Monday, August 27, 2007

Why does everything happen in one day?


Sunday was busy, and I actually got some things done. I am beat though.

Went to church, and had the pleasure of listening to a former Russian, who's Father was imprisoned in Siberia for 13 years for practicing Christianity. Amazing story, really. KGB, Russians, spies, death... Heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. I need to try and find this mans story somewhere online, because it was really amazing.

There was an added bonus, this man studied voice at Julliard (met his wife there as well) and they traveled singing opera together for years, most of that time being spent in Switzerland. So he sang God Bless America, and a beautiful Russian hymn, I had never heard before.

We had to come home and do inevitable chores. Make lunch, do dishes, wash bed linens...I thought I was all done with laundry on Friday? Since I am a SAHM, I really do try and take advantage of Monday-Friday. But darn, if there weren't chores anyway. Cookies to bake for this weeks school lunches. New cookies Sir Rowland picking the recipe out. Double chocolate thumbprint peanut butter cookies, and then I made "healthier" oatmeal, raisins, and craisin cookies.

DH had to trim those rounded holly shrubs out front, and there are more! He also knocked out some wasps nests, and cleaned the front light out which was full of bugs...ick.

Anyway, for every one thing we managed to get done, it was like the give a mouse a cookie thing.

Tonight we had AWANAS new parent orientation. There was also a bridal shower for one of The Collectives babysitters, but I did not have the time, or energy left to go. And then there was supper, dishes, baths, getting The Collective ready for bed. It just felt busy all day.

Amazing how busy Sunday can be.

We did treat ourselves to a lazy day Saturday. We went to the lake, went swimming, and had a picnic. The amazing thing was DH was lying on the beach, when Sir Rowland went to shore, put his ball cap over his eyes and laid in the sun basking and relaxing. DH and I were shocked, as Sir Rowland GOES, GOES, GOES...and we have never seen him unplugged NEVER. wheels are always turning. That was a pleasant surprise. I did manage to get a little reading (fun reading) done. The Collective continue to sunburned on the one spot I cannot get sunscreen on. Right around the eyes. they sort of resemble racoons. I cannot get them to leave sunglasses on in the water.

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