Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting used to one another...

The temperatures have averaged 102 over the last week, and will continue to do so for another week or so. We are lucky this year, to get this lucky in August. Last summer I swear it was 100 from June-October. We have had to resort to watering the lawn, before it turns to straw.

DH is home, and is enjoying being out of his small dorm like room with no kitchen or company. He cannot believe how big The Collective are, even though he has been able to see tham sporadically over the last 6 months.

WE are all trying to get accustomed to one another. Which will be an easy feat this week, as we all miss one another terribly, and there is no schedule of any sort. DH has a short amount of time off of work, and well there are no standing appointments.

Can I tell you how nice it is to have DH home. I have been able to sleep in, and have been urged to nap. While i am doing dishes, DH is bathing The Collective. It is time saving indeed....

However this all seems to change SOON, Sir Rowland will start school. Kindergarten to be precise. I will be volenteering one day a week at the school, and AWANAS will start on Sunday nights, with DH and I BOTH helping. And there is more to come... DH, has been moved from his current position to a new one. His last job was requiring about 12-15 hours a day, plus the phone calls, weekends, etc. I hope this new job is a little kinder to our family.

So we have to go from 0-60 overnight it seems. So I am going to try to ENJOY the week, because it will soon be over I suppose.

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