Thursday, August 02, 2007

The First Rule of Fight Club?

I don't like fights. I have actually never seen my DH in a fight, nor would I want to. I have never fought. Frankly I do not think I could fight my way out of a paper sack. And I am not much of a runner. So, with my smart mouth, it has been by the grace of God I have never had my ass beat.

But I soooo LOVE Ultimate Fighting. I do. Seems strange, but I enjoy it. I am also great at picking a winner.

Matt Hughes has impressed me not only with his fantastic skills in the ring, but on the outside of the ring as well.

You can read his blog HERE. An Ultimate Fighter Blog? How cool is that. Although I might make the suggestion of renaming it. I mean for the love of Pete, you are a "cage fighter". That is uber cool. But it is like a normal blog. Pictures of Matt, his brother, and friends pouring concrete on their farm, shooting a 50 cal. There is also the added bonus of Matt being a fantastic family man, and a Christian. His blog is nothing like one would suspect, if you have seen him in the ring. He talks about when the farm his Brother and he are working needs rain, when his daughter is learning to walk, he speaks a lot of his personal growth as a Christian, the relationship with his beautiful wife.

He has written in his blog before about having the pleasure of being able to train for the day with the SEALS, and takes the time to visit our troops.

DH was impressed with his visit, and said that Matt was very grateful, and appreciative of what our troops endure for all of us.

DH with Mark and Matt Hughes.

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