Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Maybe I am lazy?

Saturday while at the lake, DH and I were sitting on the shore watching The Collective play. when all of a sudden from the corner of my eye, I see one Mom 9 kids. 9 kids. I counted them, 5 times to make sure.

Holy Cow.

Moments before I was just telling my DH, that "I am so glad you are home, so they can swim. It makes me nervous to keep an eye on both of them".

9 kids.

9 of them.

First , I do not think I could afford to put that many children in swimsuits. (not kidding) Second, I do not think we would EVER manage to get out of the house.

What do you drive, when you have 9 children?

Just the thought of it made me nuts.


Tracy said...

I think your only vehicle option is a 15 passenger van!!

9 kids?! I couldn't handle it. More power to the women that can!!

c wiss said...

There were 6 kids in my family, plus at times my 2 cousins were living with us, and we had a foster baby at one point. Yes, my mom is amazing.

We had an 11 passenger van. That's 3 rows of bench seats (two seats of 3, and one of four) and 1 seat for mom up front. On long trips it was perfect - big kids got to sleep on the seats, little kids slept on the floor spaces in front of the seats. What I found really impressive was that my mom could drive that thing towing our pop-up camper; she could even back the camper into a spot at the campground. My mom rocks.

Oh, and the swimsuits -- the 3 youngest girls (which included me) always had the exact same bathing suit to help my mom see us in the crowd. Oh, and I don't think we ever swam anywhere without a lifeguard.