Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There is a reason we call her Pink Ninja

She is sneaky.

She is also so adorable, she can get away with almost anything I promise.

I must say, I have not had a bit of trouble since Sir Rowland is in school.

She has been a dream. I am enjoying all of this alone time with the doll.

WE colored today, A LOT.

She helped me with many a chore.

She had a telling conversation with her Father tonight....

DH: "Maybe you will be an artist, those are great drawings."

Pink Ninja: "When I grown up I want to light firworks.":

DH: "That is a great choice, you only have to work 2 days a year."


catwin said...

aww.. how sweet. glad you are having fun! 'girl power"!

that conversation beats my daughter and my talk after daycare:

m.c.: mom, tucker likes snot!

me: well you do too!

m.c. no mom, i like boogers!

me: boogers is dried snot!

m.c.: mom, tucker likes boogers too!


Linda said...

My son is enjoying his time alone with me...but I'm not so good as you are. He doesn't sit and color. He wants to play Rescue Heroes, and matchbox cars, and Cars (with McQueen)...and all that BOY stuff. But he does like to go run errands with me!