Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blogging Live from Las Vegas, Blog World Expo

I am here at Blog World Expo, and just watched a video sent from General Caldwell's office, who graciously opened the conference.

General Caldwell assures that the military, is learning to use new media, not only as a way to disseminate information, but to learn from those more familiar with the current technology.

General Caldwell does take part of Bloggers Roundtable discussions as well.

JP from is up now making opening remarks.

He speaks of the close knit nature of the milblogging community. I have never met JP before, as he was either just returning from deployment, or deployed. He is very funny and includes several "private blogosphere inside jokes", which seriously have lots of people laughing.

JP speaks of Andrew Olmstead fallen milblogger. JP spoke with Andrew's Father prior to coming to Las Vegas.

He reads a portion of Andrew's final post, a post that was left "just in case"....

and we know just in case happenned.

A moment of silence...for all of those who have fallen.

I am crying...

I do not think I am the only one...

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