Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Following in his Mothers footsteps

It seems as though Sir Rowland, is a little anxious about his Father returning, and has a case of anxiety driven insomnia.


Not exactly what we need in a household of early risers, a week before school starts.


I have been trying EVERYTHING I know, warm milk, bananas, an extra long boring story, a back rub, extra evening activity. You name it.

The kid just can't seem to get to sleep.

It makes me miserable, because I do suffer from the same affliction, and always have. I was the only 7th grader I knew that went to sleep listeing to 1940's radio shows at 1 and 2am.


Last night I tried to introduce him to "counting sheep". This really turned into a disaster. I was lying next to him in his bed trying to explain the methodology involved, and I asked him to begin.

AWTM: "Close your eyes, and imagine a rolly polly sheep, white with wool and a black face, running heavily and jumping a fence."

Sir Rowland: "I see him, can i make my own now?"

AWTM: "sure"

Sir Rowland: "This sheep has a black face, hooves, eyeglasses, and is in a wheel chair, he has to open the gate, with a special button."

AWTM: "ok"

Sir Rowland: "This sheep, is a black sheep, with a top hat on, and he is going to do a blooper, and jump and then trip over the fence"

AWTM: Sir Rowland, it is really more benificial, if we try and make all sheep the same, with no sort of excitement, so you can focus your thoughts and relax"

Sir Rowland: "Oh I have an idea, this next sheep is a tricky one, and has a maze shaved into his wool!"

AWTM: (leaving Sir Rowland to himself. )

I am not sure when he went to sleep...

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Anonymous said...

I love this story. Only Sir Rowland could come up with that.

It must be that time though, Tater goes to sleep but has been waking up every night between midnight and 3am.

School excitement? not sure.