Thursday, September 25, 2008

changing sectors...

The last time I used my resume was 10 years ago. Frankly as a nurse you did not need a resume 10 years ago. The shortages were so bad, that I rarely looked for work. Seeking employment, was usually a phonecall from a former employer that transferred and wanted me to join the team.

So my experience with resumes is really non existant. I get to work on one today, because I am considering changing sectors entirely. and this job is the kind that usually goes to "someone's son or daughter". So I do not have high hopes, but it will get me out of the box that I am in. I am stretching here.

SR, is still having adjustment issues. He just seems mad. Most of it seems to be related to autnomy, and finding his spot in our new envirement. When you have easy kids, this is hard, but when you have SR, it makes you want to go in a corner and curl up in a ball. I frankly do not put much in the blog anymore, because most of the advice I get, works if the child is a average child. We are not dealing with that....And until I video tape a week in our life here, or until you have to deal with it, folks just will not get it. The school pysch called the other day, it seems as though the IQ testing is done, and now we have to go in and talk about it. I did not ask for information over the phone. They continue to pull him out of his class daily to go to talented and gifted program. Some days he does fine, others not. He does not get 6 year olds. The communication notebook I set up with his teacher, is not being filled out consistantly. Parent Teacher conferences are soon, and I guess we will need to figure it out.

PN, has been sweet, and is happy to have me home, she is still ready for school, but until I find employment she can not go. The cost of a program for her is $500-700 a month. WOW. So she is going to have to hang here with me, until that time.

DH's entire 2 month schedule is out, the NG work with the hurricanes, made his schedule wiggety whacked. I will be unable to go to SpouseBuzz Live in San Antonio at this time. I was looking forward to it. and I would encourage those in the area to attend. Darn schedules.

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