Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot Mess

So, Sir Rowland cannot get to sleep, but his Mother is doing great in that department.

I am able to sleep at a different depth with DH here. I have been able to sleep in, in the mornings which I adore. I really do. My sleep in the mornings is so lovely, it is hard to explain, but it is not a heavy sleep. My morning sleep is seductive, and I am "just awake enough", to let me know I am enjoying it. ahhhhhhh.....

DH and I just finished watching the final season of Deadwood, and I am is OVER. I enjoyed the series so much, and I do not think much was resolved, as they left things unfinished and released the actors from the contracts. So that is it. No more Deadwood.

So now, I suppose we have one Season of Rome left, and that is over. HBO ending that as well. Damn HBO.

We have decided to start watching Big Love, which is a series based on a polygamous marriage. One Husband, and 3 wives. Interesting enough. Although last night during episode 1, the Husband, had to resort to using viagra between his busy work schedule, and his busy wife schedule....

I do not watch television much as a rule. I do like series. But other than that-nothing. Frankly I am shocked by what is one television most of the time.

Last week while trying to occupy myself, I noted Brett Micheals, (of Poison, 1980's hair band fame), has his own show on VH1, where he is trying to fall in love with one of like 20 blonds, with mostly bleached hair, and monstrous boob jobs. For some reason, the devil got a hold of me, and I watched this hot mess for about 30 minutes. After that train wreck, Scott Baio was on VH1. Scott Baio is 45, and single, and a douche bag. I will tell you why Scott Baio is single-BORING, well boring, and still a douche bag. He no longer wears a bandanna around his leg, but should, at least that would be interesting, or maybe he sould be hanging out with the FONZ, everyone loved the FONZ, and Fonzie, was a chick magnet. Heck even Mrs. C had a thing for the FONZ. I watched that mess for 10 minutes. It was NO GOOD at all.

The most exciting mess I saw was another VH-1 show called The Pick-up Artist. A show in which the dorkiest, nice guys on te planet, are taught how to pick up slutty chicks in bars, by some tall, odd, homosexual acting, former magician buy the name of "Mystery". This dude was simply the biggest mess I have seen in a while. His big tip for picking up women in bars...

"wear something interesting, like goggles"

So women, beware of any random douche bag with goggles on, I am sensing a trend here.

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