Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hawt date

Ok, so the date went well. Except for the damn heat. My oh my, the only cool place, was the bridge over the river at midnight. First and foremost on the bike for me is safety. I always wear long sleeves, and jeans, helmet, and boots. One never knows. But damn, I cannot wait for fall.

Dweeb moment of the date, walking into the grocery store LATE, after realizing I did not change out bigger bills to the sitter. I didn't want to take my helmet off. Time is money you know. DH almost died.

I was plagued again by weird dreams. Nothing to horrid, or I would have remembered.

We are headed to the lake again for a picnic, and swim. I am hoping to get some reading time in.

Sir Rowland starts school in 2 1/2 days. I am better than I would have been a year ago. However, one minute the idea of it is kicking my ass, and the next moment I am fine with it, and very rpoud of the strides he has made this past year.

Praying big

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