Thursday, August 23, 2007

Final days of summer

I have not taken the children swimming much this summer, it is not something I like to do alone. As it really makes me nervous. The pool here is ALWAYS crowded, and does not open until noon, when the sun is beating down, on my very PALE children.

Anyway, with DH home, I promised the kids, WE WOULD GO SWIMMING. The temperatures have been prohibitive for much of anything, I promise. And DH and The Collective, are trying to make up for a summer lost. WE found a lake not to far from the house. It is a nice area, and has a playground just steps away as well. We have been able to take The Collective twice since DH has been home. Pink Ninja has been making sand castles, and learning to swim. Sir Rowland, is getting more and more brave.

We are going to try and get there this weekend as well, because summer is coming to a close, even if the temperatures say 107.

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