Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One a Day

So what have I been up to, now that Sir Rowland is at school?

PinkNinja and I continue to enjoy one another. She is really quite well behaved. I do not have to correct her most of the day. (except for her putting a sticker on the inside of the truck wondow yesterday) A small infraction here and there. We are having fun.

She has started doing "homework, because she wants to be like her brother. She is helping with chores around the house. We have been going to the park almost daily for about 2 hours, or until the heat gets to poor ole Mom.

I have decided to try and get something ignored done every day.

Monday-finished trimming the holly bushes up front.

Tuesday-went through stuffed animals, vacuummed out truck.

Today? I think we are going to try and sort out part of the pantry/laundry room. It is unorganized. And needs a bit of a sorting. I think this may be a 2 day project. I am also going to try and iron.


yes IRON.

Sir Rowland has some very cute cotton shirts he could be wearing to school. However, I do not want anyone to think I let him sleep in his school clothes.

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