Sunday, August 05, 2007


I got to spend about an hour with GRITS's Mother and Aunties yesterday, drinking sweet tea, watching The Collective open gifts and eat a sundae, and opening a box containing about 16 jars of apple butter, pear honey, peach butter, figs, and assorted jellies. YUM. It is always nice to see these folks. Although I did miss her Pop.

Of course no afternoon tea would be complete without Sir Rowland asking GRITS's Mother if she wanted butter on her butt. For the love of GOD. I mean really. He then had the nerve to ask us all "was that classic?" To which I answered "no". He then asked, "well was it funny?" to which I replied "no, but it was embarassing."

We did manage to open a jar of the apple butter last night, and we all tried it on sourdough toast. YUMMMMMMY.

Hey, the outfit for Pink Ninja fit, the skirt is a little big in the waist, but heck she is 3 and about 43 inches tall, all legs. I can fix that EASY. Sir Rowland loved his fancy socks, he had to wear them to church this morning and asked EVERYONE "so do you like my cool new socks?" He also promised me they were so white, he would not get them dirty! HA!

In another note. Between the summer heat, and The Collective playing climb in bed with Mom, and then wake before 6am, well I am FRIED. SERIOUSLY. There is still plenty of summer to go around too. ICK. So I keep reading around the blogosphere, and I keep hearing the diarists say how tired they are...thank GOD I was beginning to think I was crazy or diseased. I also think there has to be that "relief" I get when DH is headed back....the AHHHHH help is on its way, I do not have to be 100% all of the time.

I did buy a beautiful guazey white embroidered skirt today for $10.00! It is pretty, now I have to make a date with DH so I can wear it.

OK, I am off to have afternoon tea, with Pink Ninja, she even dressed for the occassion. Photos to come later.

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