Saturday, August 04, 2007

What can I say, douchebags get my dander up, OR hey pot, meet kettle!

I watched this video this afternoon.

Fireworks broke out at a Friday morning session of the second day of the YearlyKos Convention titled “The Military and Progressives: Are They Really That Different?”. An as yet unidentified uniformed soldier attempted to address the panel on the subject of the “Surge”. He was unceremoniously escorted out by panelist Jon Soltz.

The soldier’s words were either suppressed or inaudible on the convention’s own video. They can be heard here on this exclusive PJM Video by Andrew Marcus, who also interviews the soldier and tries to interview Soltz.

I watched this damn video at least 3 times, and I did not hear a "political statement" come out of the Sgts. mouth. Maybe I need to listen to it again. Also from what I understand the yearly KOS Convention, is billed as a "bloggers event" and not a political one. I also think there is the added bonus of being handed a tinfoil cap upon entry.

Also note Ret. General Wesley Clark on the panel. I seem to recall General Clark making a lot of political statements while in uniform.....and although I think those statement might have forced him into retirement, they certainly did not discharge him dishonorably.

Take a look HERE of Mr. Soltz, pictured in uniform, on a political website that advocates voting for ONLY Democrats as candidates

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