Friday, August 24, 2007

5 days?

I picked up Sir Rowland today, to find yet another smiling face peering from "the notebook". The kid can behave for 5 days in a row, some one get the smelling salts, I think I might fall out.

He has also moved up another reader! I guess he got it yesterday, and as I was browsing through it today, I noted he has completed some of the comprehension excercises. He is almost half through, and the books are not thin. He seems to be motivated.

He was a little disgusted, (or pretended to be) today. when I asked who he played with at recess, he said the girls were violent, and spent the recess chasing him, and putting him in prison. Yeah he said violent...I have no idea where he would get his penchant for the dramatic.

So he earned 2, 30 minute sessions on the computer/gameboy/leapster Saturday and Sunday. He is currently working on some Franklin does math disc, and seems to be enjoying it.

On the homefront all is well.

Pink Ninja and I have spent days combing one anothers hair, going to the park, the library, painting our nails, having tea parties, changing dolls diapers, cooking, and baking. It ha been wonderful. I am actully pleased with how nicely we are getting along. She even begged to play school today, so she actually got several pages in a workbook done. I awarded her with stickers, she was proud.

It is a wonderful feeling to have the house quiet, no fighting, no refereeing, no arguing, wrestling, or fighting. which from what I hear is common in siblings that are less than 2 years apart.

But as soon as Sir Rowland gets home....BOOM, it starts up almost immediatly. They need to quit, it is like having kittens, or bear cubs in the house all of the time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Glad all is going well.