Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Over and under

Even though that sounds dirty, it is not.

The job hunt continues, and I continue to have difficulty with this resume, particularly because it has nothing to do with my previous work experience.

If worse comes to worse, I am considering waiting tables. Seriously. I think although I am not 18 any longer, I might manage to make more in tips on a short shift than working at a desk for 8. I am still persuing a medical realted job for the public school systems.

My good girlfriend down the road from me is sending me her resume in the morning, so I can give it a gander and work my special magic.

I have the skelton of the darn thing, but nothing concrete yet.

The week is full of meetings. Thursday and Friday with SR school. I have decided to follow my gut on things, and just take one bite at a time. I am anxious about the IQ testing, because I think it might explain a lot. All I know right now, is the score is over 130, because he remains eligible for the t&g program.

DH swamped at work.

I have to plan a 40th birthday party for him here at the house. I figure kill 2 birds with 1 stone that way. House warming, 40th Birthday Party. Gee, I am sleeping with a 40 year old? When did this happen...? Any EASY menu suggestions would be welcome. I am unsure if I want finger foods, or if I want to do something easier...I thought finger foods might be the way to go.

I am going to try and finish priming our bedroom this week...wish me luck.

If I do not get it done, I will live...

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