Friday, August 31, 2007


The goods news is Sir Rowland woke, ate, and got ready for school. He wanted to go back, despite yesterdays... uh...well, despite yesterday. So I dropped it, and let him begin fresh.

The funny thing is, yesterday I was getting ready to write this post about how it had been almost 14 days of smiley faces, and progress. Which is WAY beyond what I was expecting. I was expecting more bumps and bruises honestly. And how I should really have more faith in the little guy.

I expect a smiley face today. He disliked his day yesterday as much as I did. So I am not anticipating many more of them.

So I guess he is adjusting. I am too. I am not sitting here all day staring at the phone, like a crazy person, I am fine. I am actually enjoying the PEACE and quiet, of 1. There is NO refereeing with 1. HA.

He is not eating, as much as I would like him to from his lunch. I keep packing random things. He is not interested in hot lunch, as they serve "kid friendly" fare, and Sir Rowland is not a mac and cheese, or hot dog kind of kid. I hope this changes soon.

I am going to celebrate today. Because really we are doing better than I would have hoped. I am not as big of a mess as I would have imagined. Sir Rowland is actually performing very well most of the time. He is actually enjoying going through the reader and answering questions. I think he read, and finished 4 chapters last night. Without me cheer leading, just him sitting on my lap in the rocking chair. (Yes, even after all of THAT writing. Writing is very hard for little guys.)

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