Friday, August 24, 2007

the Panic Room...

Maybe I should rename my blog?

I have gotten a couple of e-mails, and a couple of calls reassuring me all would be well. And I know it will be, but the blog is "my panic room". I mean, I cannot walk around in broad daylight freaking out. Ask most that know me in person...I am pretty even keel, and will almost always be the rock for others going through crises. I DO GREAT in crises, I am like Super Woman if need be.

I do like to plan for the worst. Which I think is a Midwestern, German immigrant, aggrerian thing to do. I mean it gets cold back home, if ones crop fails, or the winter is bad, and one is not prepared well people died. Not so much any longer, with the advent of grocery stores and the like. Heck read Rolvag. It is as simple as that. I come from hearty stock, we women can work as hard as any man, and we are built to pull a plow if need be. So I plan for the worst almost always. One needs a plan, just in case.

Because unlike* New Orleans or a democrat, well I do not expect anyone to come to my rescue.

*I had to throw that in there, I really thought it was funny, I need something to laugh about.

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