Thursday, October 09, 2008

OK, now that is out of the way, but now I cannot find the damn remote.

Good MORNING folks.

The laundry project. Not done. Go team.

Must do that today.

I did manage to get my new drivers license yesterday. I had a Nebraska license, but it had my Fathers address on it. Not good. So I managed to go down and get it properly done. I actually wore makeup, since the last photo looked like a mug shot.

While there, I also mananged to register to VOTE. Relief sigh. the entire process took like 5 minutes. No joke. I love Nebraska. Where else on Earth does a trip to the DMV take 5 minutes?

PN, did not like the "museum activities yesterday, she thought it was boring. Making a person out of leaves, looks boring, when you are in a children's museum with 3 levels of things to do. so we built a house, and played restaurant.

In bad news, I cannot locate the remote for the dish network. It has to be someplace. I am hoping I did not throw it away at this point. I have checked all of the usual suspected places. Couch cushions, chair cushions, etc....

I am going to put a big chain with a tire on it, like a gas station bathroom key.


wifeunit said...

I hope my dmv trip to register to vote and update my address takes only 5 minutes!

Ma Content said...

BTW, do you know who your State Treasurer is?