a little neglected and the terrain could be some drier parts of Utah, like Dougway. In the parking lot I smell old urine and think, “maybe Tucson.”

Go over and read the rest!


Invisible Sun

Getting used to one another...

The temperatures have averaged 102 over the last week, and will continue to do so for another week or so. We are lucky this year, to get this lucky in August. Last summer I swear it was 100 from June-October. We have had to resort to watering the lawn, before it turns to straw.

DH is home, and is enjoying being out of his small dorm like room with no kitchen or company. He cannot believe how big The Collective are, even though he has been able to see tham sporadically over the last 6 months.

WE are all trying to get accustomed to one another. Which will be an easy feat this week, as we all miss one another terribly, and there is no schedule of any sort. DH has a short amount of time off of work, and well there are no standing appointments.

Can I tell you how nice it is to have DH home. I have been able to sleep in, and have been urged to nap. While i am doing dishes, DH is bathing The Collective. It is time saving indeed....

However this all seems to change SOON, Sir Rowland will start school. Kindergarten to be precise. I will be volenteering one day a week at the school, and AWANAS will start on Sunday nights, with DH and I BOTH helping. And there is more to come... DH, has been moved from his current position to a new one. His last job was requiring about 12-15 hours a day, plus the phone calls, weekends, etc. I hope this new job is a little kinder to our family.

So we have to go from 0-60 overnight it seems. So I am going to try to ENJOY the week, because it will soon be over I suppose.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Soldier's Angels

A reminder to vote for Soldier's Angels in this charity contest!!

I always forget Soldier's Angels COVERS SO MUCH GROUND. I mean they do. I have heard people who have recieved the help first hand.

Another Soldier's angels TEAM....

I am sure most households with children, will be able to help with this!

From Soldier's Angels


(Say Our Soldiers: Kids In-theater Deserve Support)

We have had many requests from our soldiers asking for items to help them in their humanitarian missions to local towns and villages. Many of these soldiers are parents or have brothers and sisters, and their hearts go out to these children who have so much less than many other children.

The purpose of Operation SOS: KIDS is to send humanitarian relief through shipments to American soldiers for distribution to children in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other areas where our Heroes are deployed.

The project

US. Soldiers often give up their own goodies and snacks to be able to share with the children they see every day.

Some of the heroes this project has supported:

A SGT with a Medic unit requesting candy and small toys to help build relationships

A 1LT requesting school supplies to help get the local schools going.

A USAF SSgt in Afghanistan requesting school supplies and other items to help local children. (see Wings of Hope)

A USAF TSgt. in seeking items for the children his unit comes in contact with every day.
Why it is needed
People in war-torn areas have so little and have been through so much. The children need food, clothing, school supplies, and personal hygiene items, and the occasional toy or treat puts a huge smile on a child's face! By reaching out and helping to meet some of their needs, our soldiers can also establish all-important good relationships with the people they're living near and working with -- developing the friendship, trust, and intelligence sources that help keep our troops safe and secure in the areas in which they're based.
How you can help
You can donate items for the children, or make a tax-deductible monetary donation to purchase and ship supplies.
Donate items
any size are needed.

Clothing in children's sizes 0 to 20 does not have to be new, but must be clean and in good condition. Items for girls should not be suggestive or revealing.

School supplies -- Pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, blunt-tip scissors, paper, and glue are especially needed.

Personal hygiene items -- The main request is for toothbrushes and toothpaste, as many soldiers are teaching dental hygiene to the children. Other items including shampoo and soap are welcome. Trial-sized items are great for small hands.

Candy and small toys are always welcome. Hey, they're kids! These items help our soldiers to comfort and communicate with them.

Send all item donations to:

"Operation SOS: KIDS"
P.O. Box 832
Torrington, CT. 06790


Soldiers' Angels
Attn:: Operation Outreach914 Tourmaline Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320

If you would like to send your items by UPS or FedEx, please do not use the PO Box!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

I saw that little SOB mouse this morning, run from behind the fridge, back into the laundry room. It almost made me puke. I did check the poison I threw behind the dryer. It is open, and he did eat some. Damn thing, now I hope he does not die before DH can get home and rid me of the body.

I will do it if necessary, but I promise, with DH doe home in less than 10 hours, it is not my job.

ICK. Mice. Damn Walt Disney and anyone else who has tried to make these creatures tolerable. Pixar, and this damn Ratitoullie movie too. Dirty disease laden beasts.

In other news, The Collective came to my bed this morning, expecting to find Daddy. No such luck.

Then DH calls, and he was in the Carolina mountains, and had just had to replace a serpentine belt, and a couple of other things....

Sigh of relief, as the darn Ford Exploder is on its last legs. the thing has well over 200,000 miles on it, transmission is almost shot, and we have had to unwillingly dump more money into her than we would like. But the damn thing is paid for. And until we can replace her, well frankly we are stuck. DH was in walking distance from an auto parts store, and it happened within about 15 minutes of the shop opening. Which was a good thing. Otherwise, I would be on way way across the country to bury the exploder and pick up DH.

This little car problem, has threw DH behind schedule, and I may have to get a sitter for the SpouseBuzz radio show tonight. Darn it.

I am trying to tie up loose ends today. Final preparations. There is a roast ready for the crock pot. I have a peach pie that needs preparing. There are a lto of sign s to hang.

Also, I will PROBABLY take a couple of days off from blogging, as I am sure to be busy for the next couple of days....

Not unless of course I live blog that...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fox News on Scott Beauchamp

what do you know Fox news, stopped the Lindsey Lohan watch to report this....

Sparks Fly: Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson v. Captain Jon Soltz

More proof that Solz is a whack job

fuck a mouse

I just went in to check on the clothes in my dryer, and saw a mouse run against the back wall.


I hate mice.

I really do.

Dirty things.

I put poison out for the little SOB.

I will not drag a mouse corpse out of a trap with DH home in less than 30 hours away.

Vermin carcus freak me wore than the live vermin...


End Scene....

The curtains are closing at my friend Andi's World.

The closing of a blog, hard to do, and sad to watch. As they seem to take on their own persona.

I will miss Andi giving the very lady like smackdown, to those who need it.

She will be continuing her efforts, with her other projects, including SpouseBuzz.

Speaking of which, she has a most excellent, and revealing post up today about what it is really like to be a military wife....


The 3 of us have dental appointments today. Yeah the 3 of us, the Dentists office thinks they are brilliant and scheduled us all at the same time....

Which could be a way to knock it out, or frankly, could end in disaster.

It is sweltering out, and we are doomed to the indoors today, not to mention all of the last minute details for homecoming. Washing linens, dusting, and the like.

There is a pie to make, and I am sure some spot cleaning of carpets.

Oh, and these monkeys, who find it entertaining to irritate the crap out of one another.

Maybe I could start selling tickets to cage matches?

Siouxsie And The Banshees-Kiss Them For Me

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Collective spent the morning in the mud, and the afternoon painting!

Garage Sale

A point to maddness

I woke this morning, to find the temps already in the 90's. Skies blue, so blue it almost hurt my eyes to look.

90 degrees, and I am held up with a 3 and 5 year old, that seem hell bent on killing one another.

I just need a few moments, to get a couple of things done.

a single load of laundry

sweeping the garage out


unloading the dishwasher....

small things, so when DH arrives home, it looks like a home instead of a zoo....

But these monkeys....

oh goodness

Emmylou Harris : Easy From Now On

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I got to spend about an hour with GRITS's Mother and Aunties yesterday, drinking sweet tea, watching The Collective open gifts and eat a sundae, and opening a box containing about 16 jars of apple butter, pear honey, peach butter, figs, and assorted jellies. YUM. It is always nice to see these folks. Although I did miss her Pop.

Of course no afternoon tea would be complete without Sir Rowland asking GRITS's Mother if she wanted butter on her butt. For the love of GOD. I mean really. He then had the nerve to ask us all "was that classic?" To which I answered "no". He then asked, "well was it funny?" to which I replied "no, but it was embarassing."

We did manage to open a jar of the apple butter last night, and we all tried it on sourdough toast. YUMMMMMMY.

Hey, the outfit for Pink Ninja fit, the skirt is a little big in the waist, but heck she is 3 and about 43 inches tall, all legs. I can fix that EASY. Sir Rowland loved his fancy socks, he had to wear them to church this morning and asked EVERYONE "so do you like my cool new socks?" He also promised me they were so white, he would not get them dirty! HA!

In another note. Between the summer heat, and The Collective playing climb in bed with Mom, and then wake before 6am, well I am FRIED. SERIOUSLY. There is still plenty of summer to go around too. ICK. So I keep reading around the blogosphere, and I keep hearing the diarists say how tired they are...thank GOD I was beginning to think I was crazy or diseased. I also think there has to be that "relief" I get when DH is headed back....the AHHHHH help is on its way, I do not have to be 100% all of the time.

I did buy a beautiful guazey white embroidered skirt today for $10.00! It is pretty, now I have to make a date with DH so I can wear it.

OK, I am off to have afternoon tea, with Pink Ninja, she even dressed for the occassion. Photos to come later.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

If anyone is curious about this Soltz fellow...

What can I say, douchebags get my dander up, OR hey pot, meet kettle!

I watched this video this afternoon.

Fireworks broke out at a Friday morning session of the second day of the YearlyKos Convention titled “The Military and Progressives: Are They Really That Different?”. An as yet unidentified uniformed soldier attempted to address the panel on the subject of the “Surge”. He was unceremoniously escorted out by panelist Jon Soltz.

The soldier’s words were either suppressed or inaudible on the convention’s own video. They can be heard here on this exclusive PJM Video by Andrew Marcus, who also interviews the soldier and tries to interview Soltz.

I watched this damn video at least 3 times, and I did not hear a "political statement" come out of the Sgts. mouth. Maybe I need to listen to it again. Also from what I understand the yearly KOS Convention, is billed as a "bloggers event" and not a political one. I also think there is the added bonus of being handed a tinfoil cap upon entry.

Also note Ret. General Wesley Clark on the panel. I seem to recall General Clark making a lot of political statements while in uniform.....and although I think those statement might have forced him into retirement, they certainly did not discharge him dishonorably.

Take a look HERE of Mr. Soltz, pictured in uniform, on a political website that advocates voting for ONLY Democrats as candidates

Look what found this am

From The Fastest Squirrel

A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.

Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen.

"Careful," he said, "CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my GOD!
You're cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM NOW! We need more butter. Oh my GOD! WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER? They're going to STICK! Careful . CAREFUL! I said be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have you LOST your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!"

The wife stared at him. "What in the world is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?"

The husband calmly replied, "I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I'm driving."

Labels: Squirrel Humor

Short night...or they might be trying to kill me.

I was awake half of the night, and I still am trying to figure it out.

I co-slept with the babies, not out of want but out of necessity, as DH was deployed with both infants. I also breastfed both babies. So frankly it was easier for me to lie in bed, than it was to get up every 2-4 hours. I co-slept for 15 months with each. And, so it was about 6 months after that until my nights were uninterrupted. I can't remember any longer. But it was a while, before BOTH children were sleeping through the night.

And when it FINALLY happened, it was not lost on me. The first night I got 6 HOURS of sleep in a row, WOW, I felt like a new woman. I felt like I could take on the World.

New Mothers deserve medals. (except for the ones who say, "my baby slept through the night, the first night home from the hospital"- I hate you, a lot of us shhhhhh).

Anyway, Sir Rowland is having "growing pains", at least that is what everyone is calling them. Pain in feet and legs, that mainly manifests itself at night. Normally not a problem. I wake up and make a warm pack, massage it, and sometimes the pain requires I give an analgesic and he goes back to sleep.

But last night I was awakened at 1:30am by Pink Ninja, scared of sleeping in her room. I was too tired to argue. But by gosh, if she is not a thrashy sleeper. It was not fun at all. It was like sleeping with 3 year old.

2:47am. I am awakened by Sir Rowland, moaning, and fussing. Complaining about his feet, and legs.

Yuck, this went on off and on all night. I finally told Pink Ninja she had to leave because she was too wiggle wormy. She woke at her usual 5:45am.

Sir Rowland, finally got to sleep, and I left him alone. He slept in my bed until almost 8:00am.

It was not fun.

I am a picky sleeper. I am a light, light sleeper. That happens to some of us when we become new Mothers. We are afraid we will sleep through the cries of a hungry infant, and so some switch is flipped in our brains. A switch that seems to cause a need for little sleep. I wasn't a light sleeper, until The Collective. I can hear everything. I swear I can hear moths at the porch light. Maybe it is because I am here so frequently alone.

But last night was a great REMINDER how much I LOVE sleep. And how much I hate waking at 2:30am. Ick. I do not like it.

Today will be a great reminder how important sleep is to the children, because I bet...they will be GROUCHY all day.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rolling Stone’s 25 most underappreciated artists ever

by WHO?

Frankly, the list looks completely kick ass.

Well except for the Bob Seger thingy. I loathe Bob Seger.

Oh and the Pogues, I do not like them either...

Who is Pharcyde?

And I think Velvet Underground should have made the list.

1. Tom Waits
2. The Replacements
3. Cheap Trick
4. Sonic Youth
5. Warren Zevon
6. Big Star
7. The Pharcyde
8. Roxy Music
9. Talking Heads
10. Bob Seger
11. Fugazi
13. The Cramps
14. The New York Dolls
15. The Band
16. The Cars
17. Pogues
18. Alice Cooper
19. Dinosaur Jr
20. Sleater-Kinney
21. Husker Du
22. Devo
23. Wilco
24. Tom Petty
25. Ween

Another chapter in the vagina monologues

*female blogging* you HAVE been warned. If you do not want to hear about all things female CLICK OUT NOW.

Yesterday I had to make a trip to the vagina whisperer, with The Collective in tow. Per usual.

It was a follow up on my cysts, and my annual exam.

I am tired of going to the vagina whisperer, I am certain not as tired as you are hearing about "it".

It seems as though, I am going off of "the pill" now. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Doc, wants to see how I can do sans pill, as my complaint about being on the Loestrin is low energy, mood, and anxiety issues, and migraines. It has shortened my monthly cycles, and they have become less painful, in fact almost absent. However, I cannot seem to stay on focus for any length of time, and this is UNUSUAL for me, and I do not like it.

I know there are those naysayers that are going to say women use hormones as an excuse for "naughty behavior".

But I do contend that putting extra hormones in a female....well if you do not expect a physiological change from it, well than you are insane. It is estrogen for the love of PETE.

I wish my Mother were here, so I could compare what is happening to me, and what her hormonal life was like in her 30's, because I cannot recall. I recall her in her 40's. I also recall calling those her "dolphin years", because she spent a lot of time squawking in high pitched frequency. I do not want to be a dolphin.

Perimenapause? That is my guess, it can last for years you know. My Vagina Whisperer claims I am far to young, and am just having some common problems. So who knows.

Plus there was the entire matter of filling out the History and Physical AGAIN. Mine looks like a novelette, because of all of the family illness. My Parents physical issues, are enough, but then when you add Aunts and Uncles, and Grandparents to the mix. It doesn't look good in a statistics way. The nurse looked horrified. However I contend that my lifestyle and excercise regime, and diet can alter those statistics.

I also have to get a mammogram in October for a baseline. As my Mothers Sister is surviving breast cancer as we speak. I need one.

So all of those things that make us so wonderfully feminine, soft, and lovely to look at....

well, they require a lot of attention outside of the bedroom as well.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I might be able to get away with this, but I need back up dancers...

The Curtain is closing on my dorkiness bit by bit...

oh no, not on the blog.

In our home.

DH will be home SOON, which means no more pretending I am Linda Evangelista and dancing around the house.

I am going to have to cook more, shave more, not hold up with my laptop after the kids are in bed.

And I can't wait...

but I really will miss dancing to this song..

Tonight on SpouseBuzz Radio


Thursday August 2, on SpouseBUZZ radio promises to be very interesting, as we explore the transition from being an Active Duty military member to having that tan ID card of a dependent.

SpouseBuzz Radio

As always, you can call in questions and comments to the live show - starting in our new prime-time slot at 9 pm Eastern. You can also Yahoo IM us, at spousebuzz. We truly hope you join us - as this will be a very spirited and open discussion!


(646) 478-5665

What NEXT? Teddy Bears made from asbestos?

From the same Chinese that brought you the led paint lickable Thomas The Tank Engine toys, we now have Led paint Dora. What's next for the Chinese? Maybe flammable jammies, kiddies smoke em up cigars, baby cages? (Does anyone recall the Bill Murray SNL skit form the 70's?)


WASHINGTON — Toy-maker Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys — including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters — because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. The worldwide recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August. It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

The Chinese hate Parents and children! I think I can say that, they also do not want me to have any free time, they want me schlepping about town returning toys, spending money on gasoline.

The most recent large toy recall is effecting US AGAIN. Led based paints AGAIN. Is Led paint really that much more inexpensive to use? Where in the hell are folks getting led paint anyway?

First it was Thomas The Tank engine wooden toys. (which btw, are expensive) We had ALMOST EVERY piece.

And now I see Dora is in the mix. GREAT, so my daughter learning Spanish isn't enough, the Chinese want her sick as well. What am I going to do with a sick Spanish speaking child?

I guess there are also Diego, Sesame Street toys in the mix. SO CHECK HERE.

Good luck trying to get photos of what toys are being recalled. There are well over 1 million of these things, and the site is taking forever to load.

WHAT IS ECONOMIC TERRORISM: Let’s here better define ‘economic terrorism.’ First, according to Webster’s, terrorism is: “The state of being terrorized or the act of terrorizing; the use of intimidation to attain one’s goals, or to advance one’s causes.”[4] So, ‘Economic Terrorism’ is the act by any group or state for the sole and illegal purpose of creating economic chaos and collapse as a means of destroying the attendant society, for military, social, political, or religious purposes. This definition is meant to ameliorate certain potential problems in definition. Certainly, Economic Terrorism goes well beyond any simple boycott, embargo, tariff, or trade war between two countries. This would not merely be a case where one country cried ‘foul’ over another’s unfair or even illegal commercial activities. Such actions would have to be shown to be the result of an outright attempt through some malign person or group to create economic chaos meant to undermine the ability of a country to mount a defense or even exist.

Graduation Day

DH graduates from his advanced course today!

BREATHE, we can breathe.

We are very proud of you DH.

There has been a lot of studying, reading, and writing. A lot of reading.

The best part, DH was able to be with his peers, and was impressed by them all.

I am sorry to say, we are not attending DH's graduation. DH will soon be headed east to visit his Mother, which will be good medicine for them both.

The First Rule of Fight Club?

I don't like fights. I have actually never seen my DH in a fight, nor would I want to. I have never fought. Frankly I do not think I could fight my way out of a paper sack. And I am not much of a runner. So, with my smart mouth, it has been by the grace of God I have never had my ass beat.

But I soooo LOVE Ultimate Fighting. I do. Seems strange, but I enjoy it. I am also great at picking a winner.

Matt Hughes has impressed me not only with his fantastic skills in the ring, but on the outside of the ring as well.

You can read his blog HERE. An Ultimate Fighter Blog? How cool is that. Although I might make the suggestion of renaming it. I mean for the love of Pete, you are a "cage fighter". That is uber cool. But it is like a normal blog. Pictures of Matt, his brother, and friends pouring concrete on their farm, shooting a 50 cal. There is also the added bonus of Matt being a fantastic family man, and a Christian. His blog is nothing like one would suspect, if you have seen him in the ring. He talks about when the farm his Brother and he are working needs rain, when his daughter is learning to walk, he speaks a lot of his personal growth as a Christian, the relationship with his beautiful wife.

He has written in his blog before about having the pleasure of being able to train for the day with the SEALS, and takes the time to visit our troops.

DH was impressed with his visit, and said that Matt was very grateful, and appreciative of what our troops endure for all of us.

DH with Mark and Matt Hughes.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can I be this lady, when I grow up?

My Mother In Law informed me about this article from her local paper, after I went on a "disgusted with people" tagent. Thank you MIL, you always know how to remind me of goodness.

And I must thank Chip Womack for publishing this great and inspirational story!

By Chip Womick -- Staff Writer, The Courier-Tribune
Posted: 07/29/07 - 08:58:08 pm CDT

FRANKLINVILLE — One day an Army truck parked outside Audrey McKinnon’s house prompted a neighbor to ask her what was going on.

She confided that there were 50 soldiers out in the woods waiting for her and drooling.

McKinnon, who is 75, was being funny.

But what she’d said was true.

Several times a year, for several years, McKinnon has fed soldiers involved in Operation Robin Sage, a military training exercise for Special Forces troops out of Fort Bragg that is staged in several central Piedmont counties four times a year.

The role-playing exercise, set in a fictional country called Pineland, includes mock assaults, kidnappings and reconnaissance by the soldiers in training to become Green Berets. They have limited pre-packaged rations during their days in the woods.

When the training in this area is done, McKinnon starts cooking in her small kitchen, the room in her home where she says she spends most of her time. She’ll whip up chicken and dumplings for 40 or 50, or fried chicken (with the help of her son-in-law and his deep fryer), or several hams, or some other main course. She will prepare all of the required Southern fixings — mashed potatoes, green beans, pintos, and such, and, naturally, some kind of bread.

The home-cooked food is delivered to the soldiers in the field.

And they eat like there’s no tomorrow.
“They love it,” she said in a recent interview. “They’re out there about to starve.”

Her culinary contributions are appreciated. Framed certificates of appreciation from the Army fill one corner of her kitchen. There are more in another room. Soldiers have given her floppy camouflage hats, caps and even pants.

She has a hat signed by all the participants in one training group and a jacket signed by members of another. Another group of soldiers found a turtle shell, painted it gold, and signed it. Still others put their John Hancocks on a piece of wood. One creative group made her a dreamcatcher.

Last summer, McKinnon received a Commander’s Award for Public Service — and a small medal that she keeps in a box. The Department of the Army commendation reads, in part:

“As a long-serving and prominent member of the Pineland Civilian Auxiliary, your devoted effort to support Field Training Exercise Robin Sage has improved the readiness and training of every Special Forces soldier you came in contact with ...”

McKinnon appreciates the praise, but she appreciates the opportunity to serve even more.

“I feed them,” she said, “and most of the time I try to see that they’ve got a clean pair of socks, too. It’s something that I enjoy doing. A lot of people enjoy traveling or playing golf. Me, I’m doing what I enjoy doing.”

She got involved in Robin Sage after a neighbor, who had been monitoring training communications via short-wave radio, learned about “a jump” that was going to take place. He asked McKinnon if she wanted to go watch. They went and met the soldiers.

Later, they were invited to a pig pickin’ at the end of the training. McKinnon was dumbfounded when she went to the pig pickin’ and the only food was a cooked pig. She asked the commanding officer where all the “sides” were. He told her that next time, she could make them if she wanted. McKinnon has been a Robin Sage volunteer — a member of the Pineland Civilian Auxiliary — ever since.

Her husband, Neal McKinnon, died in 1992. He was a soldier. Wounded during World War II, he limped for the rest of his life. He also served during the Korean War. McKinnon said she’d like to think that someone may have helped him once like she now helps Robin Sage participants.

“I thought this could be my part,” she said. “I couldn’t be in the service now, but if I could help them a little bit, it makes a difference.”

She was raised with eight brothers and sisters in a two-story log house at the foot of Purgatory Mountain in southern Randolph County, near the future site of the N.C. Zoo. She dropped out of school to help care for younger siblings, planning to return to the books, but never got around to it. Instead, she went to work in a Randleman mill at age 16.

When she was young, the battery for the family’s radio was nearly as big as the device itself. They stored food in an ice box — kept cold by the block of ice her father bought at the ice plant in Asheboro. They kept crocks of milk in a box built at a nearby spring where the family got water.

McKinnon is amused when she hears youngsters today talk about having their own room — and some privacy. “We didn’t even know what that word meant,” she said. “We slept with a bed full. But we kept warm.”

She remembers when electric service was extended to her rural childhood home. In the beginning, a single bare bulb, hanging on a cord from the center of the ceiling, lit a room.

At 21, she married a Franklinville fellow named Neal McKinnon she’d met after her family moved to the little mill town when she was a teen. She worked at Franklinville’s Randolph Mills for many years in many departments — winding, warping, spinning.

Later, she joined the workforce at Acme-McCrary Corp., retiring after 30 years. She held a variety of jobs at the Asheboro hosiery mill, including a position in the lab, an opportunity McKinnon got, she said, because, although she dropped out of school, she has never quit learning.

After she retired, she got a call asking if she would come back and oversee the Acme-McCrary employee shop and work in the fitness center at the gym. She did that for eight years, until the shop was closed about a week ago.

She’s not likely to get bored, or be idle, in retirement.

She helps businessmen Jim Peters and Vance Davis put together a Christmas meal for area senior citizens and homebound residents in and around her adopted hometown. The effort has grown so much that others help with the meal at the Franklinville firehouse. She also is pitching in on the effort to raise money to build a new town library.

Neal and Audrey McKinnon used to collaborate in a small back-yard enterprise restoring antique furniture. She does not do that anymore, but in recent years has devoted time to making stuffed animals using socks. Her late aunt, Violet Woodell, used to make the sock monkeys so she’s carrying on a family tradition of sorts. Lately she has been experimenting with making sock hobbyhorses too.

McKinnon gives the little monkeys away, sometimes as gifts for baby showers. Some of her soldier buddies have even been recipients. If a child who knows she makes them asks for one, McKinnon says, “I’m not going to give you one, but I’ll help you make one.” That way, she said, the youngster gets a monkey and a sewing lesson.

A couple of years ago, she took advanced swimming lessons at the McCrary fitness center gym, where she still swims regularly. She also goes to aerobics classes at the center a couple of mornings a week.

She’s not averse to trying new things either. Earlier this year, she took a cruise to Nassau with her niece Linda Cagle. While in the Bahamas, she was fascinated by the parasailing. Encouraged by her niece, she took a turn up in a parachute being pulled by a boat.

“I’m gonna do the things I want to do, that I never got to do growing up,” she said.

An Army representative always calls McKinnon a couple of weeks before soldiers are due in the area for Robin Sage training.

“Miss Audrey, you want to help out?” the caller asks.

The answer, of course, is yes.

In fact, McKinnon long ago told her new Army buddies that she would be glad to keep on cooking, but that she also was interested in an expanded role during the training. Now she does more than cook during the exercises, although McKinnon said she’s not at liberty to talk about that part of her volunteer work.

She spends a few days with each group of soldiers, then they are gone. Her refrigerator is covered with photographs of family, friends and soldiers she has met, young men who are about the age of her grandchildren. She thinks about them often.

“Every time you hear of a group getting killed,” she said, “you wonder, was that one of mine?”


A move to the Yukon

Pink Ninja runs around half of the time with a red stocking cap on. Yes that is right, it is 90 plus degrees.

This morning before heading to the park, she wanted to wear a VERY winter sweatsuit.

This afternoon while unloading groceries in treacherous heat, PN insisted I make her a cup of hot cocoa to "warm her up". is hot. It was so hot in commissary, that the chocolate bar I bought PN, was almost melted.


I think we need to move to Alaska DH.

a date with the devil

I am going to the commissary today. The fridge is empty, and I keep putting it off.

First things first though, there is the park to run the vinegar out of the kids, and then the library to return a 4 foot stack of books, videos, and audio books......

DH will be home in days now!