Tuesday, August 28, 2007

over population

Pink Ninja has an enormous stuffed animal collection. I have no idea how, or why it is so enormous. I personally have NEVER bought her one. I also do not recall relatives buying any. So I am unsure if they multiplied on their own, or if they just appear. I am not a fan of plush animals. Oh sure one or two are fine, but anything beyond that seems wasteful and excessive to me. Call me a party pooper, I am sure someone would agree.

The bad news is, she PLAYS with them. She actually does play with them. I on the other hand am sick of picking them up, tripping over them, dressing them....ughh. There are too many. I would be embarrassed to even tell you how many plush animals she owns.

Today I asked her if she would mind, going through her animals and give the ones, she no longer wanted to other children. If you can believe it, I managed to get 1 garbage bag full, and a grocery sack full. Without incident.

They are all cute, and clean, but are in desperate homes of children that do not own a toy store full of these things.

I am sending them


I thought I would put a post up, becaue I know we are not the only house with this problem.

From Soldier's Angels


(Say Our Soldiers: Kids In-theater Deserve Support)

We have had many requests from our soldiers asking for items to help them in their humanitarian missions to local towns and villages. Many of these soldiers are parents or have brothers and sisters, and their hearts go out to these children who have so much less than many other children.

The purpose of Operation SOS: KIDS is to send humanitarian relief through shipments to American soldiers for distribution to children in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other areas where our Heroes are deployed.

The project

US. Soldiers often give up their own goodies and snacks to be able to share with the children they see every day.

Some of the heroes this project has supported:

A SGT with a Medic unit requesting candy and small toys to help build relationships

A 1LT requesting school supplies to help get the local schools going.

A USAF SSgt in Afghanistan requesting school supplies and other items to help local children. (see Wings of Hope)

A USAF TSgt. in seeking items for the children his unit comes in contact with every day.
Why it is needed
People in war-torn areas have so little and have been through so much. The children need food, clothing, school supplies, and personal hygiene items, and the occasional toy or treat puts a huge smile on a child's face! By reaching out and helping to meet some of their needs, our soldiers can also establish all-important good relationships with the people they're living near and working with -- developing the friendship, trust, and intelligence sources that help keep our troops safe and secure in the areas in which they're based.
How you can help
You can donate items for the children, or make a tax-deductible monetary donation to purchase and ship supplies.
Donate items
any size are needed.

Clothing in children's sizes 0 to 20 does not have to be new, but must be clean and in good condition. Items for girls should not be suggestive or revealing.

School supplies -- Pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, blunt-tip scissors, paper, and glue are especially needed.

Personal hygiene items -- The main request is for toothbrushes and toothpaste, as many soldiers are teaching dental hygiene to the children. Other items including shampoo and soap are welcome. Trial-sized items are great for small hands.

Candy and small toys are always welcome. Hey, they're kids! These items help our soldiers to comfort and communicate with them.

Send all item donations to:

"Operation SOS: KIDS"
P.O. Box 832
Torrington, CT. 06790


Soldiers' Angels
Attn:: Operation Outreach914 Tourmaline Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320

If you would like to send your items by UPS or FedEx, please do not use the PO Box!

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