Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Now for something completely different

Taking PN to an activity today at The Childrens Museum, in good news, the even tis free of charge, because we are members.

"Apples an Autumn"

is the theme, and I am unsure what they will do.

I will say this, the poor thing is READY for school, and until I can find employment, she cannot go. She is my social butterfly.

So we will go and check it out, and I am hoping they offer a challenging activity.

It is bbrrrr.... here already. Fall is here.

I did make the collective pigs in blankets this morning, they thought it was hilarious.

I actually thought about turning the fireplace on, to take the chill off this morning.

SR is at my side explaining to me, that a quart is named as such because it is a quarter of a gallon.

I did realize I need to attack laundry today. I might actually watch a movie tonight, and catch up.

Things to do before it gets FREEZING

*PN needs a heavy coat

*WE need a sled

*Both kids need snowsuits

*we need a snowblower ASAP!!! (a large one, a nice one, we have a lot of sidewalk, and big driveway...any suggestions would be helpful)


Melissa said...

I always find myself wishing for an ADULT sized snowsuit. No one likes soggy, damp, icky, COLD jeans. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Have fun at the museum.

Lori said...

I love, love, love, coats from Lands End. They are warm and they last. I don't have anything to offer on the snowblower. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that child is not ready for school. Is there no God? No Nursery school?

Rachelle Jones said...

She is READY....

it is just very $$$$

about $150 a week, and if Momma ain't working, I cannot do that...

she longs to go

Anonymous said...

Can't give you any advice on sleds, cold weather or cold weather clothes.

However, I can talk to you about sunscreen, rashguard shirts, and other sun protection items.

I just came back from my 45 minute run and its 83 deg with over 80% humidity and I damn near died... at 8PM. I need it to drop 10 deg. JUST 10 deg...