Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog World Expo Milblog Panel 2

Milblogging as a Community.

Moderated by Melinda of SpouseBuzz, and Most Certainly not

Panelists includ Beth (FBL) of Soldier's Angels, and Fuzzilicious Thinking, Mrs. G of Mudville Gazette and Milblogs, Karen of Parent's Zone and Proud Liberal Army Wife, and Sarah of SpouseBuzz and Trying to Grok.

Melinda, opens the panel, and has each panel introduce themselves.

Melinda asks Sarah what posts are most popular, which posts get the most feedback. Sarah speaks of how most of the VERY personal posts are the ones that get the most reaction. When you discuss the possible death of your Husband, planning a family, being a lone during deployment, those are the posts that resonate with readers.

Melinda then asks Mrs. G, how on EARTH she manages The Dawn Patrol. (Mrs. G, who is entirely amazing Melinda adds!) It takes Mrs. G 3 hours to get The Dawn Patrol ready EACH DAY! (We thank you Mrs. G)

Melinda asks Beth about The Valout IT project. Beth explains how Valour IT was founded.

Question is now posed to LAW, who is the creater and a contributer to Parent's Zone. "What do you think your readers want to know?" LAW says, there is much to learn, and fast. There is military jargon, deployments, support, and understanding. Parents some times fall through cracks, they get left of FRG lists, etc.

Melinda introduces Military One Source. Military One Source is introducing several new programs for family support.

A question from the audience member about "making some Federal clearinghouse for veterans assistance"...this is actually the second question from this gentleman. It is starting to irritate me...REALLY.

I am chomping at the bit to say something. There is no way one entity can be the end all and be all to everyone. This is why "community support is the most important"....I do not understand why people do not understand this. It is frustrating for me to explaining this to anyone.

A great panel on stepping outside of ones self to help others...

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